EMPOWER Programs for Personal Empowerment


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* ENVISION your purpose or goal
* ENABLE you to journey through the opportunities & obstacles
* EMPOWER you to take actions and succeed

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EMPOWER Programs for Personal Empowerment

  1. 1. Programs For Personal Empowerment By de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP Singapore | 2015
  2. 2. The 3E Logo ENVISION. ENABLE. EMPOWER. ¡ ENVISION your purpose or goal ¡ ENABLE you to journey through the opportunities & obstacles ¡ EMPOWER you take actions and succeed de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP. 2015. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Our MISSION & VISION ¡  MISSION ¡  To fully empower people in key aspects of their professional and personal lives through relevant training and development initiatives ¡  Key aspects may include life purpose, relationships, self- management, personal leadership, changes, problems, decisions, and finances. ¡  Training and development initiatives may include 1-1 or small group coaching, mentoring, seminar, training, consulting, online forum, regular information & tools sharing, networking, among others. ¡  VISION ¡  Every person has maximized his/her powers, and is living an enriched life. ¡  An enriched person demonstrates a strong sense of purpose, and is full of confidence, passion & joy! de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP. 2015. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. SUMMARY of MODULES AVAILABLE Ideal for Mentoring, Seminars, Training- Workshops
  5. 5. PURPOSE: Finding Your Mission & Purpose Key Focus •  Forming a sense of mission via self- understanding of passion and strengths •  Creating your vision statement •  Creating prelim action steps to move forward de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP. 2015. All Rights Reserved. "My decision to go through the Empower mentoring program is probably one of the best decisions I have made. It has allowed me to fully appreciate the gifts, talents and life experiences I have been blessed with and to realize my passion and purpose in life. The program has allowed me to become more focused at work and also empowered me to make bold steps in some personal issues.” - GINA BONDOY-ILARDE, HR Director, Schindler Lifts (Singapore) Pte. Ltd, 13 September 2010
  6. 6. RELATIONSHIPS: Impacting Others Positively And Valuing Diversity Key Focus •  Knowing & applying various communication tools and methods •  Understanding non-verbal communication •  Giving positive and negative feedback to others •  Managing relationship with your boss de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP. 2015. All Rights Reserved. “The modules have an impact on my performance at work & home in terms of how I handle my relationships. It has made me learn and discover more of my strengths and areas that I need improvement on.” -  TESSA B, an executive from a global relocation company, July 2010 “My individual development plan discussion with my boss went well!” -  DELFIN J, a project manager from a global financial institution, August 2010
  7. 7. SELF-MANAGEMENT: Improving Your Emotional Intelligence And Managing Stress & Time Key Focus •  Understanding and improving your emotional intelligence •  Managing your time and productivity •  Understanding and managing stress de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP. 2015. All Rights Reserved. “It was really such a good idea that I came for this empowerment program because it allowed me sit and take time to deepen my self-understanding and gave me direction on how I should work on things for my benefit.” - SIGRID A, an executive from a financial services MNC, October 2011
  8. 8. LEADERSHIP: Leading Those From Up, Down, Side & Out Key Focus •  Understanding effective leadership •  Understanding your own leadership style •  Establishing SMART goals Tie-in Modules •  Relationships •  Self-Management de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP. 2015. All Rights Reserved. “Most of all, what makes the course really effective is that I see my mentor as a role model. Knowing her journey and relating to her experiences inspires me. I have not only gained new skill and knowledge from the course. Most of all, I found a mentor and sister friend in Elaine.” - BERNADETH LUCANAS, Vice President, Credit Suisse (Singapore), 24 August 2011
  9. 9. SITUATIONS: Solving Problems And Making Decisions Key Focus •  Developing problem solving skills •  Developing decision making skills Optional Module •  Understanding and managing change de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP. 2015. All Rights Reserved. “I learned to identify what I need to improve on and which should I focus on more...I have a better understanding of myself and others. I learned how to build relationships with people that would help me meet my objectives.” - AILEEN V, a senior conference producer, August 2012
  10. 10. FINANCES: Understanding Your Resources Key Focus •  Understanding resources •  Understanding elements that drive financial resources in relation to your mission & goals Tie-in Module •  Purpose de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP. 2015. All Rights Reserved. “Congratulations! Thank you for this life-changing session. It’s worth it.” -  MAY G, a training specialist, September 2012 “Wonderful program that helped open all possibilities. Great depth of conversation and richness of sharing.” - AYIN C, director / owner of IT company, September 2012
  11. 11. KEY CONTACTS ELAINE CERCADO Managing Director, de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP Email: contact@depowerinu.com Tel no: +65 6271 0208 PAULETTE LIRIO Managing Partner, de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP Email: paulette.lirio@pdlc-asia.com Tel no: +65 6271 0208 www.depowerinu.com