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0905 Comme In Faut Responsibility In Fasion Eng


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A presentation given by Sybil Goldfiner, CEO of comme il faut, leading Israeli fashion house, on Corporate Responsibility in the fashion industry, at an Ethical Fashion conference in Milan in May 2009

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0905 Comme In Faut Responsibility In Fasion Eng

  1. 1. responsibility in fashion ethical fashion sybil goldfiner founder and ceo comme il faut
  2. 2. the  beginnings a new way of doing  business bi profit people planet
  3. 3. definitions responsibility in fashion achieving business success  g whilst generating greater  positive impacts on society,  the environment and all  the environment and all stakeholders
  4. 4. definitions social responsibility a report which describes the  t hi h d ib th report t material impacts of the business  on society, environment and all  stakeholders and is accessible to  all
  5. 5. definitions in summer 2008, we published our  in summer 2008 we published our social first social responsibility report responsibility as a privately‐owned business, not  i l db i report t traded on the stock market, not  required by law to disclose data  about the business, and not under  the constant scrutiny of analysts  and investors, we see reporting as  , p g an expression of our commitment  to responsibility, transparency and  leadership
  6. 6. definitions stakeholders all those who have an impact on  our business and who are  impacted by our business   impacted by our business
  7. 7. customers 30 000 customers 30,000 definitions employees 169 employees l stakeholders suppliers pp 590 suppliers in Israel 48 suppliers abroad community 700 media items per year 2 joint community projects 2j i i j 4 art exhibitions per year environment 1420.7tons – carbon footprint shareholders
  8. 8. increasing i i positive impacts customers we bear responsibility for our part in  p y p negative effects of the fashion  industry on women
  9. 9. good eye – evil eye – marketing campaign  addressing women s self addressing women’s self‐ increasing i i image positive impacts customers
  10. 10. being a girl ‐ marketing  campaign addressing the  beauty  and position of  beauty and position of increasing i i older women in our  positive impacts society customers
  11. 11. increasing i i positive impacts customers 15 photographers ‐ campaign photographed by 15  photographers with free creative expression
  12. 12. increasing i i positive impacts customers bon appetit, baby ‐ marketing campaign  addressing the legitimacy  of women to decide what  they eat!
  13. 13. increasing i i positive impacts Eleven sections of our Code of Ethics: 1. We act in accordance with the law  2. We respect the rights of all  employees py 3. We act with respect and integrity towards all We act with respect and integrity towards all  individuals  4. We are committed to health, safety and the quality of  the environment  5. We avoid conflict of interest  6. We act to promote social justice  7. We protect privacy of information  8. We maintain records and documentation related to all  our business activities  9. We protect Company assets  10. We encourage feedback and questions related to our  ethical behavior  11. We ensure the assimilation of this code by all our  employees
  14. 14. increasing i i positive impacts employees py fashion shows  ‐ modeling fashion accessories made by  employees
  15. 15. increasing i i working with  positive impacts Ethiopian  seamstresses suppliers pp
  16. 16. increasing i i positive impacts suppliers pp Shalom Girls  joint collection with Palestinian designers and   Shalom Girls – joint collection with Palestinian designers and seamstresses
  17. 17. increasing i i positive impacts community y fashion show – promoting social  and environmental awareness
  18. 18. increasing i i positive impacts community y transparent work – marketing campaign promoting the  value of work done by women in the home
  19. 19. increasing i i positive impacts community y pass‐it‐on project – 2,000 garments from prior  pass‐it‐on project – 2 000 garments from prior seasons were donated by customers and resold for  the benefit of courses for women’s economic  empowerment  ‐ 30 women benefited
  20. 20. increasing i i positive impacts community y women buy from women –campaign promoting women‐ owned small businesses with an internet buying guide
  21. 21. increasing i i positive impacts community y 15 photographers ‐ campaign photographed by 15 photographers  with free creative expression – this one says “End the Occupation” – a political statement
  22. 22. increasing i i positive impacts community y crossing borders  marketing campaign filmed at the Israeli  crossing borders –marketing campaign filmed at the Israeli – Palestinian boundary wall
  23. 23. increasing i i positive impacts community y poster calling for action against the plea bargain for the  Israel President accused of rape
  24. 24. increasing i i positive impacts community y letters sent with a gift to all women appointed to key  positions in business and public life in Israel
  25. 25. increasing i i positive impacts community y “Don’t burn bras” social campaign – customers brought in  unwanted bras and comme il faut funded medical aid for  prostitutes for each of the 4,000 bras received
  26. 26. increasing i i positive impacts community y “sexy” marketing campaign – addressing the positioning of  women as sex objects
  27. 27. increasing i i positive impacts community y “buy less” marketing campaign – promoting ethical buy less marketing campaign promoting ethical  consumerism and environmental awareness – modeled by a  comme il faut saleswoman
  28. 28. increasing positive impacts environment garbage bank internal recycling and re‐use program
  29. 29. increasing positive impacts environment in‐house fashion shows for customers – employees model  comme il faut garments
  30. 30. increasing positive impacts environment “buy less” marketing campaign – promoting ethical consumerism and  environmental awareness – what footprint are you leaving behind ?
  31. 31. increasing positive impacts shareholders milton friedman – we think he got it wrong !
  32. 32. increasing positive impacts feminist awareness f i it results 34% of women in the general public 70% of customers and employees define themselves as feminist define themselves as feminist
  33. 33. increasing positive impacts community contribution 2007 i results 5% employee volunteering hours  (of our total work‐hours) 0.7% of income invested in  0 7% community projects yp j
  34. 34. increasing positive impacts results stakeholder panel dialog with women representing business,  with women representing business social and environmental interests
  35. 35. increasing positive impacts profit ‐ sharing fi hi results 20% of company profits  distributed annually to employees in  accordance with their contribution 10:1 – the ratio of highest to  the lowest salary in the Company 
  36. 36. 20 years closing remarks 20 years of comme il faut – 2007 ‐ a special year  20 years of comme il faut 2007 a special year for us the age for taking a look around, and reviewing  th f t ki lk d d ii new horizons 
  37. 37. 20 years closing remarks we believe that everything is political whilst we are designing, creating, advertizing  g g, g, g and selling, we are taking a stand
  38. 38. 20 years closing remarks whilst we are seeking, reacting, selecting and  buying, we are also taking a stand y g, g
  39. 39. thank you for your kind attention ! we look forward to seeing you in Israel and welcoming you to comme il faut download our social responsibility report at: p yp for f queries, please contact comme il faut’s i l tt f t’ corporate responsibility advisor: elaine cohen