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| always on your siteCopyright eLander 2012
don’t	  wait	  un+l	  spring	  
eLander	  can	  make	  things	  clear	  
and	  help	  you	  take	  the	  lead	  
you	  can’t	  chase	  them	  all.	  stop	  cold	  calling	  and	  focus	  on	  the	  warm	  leads	  
just	  like	  oranges,	  	  web	  visitors	  are	  unique	  
want	  to	  know	  	  who’s	  on	  your	  site?	  
want	  to	  know	  why	  exactly	  SHE	  is	  on	  your	  site?	  
we	  can	  take	  the	  	  close-­‐ups	  you	  need	  
and	  find	  the	  ones	  that	  really	  show	  interest	  in	  your	  business	  
eLander,	  for	  whom?	  	  
mainly	  for	  sales	  teams	  in	  	  B2B.	  But	  for	  marketeers	  too	  
sta+s+cs	  hardly	  get	  beyond	  obvious	  numbers	  
“do	  you	  know	  a	  sales	  guy	  who	  sold	  anything	  to	  a	  number	  coming	  straight	  from	  his	  charts?”	  
“omg,	  what	  should	  I	  do	  then	   with	  all	  our	  online	  sta;s;cs?”	       tingMarke
get	  beyond	  the	  typical	  iden+fied	  5%	  visi+ng	  your	  site	  
“I	  wanna	  know	  	  the	  other	  95%.	  	  by	  name”	  
eLander	  shows	  	  who’s	  on	  your	  site	  
iden+fy	  companies	  visi+ng	  your	  site	  
track	  and	  monitor	  their	  interests	  
generate	  qualified	  B2B	  sales	  leads	  by	  iden+fying	  opportuni+es	  early	  in	  the	  process	    cross-­‐sellin...
detailed	  repor+ng	  on	  the	  companies	  visi+ng	  your	  website	  and	  the	  pages	  they	  visit	  
alerts:	  daily,	  weekly	  or	  instant	  	  
analy+cs	  history	  for	  each	  company	  
DNA	  of	  a	  typical	  lead	     Date(s)	  of	  visits	     Pageviews	  /	  naviga+on	  path	     Referrals	  /	  source...
Other	  analy+cal	  data	    Companies	  most	  frequently	  on	  site	  	    Most	  frequently	  visited	  pages	    Lead...
S+ll	  siYng	  on	  the	  fence?	  	  
Try	  for	  free.	  Sign	  up	  today	  and	  convince	  yourself	  	  
contact	  us	  @elandr	  	  
eLander.beVisitor intelligence for B2B companies
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eLander | a general introduction


Published on is a webtool that allows you to know exactly which companies are spending time on your website.

Published in: Technology, Business
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eLander | a general introduction

  1. 1. | always on your siteCopyright eLander 2012
  2. 2. don’t  wait  un+l  spring  
  3. 3. eLander  can  make  things  clear  
  4. 4. and  help  you  take  the  lead  
  5. 5. you  can’t  chase  them  all.  stop  cold  calling  and  focus  on  the  warm  leads  
  6. 6. just  like  oranges,    web  visitors  are  unique  
  7. 7. want  to  know    who’s  on  your  site?  
  8. 8. want  to  know  why  exactly  SHE  is  on  your  site?  
  9. 9. we  can  take  the    close-­‐ups  you  need  
  10. 10. and  find  the  ones  that  really  show  interest  in  your  business  
  11. 11. eLander,  for  whom?    
  12. 12. mainly  for  sales  teams  in    B2B.  But  for  marketeers  too  
  13. 13. sta+s+cs  hardly  get  beyond  obvious  numbers  
  14. 14. “do  you  know  a  sales  guy  who  sold  anything  to  a  number  coming  straight  from  his  charts?”  
  15. 15. “omg,  what  should  I  do  then   with  all  our  online  sta;s;cs?”   tingMarke
  16. 16. get  beyond  the  typical  iden+fied  5%  visi+ng  your  site  
  17. 17. “I  wanna  know    the  other  95%.    by  name”  
  18. 18. eLander  shows    who’s  on  your  site  
  19. 19. iden+fy  companies  visi+ng  your  site  
  20. 20. track  and  monitor  their  interests  
  21. 21. generate  qualified  B2B  sales  leads  by  iden+fying  opportuni+es  early  in  the  process   cross-­‐selling  opportuni+es   regional  tenders  /  projects   product  interest  /  regional  interest  based  on  site   naviga+on  behavior    
  22. 22. detailed  repor+ng  on  the  companies  visi+ng  your  website  and  the  pages  they  visit  
  23. 23. alerts:  daily,  weekly  or  instant    
  24. 24. analy+cs  history  for  each  company  
  25. 25. DNA  of  a  typical  lead   Date(s)  of  visits   Pageviews  /  naviga+on  path   Referrals  /  source  of  traffic     Geographical  loca+ons   Keywords  used    
  26. 26. Other  analy+cal  data   Companies  most  frequently  on  site     Most  frequently  visited  pages   Lead  (converted)  track  per  page  
  27. 27. S+ll  siYng  on  the  fence?    
  28. 28. Try  for  free.  Sign  up  today  and  convince  yourself    
  29. 29. contact  us  @elandr    
  30. 30. eLander.beVisitor intelligence for B2B companies