Twitter - A Powerful Collaboration Tool for Teachers


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Twitter - A Powerful Collaboration Tool for Teachers

  1. 1. a powerful collaboration tool for teacherstwitter eric langhorst @elanghorst
  2. 2. I use Twitter often and findit a very useful tool
  3. 3. I use Twitter I have a Twitter often and find account butit a very useful don’t use it tool much
  4. 4. I use Twitter I have a Twitter often and find account butit a very useful don’t use it tool much I don’tcurrently use Twitter butopen to learn
  5. 5. I use Twitter I have a Twitter often and find account butit a very useful don’t use it tool much I don’t Twitter is acurrently use waste of time, Twitter but other sessionsopen to learn were full
  6. 6. Twitter is about more than just what you ate for breakfast…
  7. 7. American History TeacherSouth Valley Jr. High SchoolLiberty, Missouri Faculty – Park University College of Education “Technology for the Classroom”Currently writing dissertationDoctor of EducationWalden University
  8. 8.
  9. 9. you can send yourself an e-mail to be delivered in the future as a reminder
  10. 10. What is social media?Forms of electronic communication (as websites for social networking andmicroblogging) through which users createonline communities to share information,ideas, personal messages and other content(as videos) - Merriam Webster, 2011
  11. 11. power of social media is that it is a two way street consumer producer
  12. 12. social media in the news Netflix Backlash Arab Spring
  13. 13. Twittersocial networking site which allowsusers to share messages, limited to140 characters at a timeLaunched in July of 2006, namedafter the sound a bird makes chirping
  14. 14. 200 million registered users 350 million tweets a day100 million active users each month
  15. 15. Great statistics but can this help me as a classroom teacher? YES
  16. 16. tweet vocabulary replyhashtags tweetchats retweet follow follower direct message
  17. 17. tweeta posting which can be text, a link toa website, a photo or combination –140 character limit
  18. 18. followwhen you “follow” someone you canview their tweetsfollowerswhen someone “follows” you theycan see all of your tweets
  19. 19. replyansweringsomeone’stweet,including theirTwitter name,everyone cansee
  20. 20. direct messagesending someone a message, onlythat person can see, they must befollowing youa little likesending ane-mail tosomeone
  21. 21. retweetpassing along someone else’s tweetto your followers – passing alonggood information
  22. 22. So, how do you keep up with all these tweets?
  23. 23. The river will flow, with or without you watching it.
  24. 24. Need a way to “trap” the information that is important to you.
  25. 25. hashtagsallows you to find specific themesor topics, people include hashtagswithin their tweets#royals#historyteacher#election2012
  26. 26. You can check out tweets from this conference by checking hashtag: #mosocialstudies2012 and follow MCSS: @mosocialstudies
  27. 27. chatsa scheduled time at which Twitterfollowers discuss a common themeand use a common hashtagcan participate live or check in laterwith the archive
  28. 28. anyone can follow the chatconversation if they do a search forthe same hashtag #sschat#sschat (social studies chat) takesplace each Monday between 6:00PM and 7:00 PM Central Time
  29. 29. chats are archived so one can participate live (synchronous learning) or view the archive when they can (asynchronous learning)
  30. 30. archive of January 9, 2012 social studies chat current events in social studies
  31. 31. once you have a Twitter account you can use other applications to customize the information and organize it how you want
  32. 32. TweetDeck
  33. 33. HootSuite
  34. 34. many apps are available for tablets, i-Pads, cell phones
  35. 35. examples
  36. 36. examples
  37. 37. examples
  38. 38. examplessurprising what can happen whenyou share your lesson for the day different than e-mail because not an expectation for a response
  39. 39. finding people to follow- lurk and see who is talking abouttopics which interest you- check out chats- check follow listsof others
  40. 40. cultivate your followers
  41. 41. next steps be a lurker, don’t need an account
  42. 42. next steps- set up an account, use with friendsand not just celebrities
  43. 43. a powerful collaboration tool for teacherstwitter eric langhorst @elanghorst