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Social Media Platform Selection for Small Businesses


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If your organization has decided to begin using social media for business, do you know why sites you are going to use? This presentations discussing the merits of various social media sites for business uses.

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Social Media Platform Selection for Small Businesses

  1. 1. Social Media forYour SmallBusinessWhich Social MediaPlatforms ShouldYou Use?
  2. 2. Traditionally… B2C companies have the most success on:  Facebook  Twitter B2B companies have the most success on:  LinkedIn  Google+  Blogs
  3. 3. HoweverThese rules are changing.There are now many companies findingsuccess on sites that traditionally were notuseful to their business.
  4. 4. Types of Sites  Personal  Professional  Industry-Related
  5. 5. Types of Sites Social Networking Social News Social Bookmarking Social Photo and Video Sharing
  6. 6. The Big Four
  7. 7. Facebook Business Branding Pages SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Unlimited Access Customer Service Claim Your Land
  8. 8. LinkedIn Create Awareness for & Improve Reputation Business Thought Leadership & Influencer Marketing Listening & Gaining Insight Social CRM
  9. 9. Google+ Better SEO (or for SSEO) Business Open Sharing Upsell, Cross sell and selling potential
  10. 10. Twitter Customer Service for Branding Business News and Updates Research the Competition
  11. 11. Determine Your Target Audience Knowing your target audience is the first step  Before determining which sites you will be using, you should have first decided the purpose of your efforts
  12. 12. Identify Your IdealCustomer Who is this person What do they do professionally  Industry, position, type and size of company What are their business goals What are they looking for online
  13. 13. Research: Find Them  What social networks, bookmarking or social media sites are your target audience using  Where on the internet are your audiences?  What sites are your competitors using?  What would interest them?
  14. 14. Common MistakeDon’t make the mistake of projecting your habits or idealsonto others I don’t have time (or don’t know how) to use Twitter so other business owners don’t either. I don’t research restaurants on Facebook so most consumers don’t either. Without doing your research it’s easy to make these assumptions.
  15. 15. Experiment Spendsome time learning what works and what doesn’t  For the audience(s) you’re trying to reach  For the sites you are considering
  16. 16. Educate Your Team Explain why your company will be using social media Explain your goal(s) Teach your staff the rules for different sites How to use the sites as a business vs. a person Set realistic expectations for their involvement Hold how-to classes
  17. 17. Ways to Educate YourTeamWebinarsWhitepapersBlogsGoogle it!
  18. 18. Keep Your Goal in Mind
  19. 19. How do your overall goals relate to your site selection? Goal Audience Who is your ideal customerWhat sites would your ideal customer already use Why are they using these sites What sites should you use
  20. 20. Don’t Spread Yourself TooThin Pick 1 or 2 sites to begin Test and nurture these
  21. 21. Things to Consider: Who will be managing your sites What is the process for content review?
  22. 22. Things to Consider: What type of content will you be sharing? Will this change over time? Who will be creating the content? How will it be created?
  23. 23. Things to Consider: Who are you trying to reach? What sites is your target audience already using? What sites is your competition using
  24. 24. How did we choose whatsites to use? Facebook  Business Page LinkedIn  Company Page  Networking Group  Individual Profiles Google+ Blog Twitter  Company  Individuals
  25. 25. FREE Social Media ForSmall Business Webinars!!
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