Golden Triangle Tour


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Golden Triangle Tours India - offers Delhi Agra Jaipur Tours also known as Golden Triangle Tour of India. Tour includes visit to Taj Mahal, Jaipur Forts & Palaces and Delhi Monuments.

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Golden Triangle Tour

  1. 1. eLand Holidays Pvt. Ltd.Off # 304, J – 128 Mohammedpur , New ar Bhikaji Cama Palace, New Delhi – 110066Tel : 91-11-41043217, 41043218 | Email : | Url : www.elandholidays.comGOLDEN TRAINGLE TOURDelhi- Agra- JaipurDAY 01 ARRIVE DELHI BY: INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTYou will arrive early morning at New Delhi’s International Airport. Following customs,immigration formalities and baggage collection, an ELAND HOLIDAYS representativewill meet you as you EXIT the ARRIVALS TERMINAL building after which you wouldbe transferred to your hotel.Upon arrival at the hotel, proceed for check-in at the hotel.India’s capital and a major gateway to the country, contemporary Delhi is a bustlingmetropolis, which successfully combines in its folds - the ancient with the modern.Amidst the fast spiraling skyscrapers the remnants of a bygone time in the form of itsmany monuments stand as silent reminders to the region’s ancient legacy. The firstimpressions for any visitor traveling in from the airport are of a specious, garden city,tree-lined with a number of beautiful parks.Overnight at the hotelDAY 02 DELHIAfter buffet breakfast, proceed for city tour of Old & New Delhi.You will first visit Old Delhi. The tour willbegin with a visit to Raj Ghat, a simplememorial to Mahatma Gandhi; drive past theRed Fort continuing to the Jama Masjid, oneof Asia’s largest mosques and which is viewedfrom the outside. People stream in and out ofthe mosque continuously and the presence of anearby bazaar means that the area is rarelyquiet.After visiting Old Delhi, you will then be driven to New Delhi, which reflects thelegacy the British left behind. The division between New and Old Delhi is the division(c)ElandHolidaysPvt.Ltd.
  2. 2. eLand Holidays Pvt. Ltd.Off # 304, J – 128 Mohammedpur , New ar Bhikaji Cama Palace, New Delhi – 110066Tel : 91-11-41043217, 41043218 | Email : | Url : www.elandholidays.combetween the capitals of the British and the Mughals respectively. The division in thewalled city and New Delhi also marks the division in the life-styles. The walled city isall tradition where one will be able to glean a past life-style in all its facets, colours andspells. New Delhi in contrast, is a city trying to live up to the best of 21st centurystandards.The tour to Imperial Delhi will include a visit to theQutub Minar, the tallest stone tower in India. Qutub-ud-din Aibak started it in 1199. Pulling down 27 Hinduand Jain temples and using their columns erected theattached Quwwat-ul-Islam mosque also built by him.Then visit Humayun’s tomb, built by the widow of thesecond Mughal Emperor, Humayun, it is anoutstanding monument in the Indo-Persian style, aprecursor of the Taj Mahal. The tour also includes adrive past the imposing India Gate, the Parliamentbuilding and the Rastrapathi Bhawan, the President’sresidence.Return to your hotel after the sightseeing tour.Overnight at the hotelDAY 03 DELHI – AGRAAfter buffet breakfast at the hotel, you will be driven to Agra (204 KMS / 4.30 Hours).Upon arrival proceed to check-in to your hotel.Agra in terms of ambiance is still associated with its Mughal period. The Mughalsbesides being great rulers were also great builders and they preserved their bestarchitectural wonders for Agra & its neighbourhood. It has many wonderfulmonuments and the Taj Mahal, the greatest of them all, is a masterpiece of Mughalarchitecture at its best. The massive but elegant Agra Fort, the delicate artistry ofItimad-ud-daulah’s tomb, the magnificent Taj and Akbar’s deserted capital, FatehpurSikri, are each unique and outstanding. Their architectural genius can also be seen inthe forts, palaces and aesthetically laid out gardens - each one a silent witness to agrand style of a golden era.Overnight at the hotel(c)ElandHolidaysPvt.Ltd.
  3. 3. eLand Holidays Pvt. Ltd.Off # 304, J – 128 Mohammedpur , New ar Bhikaji Cama Palace, New Delhi – 110066Tel : 91-11-41043217, 41043218 | Email : | Url : www.elandholidays.comDAY 04 AGRAEarly morning, you will be proceeding for a sunrise tour of the Taj Mahal (closed onFridays). Midway Tonga’s “horse carriages” would be waiting for you and will dropyou at the gates of the Taj Mahal.The Taj Mahal is everything that has been said about it and more. Taking 22 years and20,000 men to build, the white marble was quarried 200 miles away and wastransported to the site by a fleet of 1000elephants. Built by the Mughal Emperor ShahJahan as an expression of his love for his wifeMumtaz Mahal, in mid 17th century, the TajMahal is truly one of the wonders of the world.Though the Taj appears to be amazingly perfectfrom almost any angle, it is the close-up marbleinlay work, which is really astounding. You willhave ample time to view and be mesmerized bythis outstanding piece of architecture.Return to your hotel after the sunrise tour for buffet breakfast.After breakfast, visit the Agra Fort, an outstanding example of Mughal architecture.Agra Fort - the seat and the stronghold of theMughal Empire under successive generations. Thiswas the seat of Mughal rule and administrationand the present structure owes its origins to Akbarwho erected the walls and gates and the firstbuildings on the eastern banks of Yamuna River.Shah Jehan added the impressive quarters and themosque while Aurangzeb added the outerramparts. Visit its Hall of Public Audience and itsRoyal Pavilions.In the afternoon, you will visit Itimad-ud-Daulah, the beautiful tomb of Mirza GhiyathBeg. The first building to constructed of pure marble in Moghul India, this two storeymausoleum is small but perfectly executed, with translucent stones etched into its wallsand tracery work adding a delicate finishing touch.Return to your hotel after the sightseeing tour.(c)ElandHolidaysPvt.Ltd.
  4. 4. eLand Holidays Pvt. Ltd.Off # 304, J – 128 Mohammedpur , New ar Bhikaji Cama Palace, New Delhi – 110066Tel : 91-11-41043217, 41043218 | Email : | Url : www.elandholidays.comOvernight at the hotelDAY 05 AGRA - FATEHPUR SIKRI – JAIPURAfter buffet breakfast at the hotel, youwill be driven from Agra to Jaipur (220KMS / 6 hours) en-route visitingFatehpur Sikri, the deserted redsandstone city, built by the GreatMughal Emperor Akbar as his capitaland palace in the late 16th century. Itwas abandoned soon after it was builtwhen the local wells went dry and itremains today in much the samecondition that it was over 300 yearsago. It is complete with palaces andmosques and used to be a town larger than London when it was originally constructed.Now it is an extraordinary place to wander around with its buildings in near perfectcondition.After tour, continue driving to Jaipur, upon arrival check-in at hotelRajasthan’s kingdoms are an enduring legacy to India’s history. A land endowed withinvincible forts, magnificent palaces ad waves of sand dunes and serene lakes. No otherregion in the country assembles the many paradoxes of India, as does the desert land ofRajasthan. By far it is the most colourful region in India.Jaipurs past is never too far from hand. The city of victory, Jaipur presides over thefascinating desert state and its people: surrounded by rugged hills, each crowned by aformidable fort; and beautiful palaces, mansions and gardens dotted throughout itsprecincts. The palaces and forts of yesteryear that were witness to royal processions andsplendour are now living monuments, accepted quite naturally into the lifestyles of thepeople of the "pink city". Except for the busy traffic of bicycles, cars and buses, littleseems to have changed. There is a timeless quality to Jaipurs bazaars and its people.With its historical past, Jaipur revives legends of the ancient Rajputs. The dresses of thewomen and the turbans of the men add colour to this fascinating city.Overnight at the hotel(c)ElandHolidaysPvt.Ltd.
  5. 5. eLand Holidays Pvt. Ltd.Off # 304, J – 128 Mohammedpur , New ar Bhikaji Cama Palace, New Delhi – 110066Tel : 91-11-41043217, 41043218 | Email : | Url : www.elandholidays.comDAY 06 JAIPURAfter buffet breakfast at the hotel, you will be driven just outside Jaipur to the ancientcapital of Amber to see the fabulous Amber Fort. Maharaja Mansingh, MughalEmperor Akbar’s most successful General, started the construction of Amber Fort in the17th century. Before the City Palace was constructed in Jaipur, Amber was the seat ofpower. The fort is surrounded by fortified battlements and overlooks the Moat Lake.Ruins and remains are spread over the Aravalli hills and sprawling crenulated wallslattice the surrounding area.An elephant (alternatively by jeeps) will spare you the troubleof reaching up to the fortress. Once on top, stroll through thesprawling complex of courtyards and halls. Many of the roomshave delightful wall paintings, with precious stones andmirrors inlaid in the walls. Most fascinating, perhaps, is theSheesh Mahal (hall of mirrors) where a single lamplight isreflected in the many mirrors, lighting up the room. En-route toAmber you will stop and seethe `Palace of Winds’,otherwise known as HawaMahal. It is really an elaboratefacade behind which the ladies of the court used towatch the daily goings on in the street below. It isextremely intricate in its pink sandstone carving. Thecool wind blows through its facade of windows andlatticed screens through which the queens of the courtonce viewed the streets of the city.Afternoon you will proceed to visit the city of Jaipur. Among the highlights to be seenwhile touring Jaipur include the City Palace, which is an overwhelming complex ofexquisite palaces, gardens and courtyards, decorative art and carved doorways. Thepalace museum houses collections of rare manuscripts, armoury, costumes, carpets andminiature paintings.Walk to the adjacent Jantar Mantar or Astronomical Observatory made by the Maharajaof Jaipur, built in 1726 and is one of the five such astronomical wonders built by SawaiJai Singh and makes accurate predictions even to this day. You will also have theopportunity to wander about the local markets.(c)ElandHolidaysPvt.Ltd.
  6. 6. eLand Holidays Pvt. Ltd.Off # 304, J – 128 Mohammedpur , New ar Bhikaji Cama Palace, New Delhi – 110066Tel : 91-11-41043217, 41043218 | Email : | Url : www.elandholidays.comReturn to your hotel after sightseeing tourOvernight at the hotelDAY 07 JAIPUR – DELHI – ONWARD DESTINATIONFollowing buffet breakfast, morning is at leisure.In the afternoon, you will be driven to Delhi (260 KMS / 6.5 Hours). Upon arrival, anELAND HOLIDAYS representative will transfer you to the international airport in timefor your flight back home.********** END OF TOUR **********(c)ElandHolidaysPvt.Ltd.