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Shermaine Yeo
Li Ching-Sze
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  • Provocative ending to your presentation! Maybe the Chinese might return back to China and Indians back to India when these countries become Super powers in the future. S'pore may have to remake itself with a fresh new pool of people from different parts of the world, and the CMIO racial model is no longer valid. Do we have a S'porean identity in the first place? The French already have a strong national identity and all immigrants are expected to conform to it but I'm not sure if this would be the case in S'pore. Read today's story on Marina Bay Sands IR to get a sense of the challenges in hiring locals for new jobs. How will preferential policies for locals help in the face of economic realities where firms need to stay competitive?
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  • In slide #16, does the 'others' category in the the ethnic composition of the resident population include foreigners who are PRs and new citizens?
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  • i agree on the muslim schoolgirls part. why cant they wear their headscarfs. although it is a preventive measure to ensure racial equality or something.... it has already lead to racial unhappiness..
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  • Hi, it was a wonderful presentation.

    But that is a comment for the Solution in Part C, for have limiting the amount per organization could hired and lower tax given to organization that employ singaporean that part, acctually singapore had so call already inplentmented already,from what i had know
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  • To ChunWang, discrimination is a puzzle and it is also unimagined difficult to cope with. I believe Singapore government is suffering.

    Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good things ever does. As friend, hope that it helps to you.
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WISP - France

  1. 1. franceFRANCE WISP ASSIGNMENT 2 Li Ching-Sze Shermaine Yeo Janice Chia Elaine Chai T69
  2. 2. CONTENTS !! Part A: !! France in 2005 !! France in 2006 !! France: 2005 v.s. 2006 !! Part B: !! Singapore in 2009 !! Part C: !! Preventing the Imagined Future of Singapore
  3. 3. PART A – FRANCE IN 2005 !! Civil Unrest !! October & November !! Sparked by accidental deaths of two teenagers (of Malian and Tunisian descent) in Paris’s poor outer suburbs !! Large African and Arab communities form in the suburbs of Paris !! Unemployment is higher than the national average !! Residents complain of racism and discrimination
  4. 4. PART A – FRANCE IN 2005 !! Rioters were mostly unemployed teenagers from poor suburban areas !! Many rioters were youth of north and west African descents !! Born in France but lack a clear place in French society
  5. 5. PART A – FRANCE IN 2005 !! Mid-1970s, !! France's attitude toward immigration changed !! The Maghrebian immigrants were thought of as cultural aliens !! Impossible to adopt and therefore a threat to the integrity of the French national identity
  6. 6. PART A – FRANCE IN 2005 !! Riotsin France linked to the limits of the traditional French model of assimilation !! Stresses adherence to French cultural norms !! Government attempted to link rioting to other practices !! Illegal immigration, Muslim separatism, and polygamous practices
  7. 7. PART A – FRANCE IN 2006 !! Youth Protests !! February, March & April !! Unrestwas in response to a new law !! The First Employment Contract !! Perceived to compromise job security, lower wages, and the rights of French workers
  8. 8. PART A – FRANCE IN 2006 !! The new bill: !! Allowed employers to fire young employees less than 26 years old !! Within the first 2 years of employment !! Without reason
  9. 9. PART A – FRANCE IN 2006 !! Purpose of the law: !! Stimulate job creation as it is difficult to fire employees in France after probation period !! Makes employers more keen to take in more workers !! However, !! Youths were unhappy as it compromised job security !! Makes it easier for employers to exert pressure on employees
  10. 10. PART A – FRANCE IN 2006 !! Caused extensive and violent rioting by youths, strikes and occupations of French universities !! Asa result of this public pressure, the government revoked its youth employment law
  11. 11. PART A – 2005 V.S. 2006 !! Discrimination 2005 2006 !! Ethnic minority faced !! Young people faced high discriminatory acts and unemployment rates, yet unequal opportunities new law was introduced compared to !! Age prejudice contemporary French people !! Racial profiling by police
  12. 12. PART A – 2005 V.S. 2006 !! Social 2005 2006 !! Riots caused by racial !! Riots caused by high youth unemployment rates tension !! Youths could be pressurized at work, even by underhand means !! Social inequity – Higher unemployment rates among young immigrants and the ethnic minority
  13. 13. PART A – 2005 V.S. 2006 !! Political 2005 2006 !! Poor treatment of ethnic !! Introduction of unpopular minority by French bill/law government
  14. 14. PART A – 2005 V.S. 2006 !! Economic factors were similar for both cases !! High unemployment rates and lack of opportunities
  15. 15. PART B – SINGAPORE IN 2009 !! Similar instances of prejudice and discrimination? !! Muslim schoolgirls not allowed to wear the traditional Islamic headscarf to school !! A government ban was placed on the garment !! In an instance, the education ministry said that the girls had been "suspended from school and are not allowed to attend classes unless they are in the prescribed school uniform” !! It added that "The wearing of the school uniform is an important means of building unity among students without distinction of race, religion, and social status."
  16. 16. PART B – SINGAPORE IN 2009 !! Similar instances of prejudice and discrimination? !! Chinese majority outnumbers the Malay and Indian communities by three to one !! Singapore experienced violent race riots in 1964 but has largely enjoyed ethnic peace since then
  17. 17. PART B – SINGAPORE IN 2009 !! Similar instances of prejudice and discrimination? !! Middle income group pay more income tax, but do not get as much help as the lower income group (progress packages, government aid, etc.) ! !! Widening income gap and lower-income group receive lower wage increase compared to other income groups !! The financial divide between the income groups may cause disharmony
  18. 18. PART B – SINGAPORE IN 2009 !! Similar instances of prejudice and discrimination? !! Singapore has an aging population !! Government has been encouraging employers to continue keeping elderly workers !! Vie for jobs with young people who do not have as much experience, thus possibly less opportunity for youth
  19. 19. PART C – THE IMAGINED FUTURE OF SINGAPORE !! Year 2061 !! Singapore’s population: 6.1 million !! 47% born in Singapore !! The rest are foreign-born citizens/workers/talents !! Robust economy took a dramatic turn !! Has been in recession since 2048 !! Tensions rising due to increasing unemployment !! Protests: !! Daily protests by local-born unemployed citizens against cheaper foreign labour !! Protests against naturalized Singaporeans accused of being “fair weather” Singaporeans who are not loyal to the country
  20. 20. PART C – PREVENTING THE IMAGINED FUTURE !! Protect the interests of locally born Singaporeans !! Give incentives for employers to employ local staff – e.g. lower corporate tax per local staff hired !! Implement a cap on number of foreign workers per organization
  21. 21. PART C – PREVENTING THE IMAGINED FUTURE !! Continue to provide help to lower-income Singaporeans !! Create jobs in civil service for locally born Singaporeans !! Allow partial withdrawal of CPF funds to tide over the recession period
  22. 22. PART C – PREVENTING THE IMAGINED FUTURE !! Problems we may face: !! More Singaporeans migrate overseas to “better” countries – e.g. China, for more job opportunities !! Prolonged recession also means that government is less able to fork out money to help !! Singapore history may repeat itself with most of its people immigrants and few locals !! National identity may have to be rebuilt from scratch
  23. 23. THE END Thank you! "