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Lcs Annual Report 06


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Annual report consisting of research, information collaboration,compilation, photography, use of multiple programs - Adobe, Microsoft products.

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Lcs Annual Report 06

  1. 1. City of Holland Department of Leisure and Cultural Services Annual Report 2007
  2. 2. Focus. The Department of Leisure and Cultural Services has focused our efforts in 2007Executive Summary Nim quissenis on creating new opportunities for the citizens of Holland to be able to further enjoy their family and recreation time. Our staff has devoted considerable time undertaking additional roles and responsibilities, collaborating with other organizations, planning for future park expansion and reaching out to the community through innovative new recreation projects. All this has been done while we grapple with challenging economic times, being asked to do more with less. We are committed to providing a first class park system and exceptional educational and recreation opportunities for citizens of all ages. Our physical park system is one of Holland’s greatest assets. We look forward to a very exciting new year and are striving to strengthen our community. Hopefully, this report provides a brief glimpse of LCS’s valuable contributions. Your support of our efforts equals a win-win benefit for Holland. Gray R. Gogolin Director of Leisure and Cultural Services
  3. 3. Civic Center Notables Civic•• Revenues are up 24% from last year despite the fact that Hope College and Holland Christian Center basketball have been relocated to the DeVos Fieldhouse.•• Walkers in the Civic Center daily have grown by tenfold.•• Events held this year at the Civic have included: Holland Blast basketball games, Middle and High School Basketball, Car Shows, Doll Shows, Craft Shows, Train and Collectible Shows, Gun and Knife Show, Pow Wow, Nykerk Cup, and Recreation Basketball, Pickleball, Table Tennis Tournaments, Circus, LAUP Festival, Holland City Mission Thanksgiving Dinner Market Interests •• Events held in the Marketplace included: ~ Kerstmarkt and Ice Sculpting Competition ~ Taste of Holland ~ Various Parades •• Project Fresh revenue almost tripled this year. •• Added 20% more daily market rentals 8th •• New big hits: ~ Saturday Chef Series Street ~ Wednesday Kids’ Programs Marketplace •• Diversified the market offerings to include items such as: ~ Meats ~ Candies ~ Organics
  4. 4. Windmill Island and DeGraaf Nature Center DeGraaf Nature Center Windmill Island•• Collaborated with the Recreation Division to create a safe, fun, •• 10% increase in paid attendance for the season and informative Halloween event for over 500 youth at the Van •• 15% increase in Tulip Time attendance Raalte Farm •• Pavilion Rentals haved increased this year:•• 1st year the Nature Center ran a sugar bush on it’s own evaporator ~ 26% increase in weddings held at Windmill •• Created over 1000 ounces of maple syrup that was sold in the Island Nature Center store ~ 25% increase in facility rental events such as •• 1st year for a group expedition to Algonquin Provincial Park in company picnics, birthday parties and community Ontario, CANADA finding moose and other forms of wildlife events
  5. 5. Parks and CemeteriesAccomplishments•• Columbarium opened•• Tulip bulbs planted ~ Parks Department (403,000 in record time) ~ Windmill Island (100,000)•• Van Raalte Farm Improvements with $60,000 grant from the Michigan Historic Trust ~ Replaced wood siding, scraped and painted ~ Rebricked the basement floor ~ Replaced rotted wood on the porches ~ Replaced the roof
  6. 6. Capital Improvements Kollen Park The Kollen Park Improvement Project - Phases II and III, which will connect downtown Holland to our beautiful LakeVan Bragt Park Macatawa waterfront, is well under way and scheduled to be finished by October 2008.Van Bragt Park is our northern entrance to theCity of Holland. After the improvement of Funding:River Avenue and the bridge, Van Bragt Park is •• Great Lakes Fisheries Trust $350,000being restored to a showcase of what the City of •• DNR Waterways Grant $650,000Holland’s Parks Department provides. •• DNR Trust Fund Grant $500,000 •• City of Holland - CIP, Street Capital Improvement andImprovements include: BPW Utility Funds•• Contoured green space•• Pedestrian walkways with views of Lake Improvements include: Macatawa •• Increased park size by 1/3!•• Over 35 new trees •• New boat launch with 3 lanes, floating dock system and•• Eye-pleasing annual beds parking for 50 vehicles and trailers. •• New waterfront walkway.
  7. 7. Recreation Division Collaboration and Accomplishments Grants Outreach •• Expanded Smart Start program to •• Wal-Mart $500•• Children’s Community Garden include basketball and football. •• Ottawa County Health with Evergreen Commons •• Over 6000 praticipants for Party Department - for Community and Ottawa County Health in the Park! Garden, wellness and nutrition Department served 50 - 60 $1000 families in the Rosa Parks Green neighborhood. •• Provided over $6700 in recreation •• Garden Club $500 scholarships.•• Pilot for the NRPA Sticks for Kids program in 2008 •• Noon Concerts in Centennial Park providing golf opportunities for increased to 7500 participants! underpriveledged youth.
  8. 8. Mission Statement: We have the responsibility for the coordination and quality of all recreational and cultural opportunities for City residents, and for the maintenance of all associated public facilities. The overall objective is to provide safe, functional and beautiful facilities for the pursuit of leisure time activities and to continue the development of such facilities for the presentation of the natural beauty of the City and the enjoyment of all age groups. Leisure and Cultural Services Commission Members Mae Van Ark Nancy DeBoer Marc Van Soest Joe Silva Robert VanderKamp Jeff Bart Mark Tucker Raymond Smith Carolyn Marquis Ellen ReynoldsDepartment of Leisure and Cultural Services ugh150 West 8th Street uni ty ThroHolland MI 49423 g Comm d Programs! Creatin arks an PPhone: 616.355.1130 People,Web: www.rec.cityofholland.comEmail: