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Sleepwear 2.0

  1. Art + Science = Sleepwear 2.0 Fabric Designs Inspired by Southern California Artists Technological Innovations Developed by Southern California Scientists Elayne Zalis/Elegant Equations (one-person team) A Crash Course on Creativity Stanford Venture Lab December 11, 2012 Note: This is a hypothetical project.
  2. Artists working in their studios . . . Ken Price and his son at work Sculptor Ken Price in Venice, CA
  3. . . . and scientists working in their laboratories . . . lead to !!!!! ???????? aha moments and . . .
  5. Elegant Equations: Redesigning Everyday Life We’ve spent the last several years exploring how to help people with environmentally triggered sleep disorders sleep soundly through the night. We’ve observed countless sleep environments and examined how people use them. We’ve also consulted with trailblazing scientists who specialized in areas such as nanotechnology and computer clothing.
  6. “Smart” Clothes While doing our research, we glimpsed the future of clothing design: “smart” clothes, computer clothing, wearable computers, temperature-controlled clothing, and much more. The possibilities excited us, and then we had a creative breakthrough. Shortly thereafter, Sleepwear 2.0 was born.
  7. Improved Sleep Environments Following the advice of experts from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School and elsewhere, we are committed to helping people turn their bedrooms into “a sleep-inducing environment.” Our solution: a line of sleepwear that will help men, women, and children cope with three of the most common problems related to the sleep environment.
  8. The Science of Sleepwear 2.0 We’ve patented our unique brand of “smart” sleepwear to ensure that you sleep through the night in a cool, dark, and quiet environment. The ensemble includes three main items, which can be purchased separately or as a set: • Temperature-controlled pajamas will keep your body temperature at an optimal level. • Technologically enhanced eye masks will block all light. • Advanced ear plugs will block all sound and periodically play soothing music of your choice.
  9. Art + Science We knew that offering revolutionary sleepwear alone was not enough. Our collection would have to be attractive too, so people would want to wear our technologically enhanced pajamas and accessories. That’s why our fashion-forward designers decided to pair the latest science of sleepwear with the visions of leading artists. Because we’re a Southern California design firm— and we passionately support local art museums and galleries—we pledged to draw inspiration from art exhibitions in the area.
  10. The Art of Sleepwear 2.0 The fabric designs of our spring collection were inspired by an exhibition at the Los County Museum of Art (LACMA):
  11. Fashion Challenges Although our designers are still working on the spring collection, they have finished designing the fabrics from which the pajamas, eye masks, and other accessories will be made. As you explore these nine designs in the following preview, imagine yourself sleeping soundly in comfy pajamas inspired by the art of the late Ken Price, a Southern California sculptor who has been described as “total magic.” To celebrate the launch of the Ken Price collection, we’ll be giving away sleepwear sets to the first nine people who solve our fashion challenge: Identify five artists who have influenced fashion designers, and name the designers whom they’ve influenced. The answers we’re looking for are embedded in the fabric designs.
  12. Fabric Design: Dancing Spheres
  13. Fabric Design: Afloat
  14. Piet Mondrian and Yves Saint Laurent Fabric Design: Surrender
  15. Fabric Design: Dreamscapes
  16. Fabric Design: Serenity and Versace Andy Warhol
  17. Fabric Design: Primordial
  18. Fabric Design: Purple Haze
  19. Fabric Design: Naturally Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton
  20. Fabric Design: Slumber
  21. Eye Masks Serenity Dreamscapes Primordial Picasso and Diane von Furstenberg Dancing Spheres Surrender Purple Haze Slumber Naturally Afloat
  22. Join us in the LACMA gallery on January ?, 2013, for a preview of our spring collection. In one setting, you’ll have a chance both to see our new sleepwear and to view the amazing sculpture on which the fabric designs were based. See for yourself the art that inspired Dancing Spheres, Afloat, Surrender, Dreamscapes, Serenity, Primordial, Purple Haze, Naturally, and Slumber. Until then, sweet dreams!
  23. Thanks to Kathy Strauss, Karen Hochberg, and Lisa Knoop for valuable brainstorming sessions.