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MSTA 2010 Building A Personal Learning Network


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This presentation discusses how to use and build a PLN and was presented at the 2010 MSTA (Missouri State Teachers Association) Conference in Kansas City, Missouri on November 12, 2010.

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MSTA 2010 Building A Personal Learning Network

  1. 1. Eric Langhorst Liberty Public Schools BUILDING YOUR PLN PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK
  2. 2. Eric Langhorst Adjunct Graduate Faculty Member Doctoral Student Teacher Leadership 8th Grade American History Teacher
  3. 3. Copy of presentation and links available online November 12, 2010
  4. 4. •What is a PLN?
  5. 5. •What is a PLN? •Why should I use it?
  6. 6. •What is a PLN? •Why should I use it? •Tools to connect?
  7. 7. •What is a PLN? •Why should I use it? •Tools to connect? •Real life applications
  8. 8. •What is a PLN? •Why should I use it? •Tools to connect? •Real life applications •Tips
  9. 9. •What is a PLN? •Why should I use it? •Tools to connect? •Real life applications •Tips
  10. 10. MSTA already has all of these resources available for you to connect with them
  11. 11. A personal or professional learning network (PLN) involves an individual’s topic-oriented goal, a set of practices & techniques aimed at attracting and organizing a variety of relevant content sources, selected for their value, to help the owner accomplish a professional goal or personal interest. - David Warlick
  12. 12. SPECIALIZATIO N Not as much about having SOME information but about knowing how to get the BEST
  13. 13. We are all now PRODUCER S of content as well as
  14. 14. Twitter tool which allows you to communicate with those you select in less than 140 characters
  15. 15. Twitter REAL LIFE EXAMPLE I start using a new activity known as “The Article of the Week” I share with fellow history teachers and soon a group of us are sharing ideas, resources, etc.
  16. 16. Delicious Social bookmaking tool, allows you to save bookmarks on any computer and share them with others
  17. 17. Delicious REAL LIFE EXAMPLEWorking on an assignment comparing the Finnish and U.S. education systems Want to find online articles and resources
  18. 18. Flickr Online application for posting, sharing and commenting on pictures As of September 2010 Flickr had 5 Billion photos loaded
  19. 19. Flickr REAL LIFE EXAMPLE I need an image of the cannons at Fort Ticonderoga to show my 8th grade American History class
  20. 20. Blogs a journal written online and accessible to users of the internet
  21. 21. Speaking of history blog
  22. 22. Blogs REAL LIFE EXAMPLEI want to keep up with new ideas and concepts from people I respect
  23. 23. Skype Audio and video conferencing tool
  24. 24. Skype REAL LIFE EXAMPLE I want my students to ask questions of experts and experience things outside of my classroom
  25. 25. YouTube Online application for sharing, viewing and commenting on videos
  26. 26. YouTube REAL LIFE EXAMPLEI would like to find some quality content to enhance my class for my high achieving students Extra content to add to my class
  27. 27. Podcasts Audio and/or video content which you can subscribe to through the web
  28. 28. Podcasts REAL LIFE EXAMPLEI want to find engaging content for my students about Colonial America I would like to find audio or video content for free
  29. 29. Google Google has a variety of tools helpful to educators – Docs, Mail, Video, Phone
  30. 30. Google REAL LIFE EXAMPLEI want to call parents from my classroom but can’t make a long distance call from my room Google Phone from G-mail will allow me to make that call
  31. 31. PLN Tips A PLN is a two way street – the more you contribute the more you will get back
  32. 32. PLN Tips Cultivate your PLN – you don’t want too few or too many
  33. 33. PLN Tips Check to see who your friend considers friends
  34. 34. PLN Tips Use your PLN effectively but find a healthy balance
  35. 35. PLN Tips Dip your foot in the PLN pool with friends you have in real life and know
  36. 36. Eric Langhorst Liberty Public Schools BUILDING YOUR PLN PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK