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E bites newsletter | Issue6 | 3Q 2012


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E bites newsletter | Issue6 | 3Q 2012

  1. 1. bites 3Q 2012 | Issue 6 | Brought to you by: MAXIMIZE THE POWER IN YOU! I  believe  that  when  you  develop  your  personal  powers   to  the  fullest,  you  become  confident.  When  you  are   confident,  you  are  joyful.    When  you  are  joyful,  you  “Maximize the intuitively  want  to  share  the  joy.    When  things  flow  in  Power in You” this  way,  you  start  to  build  self-­‐leadership,  which  helps   to  build  your  team  and  organizational  leadership  as   In this issue well.  I  believe  that  to  develop  your  strong  leadership  is   to  empower  you  –  to  enable  you  to  develop  or  grow   POWER BOOK & TOOLS Leading At A Higher Level by the  people  under  your  care,  who  will  then  help  you   Ken Blanchard achieve  set  goals.  Read  my  full  article  on  how  to  2 maximize  the  POWER  in  YOU  on  page  3.    Hope  you   Recommended To Follow in enjoy  reading  this  belated  3Q  issue!     Twitter EMPOWER PROGRAMS FOR PERSONAL3 POWER NOTES EMPOWERMENT Maximize the POWER in YOU Our  six  modules  –  PURPOSE,  RELATIONSHIPS,  SELF-­‐ POWER SESSION MANAGEMENT,  LEADERSHIP,  SITUATION,  and  FINANCES  –  are  6 Developing Powerful Thinkers and available  for  any  person  who  wishes  to  be  empowered  in  these   Learners by Dr. Ron Richhart key  aspects  of  their  personal  and  professional  lives.     EVENTS Mentoring-­‐coaching  are  on  one-­‐to-­‐one  or  small  group  basis.    7 [Empower Series 5] FINANCES The  first  five  persons  who  will  sign-­‐up  for  any  of  our  EMPOWER   programs  will  get  $100  facial  gift  vouchers  from  Expressions   International  courtesy  of  Success  Resources.  To  inquire,  just  8 PROGRAMS | CALENDAR email  or  call  6271  0208.  
  2. 2. 2 LEADING AT A HIGHER LEVEL by KEN BLANCHARD Th e boo k’s b ac k c ove r sa ys, “The book w ill gu ide yo u, in spire you, pr ovoke yo u an d b e you r tou ch ton e. D isco ver ho w to • G o beyo nd the sh ort t er m a nd ze ro in on t he ri ght ta rge t a nd vision • De live r le ge nda ry, m a nia ca l cu stom e r servi ce , a nd e arn r avi ng fa ns • Tr uly em po w er you r p eop le a nd unl ea sh th eir in cr edi ble pot en tia l • G rou nd you r l ea der ship in h um il ity an d foc us on th e gr ea te r g ood ” Th is bo ok ha s be en w it h m e fo r quit e som e ti m e, a nd I POWER BOOK a lw ays go bac k to it to re fre sh a nd in spire m e . It’ s a b ook I hig hly re com m e nd for le ade rs, w he th er you a re a n & TOOLS e xper ien ce d or a ne w /youn g one . I like i t t ha t Ke n w rote a nd dedi ca te d the b ook to “al l l ea de rs in t he w or ld wh o a re tr ying e ver y da y t o le ad at a h igh er le ve l. M ay you ke e p Recommended by you r en erg y h igh a nd kno w th at w ha t you a re doi ng m a kes Elaine Cercado a di ffer en ce .” Th e pow e r of se rva nt le a der sh ip! TWITTER POWER Who Inspires You? Some of my personal inspirations from the twitter world include Jesse Lyn Stoner @JesseLynStoner ( Consultant, coach, former executive, author: Full Steam Ahead! Unleash Power of Vision| Leadership, strategy & collaboration Maria Ressa @maria_ressa ( Idealist. Cynic. Pragmatist. Journalist. Author. CEO, Rappler Cameron @ManagersDiary ( The musings, advice and inspiration of a manager just trying to do a great job and the right thing. Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal ( Dedicated to bringing Heart Based Leadership to organizations and individuals. Consultant | Trainer | Coach | Speaker | Founder of #LeadFromWithin Oprah Winfrey @Oprah ( Live Your Best Life e bites, 3Q 2012, Issue 6
  3. 3. 21 3 What  is  the  “Power  in  You”?    This   performing  organization  and  is   POWER refers  to  your  personal  powers,   essential  to  self-­‐leadership.   NOTES which  may  be  derived  from   People  in  high-­‐performing   internal  or  external  sources.     organizations  are  regarded  as   Internal  sources  include  your   “appreciating  assets”  who  grow   knowledge,  talents,  skills,   more  valuable  with  knowledge   Maximize the competencies,  values,  potential,   and  experience.  They  are   influence,  while  external  sources   POWER in YOU! include  your  position,  tasks,   developed  by  these  organizations   through  formal  training,   association  and  information,   mentoring  and  on-­‐the-­‐job   among  others.    It  also  happens  to   By Elaine Cercado support.   be  the  basis  of  our  company   name,  de’POWERinU,  as  it  aptly   Ken  Blanchard  then  defined  the   describes  our  mission  of  bringing   three  critical  skills  of  a  self-­‐leader   out  the  power  in  each  person.   as  follows:   This  article  focuses  on  how  you   could  lead  by  developing  your   • Challenging  assumed   internal  and  external  powers  to   constraints.    An  “assumed   the  maximum.  This  is  important   constraint”  is  a  belief  based   because  you  cannot  lead  a  team   on  past  experience  that  limits   or  an  organization  unless  you  are   current  and  future   able  to  develop  and  lead  yourself   experiences.  Self-­‐leadership   first.     teaches  the  person  to  let  go   of  the  assumed  constraints.   What  is  Self-­‐Leadership?   • Celebrating  your  points  of   In  Ken  Blanchard’s  book  “Leading   power.    According  to  Ken,   At  A  Higher  Level,”1  he  wrote  “If   there  are  five  sources  of   empowerment  is  to  be  successful,   power:  position,  personal,   organizations  and  leaders  must   task,  relationship  and   develop  self-­‐leaders  in  the   knowledge.  The  key  is  to   workforce  who  have  the  skills  to   know  your  points  of  power,   take  initiative…An  organization   and  then  expand  them.   filled  with  self-­‐leaders  is  an   • Collaborating  for  success.     organization  with  an  empowered   This  is  the  time  when  self-­‐ workforce.”     leaders  take  the  initiative  to   “Self-leadership is about get  the  directions  and   developing individuals to pick up the ball and run Ken  then  reiterated  the  need  to   support  they  need  to   with it… Individual learning train  people  on  self-­‐leadership,   successfully  achieve  their   is a key element of high- which  is  about  developing   goals.     performing organization individuals  to  pick  up  the  ball  and   and is essential to self- run  with  it.    He  said  that  individual   How  Do  You  Maximize  the   leadership.” (K. Blanchard) Power  in  You?   learning  is  a  key  element  of  high-­‐ e bites, 3Q 2012, Issue 6
  4. 4. 21 4 (Continued  from  page  3)   improvement  plan.     POWER   Firstly,  you  have  to  be  aware  what   Secondly,  consistently   NOTES powers  you  currently  have  and   demonstrate  the  ACE  values.   once  you  are  aware,  make  a   ACE  stands  for  authentic,   personal  development/   courageous,  and  energetic.   improvement  plan  and  execute  it.     Once  you  are  aware  of  your   Maximize the I  suggest  knowing  thyself  through   powers  based  on  your  self-­‐ self-­‐assessment  and  360  degrees   assessment  and  feedback  from   POWER in YOU! feedback.    Similar  to  making  a   others,  you  are  ready  to  assert   company  SWOT  (strengths,   and  demonstrate  your  unique   (Continued) weaknesses,  opportunities  and   strengths  and  powers.  This   threats)  analysis,  make  a  personal   requires  strong  convictions  and   SWOT  analysis.  There  are  also   consistent  efforts,  as  there  will   By Elaine Cercado many  personality  profiling   surely  be  challenges  along  the   /diagnostic  tools  in  the  market   way,  whether  from  people  you   such  as  MBTI  personality  test,  DISC   work  or  interact  with,  or  from   personality  test  and  Hay  group’s   the  organization’s  structure,   Managerial  Style  Questionnaire   culture  and  politics.   (MSQ)  that  you  can  use  to   Authenticity   understand  yourself  better.    I  also  wrote,   suggest  looking  into  one  of  our   “Authenticity  means  youre   EMPOWER  mentoring  modules,   “Purpose”  which  is  all  about   true  to  your  own  personality,   finding  your  passion,  mission  and   values,  and  spirit,  regardless  of   vision  in  life.  In  this  module,  I  use   the  pressure  that  youre  under   to  act  otherwise.  Youre  honest   “The  Path”  process  by  Laurie  Beth-­‐ with  yourself  and  with  others,   Jones,  which  I’ve  personally  used   and  you  take  responsibility  for   to  define  my  mission  and  vision   statement.  As  for  the  360  degrees   your  mistakes.  Your  values,   feedback,  this  entails  that  you  get   ideals,  and  actions  align.  As  a   result,  you  come  across  as   feedback  from  your  boss,  peers,   genuine,  and  youre  willing  to   direct  reports  and  external  clients   based  on  key  criteria.  You  may  do   accept  the  consequences  of   this  through  formal  360  degrees   being  true  to  what  you  consider   EMPOWER: PURPOSE is all about tools  available  in  the  market,  or   to  be  right.”   finding your passion, mission and through  informal  surveys  or   How  does  being  authentic   vision in life…     interviews.  Key  differences   empower  you?  To  answer  this,   I use “The Path” process by between  your  self-­‐assessment  and   let  me  reiterate  a  key  point   Laurie Beth-Jones to define the  feedback  from  others  can   from  our  EMPOWER  seminar   mission and vision statement. serve  as  a  starting  point  for  your   series  3:  Find  /  know  your   personal  development/   anchors  –  your  core  values   e bites, 3Q 2012, Issue 6
  5. 5. 5     (Continued  from  page  4)   Winning  leaders  also  create   purpose  and  principles  –  and  be   POWER firm  with  them.  Once  you  are   energy  in  others.    How?  They   motivate  with  their  enthusiasm   firmly  anchored,  you  are  strongly   NOTES empowered!   and  actions.  They  aim  for   stretch  goals  that  inspire   Courage   ambitious  effort.    They  turn   negative  energy  to  positive  use.   Winston  Churchill  said,  “Courage  is   Maximize the what  it  takes  to  stand  up  and   How  does  being  energetic   empower  you?  Energy  sustains   POWER in YOU! speak;  courage  is  also  what  it   your  continuous  learning  and   takes  to  sit  down  and  listen.”    In   (Continued) development,  which  is  critical   the  book  Leadership  Engine  by   for  you  to  develop  your  personal   Noel  Tichy2,  he  wrote  about  how   powers  to  the  fullest.    Energy  is   winning  leaders  never  take  the   By Elaine Cercado critical  also  when  you  develop   easy  way  out.  They  face  the  hard   and  empower  the  people  under   facts,  make  the  tough  calls  and  the   your  care.     difficult  “yes  or  no”  decisions.  Risk   and  pain  don’t  deter  them.     Your  self-­‐understanding  and  set   of  ACE  values  are  critical  success   How  does  being  courageous   factors  to  developing  and   empower  you?  Real  courage   maximizing  the  power  in  you.     empowers  you  to  take  actions  and   As  mentioned  at  the  start,  it  is   risks,  at  the  same  time,  it  anchors   important  to  maximize  the   you  to  your  authentic  self.  Noel   power  in  you  because  you   Tichy  wrote  about  leadership  edge,   cannot  lead  a  team  or  an   which  means  showing  the  courage   organization  unless  you  are  able   of  your  convictions.  Edge  is  not   to  develop  and  lead  yourself   arbitrary;  rather  it  is  based  on  the   first.    To  develop  your  strong   leader’s  ideas,  vision  and  values.     leadership  is  to  empower  you  –   Edge  is  about  being  honest.     to  enable  you  to  develop  or   Winning  leaders  pursue  the  truth   grow  the  people  under  your   and  can  explain  it  to  others.   care,  who  will  then  help  you   Without  edge,  convenience  wins   achieve  set  goals.   over  conviction.   1   Leading  at  a  Higher  Level,  Ken   Winning leaders also create Energy   Blanchard,  2007,  pages  103-­‐116   energy in others. How? They 2 motivate with their enthusiasm & The  Leadership  Engine,  Noel  M.  Tichy,   Again  in  the  book,  Leadership   1997 actions. They aim for stretch Engine  by  Noel  Tichy,  he  wrote   goals that inspire ambitious that  winning  leaders  are  high-­‐ effort. They turn negative energy to positive use. energy  people.  They  are  focused   and  determined,  and  they  like   (Leadership Engine book) challenges  and  enjoy  their  work.       e bites, 3Q 2012, Issue 6
  6. 6. 6 DEVELOPING POWERFUL THINKERS AND LEARNERS I had the privilege to attend Dr. Ron Richhart’s session last 11th of October at Canadian International School. I wish to share a few key take-aways from this wonderfully refreshing session on how to build “cultures of thinking” by making thinking visible. GROW MINDSET. How you view and handle failures /challenges /problems depend on whether you look at your intelligence and talents as fixed/static or changing/growing. Those on the second set look at problems as opportunities to learn and grow. Dr. Ron also talked about the research done on how our mindset is shaped by feedbacks we receive. For example, one who always receives general feedback based on ability (“You are smart”) versus feedback based on process (“You study hard and achieve good results”) tends to base and protect his/her identity on that ability, which then affects his/her mindset. Whereas a person who always receives feedback based on process would be more open to change or grow, e.g. the mindset becomes “If I study harder, I POWER SESSION can achieve better results.” ARGUE. Allow your child, or the person you wish to develop, to argue with you – that is, to engage in a respectful debate. With your child, “arguing” with is actually one of the factors that make him/her less susceptible or more resilient to peer pressure because they can bring over the ability to engage to their peers. DR. RON RICHHART WMYST. Next time you are in a conversation with your spouse, child or co- worker, ask, ”What makes you say that?” You will be surprised at how the By Elaine Cercado thinking and the conversation will become deeper, broader and richer. It builds the culture of thinking – as thinking is valued, visible and promoted. For more details on Dr. Ron Richhart’s Visible Thinking, visit Action.html e bites, 3Q 2012, Issue 6
  7. 7. 7 POWER EVENT Guest Speaker: Ms. PAULETTE LIRIO, PMC, ACTA, CPA Guest Sharers: Ms. CONSUELO MENESES & Ms. ELISA MONTANO e bites, 3Q 2012, Issue 6
  8. 8. 8 EMPOWER  MENTORING-­‐COACHING   CALENDAR   PROGRAM  MODULES   October  2012   • PURPOSE:  finding  your  mission  &  vision   Soft  launch       • Revamped  TCOB  (Taking  Care  of  Business)   • RELATIONSHIPS:  impacting  people  positively   Solutions  for  SMEs     and  valuing  diversity     • Revamped  EMPOWER  programs  for     personal  empowerment   • SELF-­‐MANAGEMENT:  improving  time  &  stress   Check   management,  balance  and  emotional     intelligence   A  MNC  training  event  focused  on  leadership     in  collaboration  with  My  Learning  Boutique   • LEADERSHIP:  leading  those  from  up,  down,   (Bangkok)     side  and  out   Check       • SITUATIONS:  solving  problems  and  making   “Delivering  Powerful  Talks”  –  An  EMPOWER   decisions   seminar  with  SFC  Singapore       October-­‐November  2012   • FINANCES:  understanding  and  building  your   financial  plan   ASTD-­‐STADA  Asia-­‐Pacific  Conference  (MBS,     Singapore)   Check   Program  options  &  schedule     Date  &  venue  to  be  confirmed  soon   • One-­‐to-­‐one  or  small  group  mentoring     [Empower  Series  6]  Purpose:  Defining  Your   • One  module  may  take  one  to  two  sessions   Mission  &  Vision   • Ideally,  one  session  every  week;  one  session   Email  for  Empower  series  details   lasts  about  two  hours       OTHER  BITS   To  inquire  or  to  book  a  session,  email,  subject:  EMPOWER   Download  all  past  e-­‐bites  [empower  bites]  issues   Mentoring-­‐Coaching,  or  call  +65  6271  0208.   from   (See  “Documents”)   “Everybody has a purpose bigger than themselves. If you’re only serving yourself…small life.” e bites [empower bites] A newsletter published by Oprah de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP Registration No. T08LL0335D “Before you are a leader, 30 Keppel Bay Drive #07-42 success is all about growing Singapore, 098650 yourself. When you become a Tel +65 6271 0208 leader, success is all about Website growing others.” Email your feedback or suggestions to Jack Welch e bites, 3Q 2012, Issue 6