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Article golden triangle

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Article golden triangle

  1. 1. Experiencing the Past- Golden Triangle TourIndia, a country rich in its varied culture and impressive traditions, is famous all over theworld for its beautiful tourist destinations. Tour Packages in India are a great experience forthe tourists to explore new and different destinations. India is rich in its flora and fauna,wildlife, traditions, customs, monuments, temples, beautiful hill stations and history.Eland Holidaysprovide India holiday packages for the tourists. These packages are differentdepending on the place of interest of the tourists. There are wildlife packages, golden trianglepackages, desert triangle packages, flora and fauna packages, monuments packages, templetour packages, pilgrimage packages etc. All offers a lifetime experience to the tourist.One of the most demanded Tour Packages in India is the Golden Triangle Tour package. It isgenerally a 6 day package that covers three main cities of North India; Delhi, Agra andJaipur. The circuit starts from the capital of India, Delhi, covers Agra, then Jaipur and back toDelhi. All the three cities are home to many magnificent monuments.Delhi, the capital of India is where your tour begins. Here you will visit various historic andcultural places. The Indian golden tour is a favorite tour package for history enthusiasts. Youcan have a glance at the entire history of India with by taking the golden triangle tourpackage. Agra a city which full of hustle is home to the Taj Mahal, the monument ofLove.Jaipur has the admirable castles which will take you back to the rich past of the Rajputrulers.In Delhi, which was the capital of both the Mughals and the British Empire, you can relishthe experience of the Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Humayuns Tomb and the India Gate, which isthe largest war memorial in the country.The capital boasts of a rich cultural heritage. Thishistorical city has still retained its ancient character among a fast paced cosmopolitan lifestyleof its people. The city still reflects its glorious age-old charm and culture through thereminiscences of the great Mughal and British architecture.In Agra, you will get to see the great Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.Besides Taj Mahal, you can also take the tour of the Agra Fort and the Fatehpur Sikri. Theflying colour of incredible India is given is a complete definition to after an ample Agras TajMahal tour. Jaipur, experience the breathtaking palaces and the rich culture of the warrior clan theRajput’s, who fought bravely against both the Mughals and the British Empires.The PinkCity as it is famously known,is one of the premier tourist destinations in India. Aboundedwith forts, palaces, monuments, bazaars, lakes and parks, this city is a traveler’s delightcomes true.There are several Golden Triangle Tour packages available and they are made to fit everytraveller’s budget and taste. From the Mughal era to the British period, you will taste twodistinct periods in India that shaped the future of the country.