7 Reasons CSR Consultants should use Social Media


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the presentation for a talk i am giving on social media and how CSR consultants can use social media to enrich their professional knowledge and awareness, and add value to the service they give to clients.

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7 Reasons CSR Consultants should use Social Media

  1. 1. Let’s Buzz!! Presentation to CSR Consultants Forum February 2010 elaine cohen Beyond Business BeyondBusiness to a Sustainable world BeyondBusiness to a Sustainable world
  2. 2. From an interview with Elaine Cohen on the Center for Social Impact Communication blog by Sherie Winston https://digitalcommons.georgetown.edu/blogs/csic/2009/12/14/csr‐reporting‐changes‐are‐needed/
  3. 3. reasons CSR Consultants should use  Social Media    Social Media Let’s BUZZ !!!
  4. 4. Build your professional knowledge. • Build your professional knowledge • Know what’s happening in the CSR world – as it happens • Add value for your clients by always being up to date! Add value for your clients by always being up to date!
  5. 5. Meet and form professional relationships which can  lead to new insights and more business lead to new insights and more business
  6. 6. • Get feedback about new ideas • See if you are having any impact p y g • Check out what kind of impact you are having
  7. 7. Get help from other professionals • Get help from other professionals • Ask for advice • Let off steam Let off steam
  8. 8. • Build your reputation • Reach a much wider audience Reach a much wider audience
  9. 9. • It’s a LOT of fun It s a LOT of fun • Makes your professional life richer
  10. 10. Part of the CSR profession is to contribute to  Part of the CSR profession is to contribute to the CSR profession !
  11. 11. The     Toolbox The Toolbox
  12. 12. Get Buzzing!! G i !! elaine cohen Beyond Business a leading CSR consulting and sustainability reporting firm who the Buzz on social media (and Chunky Monkey) www.b‐yond.biz/en b d bi / info@b‐yond.biz +973 3 560 7030 +973‐3‐560‐7030 BeyondBusiness BeyondBusiness to a Sustainable World