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Social Media for Small Business- Social Customer Service


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Everyday, more customers are connecting with companies using social media. The best way to meet their needs is by utilizing social customer service. This presentation covers how companies are able to better interact and retain customers through the use of social media channels.

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Social Media for Small Business- Social Customer Service

  1. 1. Social Media for Your Small Business Part 5: Social Customer Service
  2. 2. Distinguish Yourself There are a lot of individuals and companies on the internet and they’re making a lot of noise. It’s more important than ever to ensure you’re delivering a quality customer experience.
  3. 3. Misconception: Social media sites are only beneficial for marketing purposes
  4. 4. Misconception: Social media sites are only beneficial for marketing purposes Think about this: Customer behavior is changing faster than companies are adapting. Social media allows a company to directly communicate with customers. It is an essential part of providing excellent customer service
  5. 5. Brands & Consumers Disconnected Your customer is in need of help. Your social media channels are sending automated marketing messages.
  6. 6. Brands & Consumers Disconnected Your online customers shop when it’s convenient for them but your customer service team works bank hours.
  7. 7. Brands & Consumers Disconnected You’re focused on your sites and expect customers to come to you.
  8. 8. Brands & Consumers Disconnected A customer is “low- transacting” but has a significant online following. Why aren’t you valuing them?
  9. 9. Brands & Consumers Disconnected Everyone is overwhelmed by incoming notifications and email. Your messages aren’t relevant and/or personalized so they’re lost.
  10. 10. Is Customer Service Marketing?  Companies have been using social media primarily for marketing and advertising  It has been so valuable companies are afraid to dilute it with customer service  Helping customers through social media can improve your brand image and reputation  By providing social customer service, your brand can show you are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction
  11. 11. 1/3rd to contacting a company by phone “social care” of social media users prefer * 2013
  12. 12. So…. Consumers are interacting with companies through social media for customer service.
  13. 13. 1. Have a separate customer service account 2. Aim for single contact resolution 3. Handle a crisis intelligently 4. Staff training is essential Social Media as a Customer Service Tool
  14. 14. Social Customer Service:  Respond Quickly Businesses that respond quickly with solutions to customer issues demonstrate positive customer service  Be Proactive If you know about an issue, don’t wait for complaints to roll in. Be proactive and let customers know about issues and your plans to address them
  15. 15. Source:
  16. 16.  Value Complaints Customers who are more engaged with a company’s social media channels spend up to 40% more than other customers. Even customers who complains spend an extra 20% more than other customers
  17. 17.  Dedicate Resources Social customer service should not be treated as marketing. Dedicate resources to listening and responding to what customers are saying.
  18. 18. Use Google Alerts or Twitter searches to find brand mentions. Then respond as appropriate
  19. 19. The Customer is Always Right Customers no longer need a hotline to express their opinions. Thanks to social media, customers have the ability to share their experiences and affect the impressions and decisions of others worldwide. Responding to comments (positive and negative) should be a handled like any other customer service issue not as a marketing effort.
  20. 20. Case Study: Gap #Fail
  21. 21. Case Study: Gap #Fail Details  All these posts went unaddressed by Gap  Social Media staff wasn’t trained to address customer service issues  Customer Service staff wasn’t trained to handle social media  This situation (and similar ones—apparently this is a reoccurring problem for Gap) damaged the company’s brand and image with consumers
  22. 22. Elements of Good Social Customer Service  Personal  Proactive  Efficient  Consistent
  23. 23. If you have questions you can follow up with us via  Twitter @Oasisky  Facebook  LinkedIn Group-Customer-Network  Blog
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