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E bites newsletter | Issue4 | Feb 2012


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Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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E bites newsletter | Issue4 | Feb 2012

  1. 1. e bites [empower bites] 1Q 2012 | Issue 4 Brought to you by: ANCHOR ON YOUR CORE VALUES, “Anchor on PURPOSE & PRINCIPLES! Values, That  was  Nina  Aguas’  big  advice  during  the  Professional   Purpose & Talks  Series  3:  EMPOWER  Women@Work  event  held  last   Principles” 28th  of  January  at  7107  Flavours.  Nina,  a  highly  successful   business  &  banking  leader,  identified  honesty,  hard  work   In this issue and  ownership,  humility  and  generosity  as  most   important  ,  and  considered  herself  anchored  on  her   POWER BOOK Catholic  faith  and  on  her  Filipino-­‐provincial  values.    2 The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman Nina  also  regarded  herself  a  dreamer,  and  she  said,  “If  you  really  believe   in  your  dream,  nature  conspires  to  fulfill  it.”    Armed  with  this  strong   POWER TOOLS belief  in  her  dream,  Nina  rose  above  her  humble  beginnings  to  become   Recommended Websites & one  of  the  top  women  business  leaders  in  retail  and  private  banking.    She   Blogs has  successfully  managed  global,  regional  and  country  level  businesses   and  operations  in  large  global  companies  across  developed  and  emerging   POWER NOTES markets  in  Asia-­‐Pacific  and  the  US.    Yet  above  all  Nina  credited  her  innate  3 Anchor on Your Core Values, authenticity,  positivity  and  energy  as  blessings  that  helped  her  managed   Purpose & Principles such  large-­‐scale  businesses.       EVENTS Throughout  the  event,  Nina  often  referred  to  listening  to  the  “language  5 of  the  heart.”  She  said,  “When  you  have  a  heavy  heart,  you  can’t  get  to   PROGRAMS work.”    She  believed  in  not  compromising  core  values,  and  in  attaining   inner  peace,  even  if  that  would  mean  saying  ‘goodbye’  to  a  job/company.     (Continued  in  page  3)    
  2. 2. 2 THE WORLD IS FLAT By Thomas Friedman The first 50 pages of the book (out of 600+ pages) have already made me fully appreciate the flattening of the world, and how and why the flat world has become so important in today’s highly connected world. A big personal learning is the importance of collaboration in today’s very competitive world. With the Internet and social media revolution, there is no doubt that the power of business and companies are shifting to the individuals – and it’s up to us individuals “to collaborate with others globally.” POWER BOOK As Thomas Friedman wrote in page 11, “Individuals from every corner of the flat world are being empowered. Globalization & TOOLS 3.0 makes its possible for so many more people to plug in and play, and you are going to see every color of the human rainbow take part.” Recommended by Elaine Cercado Friedman identified the 10 flatteners, which included trends like work flow software, uploading, outsourcing, offshoring, supply chaining, among others. Throughout the book, Friedman used examples and anecdotes from his travels and experiences around the globe, which effectively illustrated the flat world we live in. A highly recommended, relevant book to read indeed! Recommended WEBSITES & BLOGS is a great resource for personal and professional empowerment. They provide e-courses, e- newsletters and community-shared practices and other information to build and develop ”essential skills for an excellent career.” Last February, one of their newsletters featured “Do What’s Right!” which I thought contained articles that were relevant to our theme for this e-bites issue. “Authenticity: How to be true to yourself” “Preserving Integrity: Consistently making the right choices” “Ethical Leadership: Doing the right thing” e bites, 1Q 2012, Issue 4
  3. 3. 21 3 ANCHOR ON (Continued  from  page  1)     should  learn  to  ride  through  the   times.     On  blending  &  standing  out   YOUR CORE “Where  do  I  as  an  individual     A  case  in  point  –  there  are  more   fit  into  global  competition   VALUES, and  opportunities  of  the  day,  and   men  than  women  in  the   how  can  I,  on  my  own,  collaborate   boardroom,  and  for  the  same  top   PURPOSE & with  others  globally?”  (Thomas   executive  position,  women  are   Friedman,  The  World  is  Flat)   paid  lower  than  men.  Her  words   PRINCIPLES   of  wisdom:  Just  keep  going!  Fight   Nina’s  concise  advices:  Speak  up!   Raise  your  hand!  Expand  your   it  out!  Live  your  life  through  your   (Continued) eyes!  Project  self-­‐confidence!    If   network!  Sadly,  not  speaking  up  is   By Elaine Cercado sometimes  seen  as  incompetence.   there’s  one  advantage  women   Nina  said.     has,  it’s  charm!           Our  four  other  distinguished   Our  other  distinguished  panelists   panelists  also  gave  the  following   shared  very  wise  advices:   practical  tips:   • Understand  yourself  –  your   • Communicate  well!  Listen,   values  and  priorities.    Learn  to   pause  then  comment  (don’t  react   say  “not  now.”     too  fast).  Empathize.     • Know  what  you  know  and   • Be  personal!  Touch  the  human   what  you  don’t  know.  Ask   heart.  Show  you  are  a  finely   help.  Don’t  pretend.  Don’t  be   FilipinoJ!  Make  a  difference!   afraid  to  “fail  forward.”   • Excel!  Focus  on  your  core   competencies.  Find  your  passion   • Prepare  for  every  occasion.     and  shine  through.  Synergize-­‐ Singaporeans  are  known  to  be   understand  what  others  in  your   thinkers,  want  data/facts,  and   team  can  deliver  and  contribute   have  the  kiasu  and  kiasi   your  best  to  achieve  team  goals.   mentality.       On  achieving  adaptability,   On  anchoring  values  in  a   agility  &  success   modern  &  changing  society   “To  endure,  you  need  to   “Values  should  be  anchored  in   continuously  adapt,  improve  or   principles  so  that  your  life  will   change  rapidly.  You  also  need  to   POWER NOTES communicate  clearly  and   have  a  changeless  core  and  inner   source  of  security,  guidance,   consistently  –  upward,  sideward,   wisdom  and  power.”  (Stephen   downward.  Maximize  every   Covey)   challenge  and  opportunity  to     “Values should be develop  and  prepare  your  self  for   Nina’s  key  question  was  “What   anchored in principles so bigger  roles  and  responsibilities.”   matters  most?”  She  said  that  no   that your life will have a (Elaine  Cercado’s  Power  Notes/Blog,   one  should  be  so  worried  about   2008)   changeless core and money  that  one  couldn’t  walk     inner source of security, away  from  it.    Throughout  the   Nina  pointed  out  the  reality  that   guidance, wisdom and talk,  Nina  kept  saying,  “Listen  to   achieving  success  in  today’s   power.” your  heart!”  –  an  indication  that   turbulent  world  is  very  challenging.     When  asked  how  could  one  b e   the  answer  to  ‘what  matters   - Stephen Covey most’  could  be  found  somewhere   secure  at  work,  Nina’s  answer  was   “no  one  is  secure.”    One  could  and   there.   e bites, 1Q 2012, Issue 4
  4. 4. 21 4 ANCHOR ON (Continued  from  page  3)     Indeed,  this  was  one  of  the  most   interesting  parts  of  the  event  –  as   Other  values  considered  important   YOUR CORE by  our  panelists  were:  integrity,   Nina  has  put  it,  “The  heart  (love)  is   a  global  language.”       VALUES, passion,  excellence,  being  engaged,     integrity,  honesty,  respect,  and   Nina’s  advices  about  building  and   PURPOSE & humility.    They  all  agreed  such  ‘old-­‐ sustaining  relationships:  Don’t   fashioned’  values  were  n on-­‐ substitute  human  interaction  w ith   PRINCIPLES negotiable.   Facebook  and  twitter!  Understand     the  impact  of  smile  and  thank  you!   (Continued) On  building  &  securing  personal   Follow  the  golden  rule  (treat   wealth   others  how  you  w ant  to  be   By Elaine Cercado “As  we  work  hard,  we  should  make   treated)!   sure  that  your  efforts  do  not  got  to     waste.    At  the  same  time,  we  should   Nina’s  advices  to  those  looking  for   define  our  priorities  and  decide  what   love:  Let  love  find  you.  To  put  it   will  make  us  happy.    If  we   thoughtfully  reflect,  happiness  may   romantically,  “Life  is  living  –  for   be  simple  and  being  financially   someone  who  lives  because  of   sound  just  becomes  the  icing  on  the   you.”    For  love  to  find  you,  you   cake.”  (Roland  Pagdanganan  on   must  present  yourself  as  “lovable.”       Money  Management,  F  Magazine,     2011)   Here  are  some  tips  from  our     panelists  on  how  to  be  lovable:   All  the  panelists,  including  Nina,   • Be  a  good  listener!  Don’t  go  into   shared  the  same  advice:  Live  within   solution  mode!  Don’t  be   your  means.  Don’t  spend  more   preachy!   than  you  earn!   • Stay  pretty!  Be  confident!       More  specific  advices  included:   When  asked  what  they  considered   • Use  credit  wisely   as  critical  success  factors  in   • Look  at  your  investments.   relationships,  the  panel   “Don’t  go  into  instruments  you   enumerated:  time,  honesty,   don’t  understand.”  (W.  Buffet)   POWER NOTES • If  you  are  helping  out  family   communication,  reliability,  grace,   respect,  sincerity,  reaching  out,  and   members  /  relatives  –  make   giving  attention.   recipients  accountable  (so  they     would  value  the  money)   Each  woman  who  attended  the   • Say  no  to  vices  (gambling   event  had  her  “tapau”  (takeaway   “The quality of your life included)   package)  –  be  it  about  career  or   will be in direct • S.I.S.S.  (save,  invest,  share,   personal  development,  financial  or   proportion to the types spend  –  in  that  order)   relationship  management.    But   of relationships you   what  is  essential  to  all  aspects  is  the   choose to build.” On  finding  true  love  at  the  right   anchor.    Find  your  anchors  –your   time  and  place   core  values,  purpose  and  principles   - Mick Ukleja “The  quality  of  your  life  will  be  in   –  and  be  firm  with  them.  Once  you   direct  proportion  to  the  types  of   are  firmly  anchored,  you  are   relationships  you  choose  to  build.”   strongly  empowered!     (Mick  Ukleja,  author)   e bites, 1Q 2012, Issue 4
  5. 5. 5 VIBRANT INSPIRATIONAL TALK by MS. NINA AGUAS NETWORKING ENGAGING PANEL SHARING EVENTS Guest of Honor: Ms. Nina Aguas, Most Recently MD-ANZ Empower Women@Work Panelists: Talk.Panel.Networking Ms. Che Yaneza, AVP-MediaCorp LEARN. BE INSPIRED. BE EMPOWERED! Ms. Marge Pagdanganan, MD-Citibank Ms. Paulette Lirio, MD-PDLC Asia 28 Jan 2012 Ms. Cecilia Beltran-Chiew, Director-Anixter 7107 Flavours, Marina Sq Moderator: Ms. Elaine Cercado, MD-DPU Management Consultants e bites, 1Q 2012, Issue 4
  6. 6. 6 EMPOWER  MENTORING  PROGRAMS   CALENDAR  OF  EVENTS   W@W  (Women  at  Work)   28  March  2012   CEGOS  Asia-­‐Pacific,  our  Global  Learning  Partner,   • Ideal  for  new  /  experienced  professional  women,   Launch  Event   or  working  moms,  or  women  who  are  shifting     careers   Email  if  you  are  interested  to   • Focus  is  on  finding  passion  &  mission,  balancing,   know  more  about  CEGOS  learning  solutions   and  empowering  self  &  others     May  2012  (date  to  be  confirmed  soon)   YP@W  (Young  Professionals  at  Work)   Professional  Talks  Series  4:   • Ideal  for  new    /  young  professional  men  &   “Empower  Your  Creative  Performance”   women   Featuring  a  w orld-­‐class  Performing  Artist   • Focus  is  on  career  development,  n etworking,     time  management,  stress  management  and   Email  for  details   emotional  intelligence     M@W  (Managers  at  Work)   OTHER  BITS   • Ideal  for  experienced  professional  men  &   Download  past  e-­‐bites  [empower  bites]  issues   women  who  are  managing  teams,  individuals,   businesses  or  projects     November  2010,  Issue  1   • Focus  is  on  developing  /  managing  self,  others,   work  situations  and  business   February  2011,  Issue  2   Program  options  &  schedule   September  2011,  Issue  3   • One-­‐to-­‐one  or  small  group  mentoring  over  three   to  five  sessions,  depending  on  agreed  focus     • Ideally,  one  session  every  week;  one  session  lasts   about  two  hours   For  more  d etails,  d ownload   To  inquire  or  to  book  a  session,  email,  subject:  EMPOWER   Mentoring,  or  call  +65  6271  0208.   e bites [empower bites]   A newsletter published by de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP Registration No. T08LL0335D “If you really believe in 30 Keppel Bay Drive #07-42 your dream, nature Singapore, 098650 conspires to fulfill it.” Tel +65 6271 0208 Website - Nina Aguas Email your feedback or suggestions to e bites, 1Q 2012, Issue 4