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eoSERVER integrated business application solution on OpenERP platform - English


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Published in: Business
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eoSERVER integrated business application solution on OpenERP platform - English

  1. 1. Revolutionary Business Application Solutions OpenERP Most popular and comprehensive open source ERP, with 1500+ modules and over 2 million users + = eoXPRESSAll in one Cloud Document storage, editing, administration and workflow management secured by + eoPASS eoSHOP Fully functional webshop based on Joomla platform with native and real time OpenERP integration
  2. 2. The structure of eoSERVER
  3. 3. OpenERP most popular and comprehensive open source ERP Pict X Pict Y Pict ZIntegrated open source ERP, designed to satisfy the needs of any company.• Module based architecture CRM, Marketing, Purchase, Warehouse, Manufacturing, HR, Project management, Accounting, POS, etc… +1500 additional modules• Elastic workflows custom made to fit company needs• SaaS environment available (Software as a Service)• OpenERPs unique modular approach allows customers to start with one application and add other modules later. 3
  4. 4. eoXPRESS Document, Administration, Workflow – with native OpenERP functionalityPowerful document handling and management tool for all workflows and tasks• Virtual work environment for teamwork with document and file management• Integrated communication panel (no additional email communication required)• Smart version control• Sophisticated user access rights on individual file level• Logging of each and every user activity (accessing, page views, downloading, etc.) 4
  5. 5. eoSHOP Webshop with native, real-time OpenERP integration --Fully functional webshop with real time and up to date erp informations! NO double data entry, NO syncronization, NO data deduplication
  6. 6. eoSERVER is secured by eoPASS!Unique personal authentication system developed by Elastoffice. Easy and comfortablesolution with maximum security, with several extra features.• One-time-passwords (OTP) by an app on your mobile phone.• No mobile coverage is needed.• No internet connection is needed.• Only one device to provide accesses to multiple service providers (banks, servers).• Different methods of authentication can be supported.• Duress code handling is available. 6