E bites newsletter | Issue1 | Nov 2010


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E bites newsletter | Issue1 | Nov 2010

  1. 1. e bites [empower bites] November 2010 | Issue 1 Brought to you by: Passion is your Power. Discover and grow the passion that empowers you. Now.“Empower Yourself” In this issue A Personal Testimony by Elaine Cercado POWER BOOKS2 When I discovered my passion and mission in life, and Strengths Finder 2.0 By Tom Rath embraced them, I began to simplify my life. EMPOWERMENT TOOLS I began to invest more time in what I considered my top3 priorities in life: my faith and key relationships. ‘My Professional Development Plan’ As my measure of success shifted from advancing in my career to fulfilling my mission, I felt peaceful and joyful! POWER NOTES4 Go Against the Procession! Today, as I journey through life, I use all the knowledge, skills and experiences I’ve gained for the pursuit of a higher purpose. Because I’ve been empowered, I’m enriched.
  2. 2. 2 STRENGTHS FINDER 2.0 by Tom Rath POWER BOOKS “Weve discovered that Why do I like this book? the most successful I believe in the philosophy Thanks to people start with of this book, and I am a Sivaraj Sivanandam for recommending dominant talent - and living testimony it works. to read this book! then add skills, knowledge The very essence of & practice to the mix. de’POWERinU is that every When they do this, the person has that innate raw talent actually serves strength, which could be as a multiplier. Hence, a gift or talent, to be TALENT (a natural way of discovered, learned, thinking, feeling or developed, maximized behaving) x INVESTMENT and shared. (time spent practicing, You may read more developing skills, building about our mission and knowledge base) = values at STRENGTH (ability to www.depowerinu.com. consistently provide near- EMPOWER mentoring perfect performance)." program is one of the Excerpt from Strengths ways we are achieving Finder 2.0 our mission and values. e bites, November 2010, Issue 1
  3. 3. 3 EMPOWERMENT TOOLS “MY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN” template “…your passion, your voice – Click link to download for FREE an easy-to-use that which energizes your life framework and template that will help you think about, and gives you your drive. It is analyze, document and track your professional the fuel at the heart of vision development plan. and discipline. It keeps you at it when everything else may https://files.me.com/ecercado/zrjwo1 say quit…” The template is made as simple and straightforward as Stephen Covey, possible, with simple explanations as guide. An author of The 8th Habit important basis for this development plan to work is your self-assessment of your strengths and gaps. Once you have completed the template, you may use it as a guide when discussing with your supervisor/manager your performance appraisal or career development plan. This is about taking charge of / being accountable for your own competency development to make you more effective at work in the short-term and long-term. The support you can get from your manager / company will be a big bonus. If you have any question about this template, email depowerinu@me.com. Note: If you are having problems accessing this file, copy and paste the link into your web browser. The link is valid until 28 December 2010. e bites, November 2010, Issue 1
  4. 4. 4 GO AGAINST The caterpillar has the instinct we do that don’t really to follow in lock step the matter or add value to our THE caterpillar in front of it. mission in life) at some point PROCESSION! French naturalist Jean in life, and we need to go Henri Fabre in his “The directly to the “food” (the By Elaine Cercado Processionary Caterpillar” important things or that experiment showed that this matter most). The way to do instinct actually led to the that is to know what, where, caterpillar’s death. when and how to go for the “Each caterpillar followed the one food. ahead thinking that it was heading for food. Round and round for 7 For me, food here represents days! After a week of mindless not just my physical needs to activity, the caterpillars started to drop dead because of exhaustion survive. For me, food and starvation.” actually represents my (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Processionar y_caterpillar) purpose and mission in life. The “mindless” procession is one way to live but I’d die before I even reach the food. Hence, I’d rather simplify, get out of the People are different from “processionary” kind of caterpillars as we have the lifestyle and use my time on ability to change our direction the things that add value to in life. Unlike the caterpillars, my mission in life. we can choose to stop going It’s not easy especially if all “round and round for 7 days” others are up in a POWER NOTES and go for the “food”. procession, which could be Yet in many ways, people are a stressful busy work life or a similar to the processionary certain lifestyle. But once a “…Once a person is clear caterpillars. We often confuse person is clear about his/her about his/her mission in life, moving with meaning, and mission in life, I’m very sure I’m very sure priorities activity with productivity and priorities would be driven; would be driven; passion achievement. That is why we passion would be focused; would be focused; the right sometimes end up unhealthy, the right behavior and the behavior and the discipline exhausted, unbalanced and discipline to do the to do the important things starved in life, literally and important things would would follow. The gift and figuratively. follow. The gift and power of power of time would be time would be well spent! well spent!” Go against the procession. Go for the food. To be able to manage our precious, limited Thanks to Alan Fawcett from whom time well, we need to get out I first heard about the experiment of the “processionary caterpillar.” of the “procession” (the things e bites, November 2010, Issue 1
  5. 5. 5 “POWER – that comes from knowledge, EMPOWER mentoring programs skills, attitudes (which collectively defines W@W (Women at Work) competencies), talents, experiences and values – is maximized when shared. For • Ideal for new / experienced professional me, it is like goodness, joy or love. It’s a women, or working moms, or women blessing or gift to be multiplied. who are shifting careers • Focus is on finding passion & mission, I’ve been empowered and successful... balancing, and empowering self & By sharing my journey, I hope to multiply others the power.” YP@W (Young Professionals at Work) Elaine Cercado • Ideal for new / young professional men & women • Focus is on career development, networking, time management, stress management and emotional intelligence M@W (Managers at Work) • Ideal for experienced professional men & women who are managing teams, individuals, businesses or projects • Focus is on developing / managing self, others, work situations and business Program options & schedule • One-to-one or small group mentoring over three to five sessions, depending on agreed focus • Ideally, one session every week; one session lasts about two hours To inquire or to book a session, email depowerinu@me.com, subject: EMPOWER Mentoring, or call +65 6271 0208. e bites [empower bites] A newsletter published by de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP Registration No. T08LL0335D 30 Keppel Bay Drive #07-42 Singapore, 098650 Tel +65 6271 0208 Website www.depowerinu.com Email your feedback or suggestions to depowerinu@me.com e bites, November 2010, Issue 1