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Techtalk Natural Interaction @liip


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Published in: Technology
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Techtalk Natural Interaction @liip

  1. 1. Natural Interaction Alain HornerTechtalk @liipMay 19th 2011
  2. 2. Content» NI in general» Available Technology» Hackday» Future
  3. 3. Natural Interaction» Movement / Voice» New possibilities for application control: » Skeleton tracking » New gestures: pull, throw, ... » Voice control
  4. 4. Natural Interaction» New problems» Which gestures? Standard?» Different producers
  5. 5. Kinect» hacked Fastest sold gadget ever»array Hardware: Depth sensor, cam, motor, microphone» Depth map» 3D sound signal
  6. 6. Hack - HowTo» Get USB adapter» Install drivers» Install middleware (components)
  7. 7. OpenKinect» Kinect hack community» ~2000 active members» OpenSource» Many wrappers (C#, C++, Java, Python)» Audio missing
  8. 8. OpenNI» „Standard“ API & „middleware kernel“» PrimeSense» Linux / OSX / Windows 7» Available implementations: ClosedSource» Audio and motor missing
  9. 9. OpenNI
  10. 10. NITE» ClosedSource Modules for OpenNI» By PrimeSense» Skeleton tracking» Gestures: push, circle, wave, ...» Controls: Touch point, slider, ...
  11. 11. Hackday» ImageCarousel controlled with hands» OpenNI» Flash (as3Kinect)» JavaScript (over WebSockets)
  12. 12. Hackday - Flash» Calibration» Stream of depth information» Detecting gestures» Demo
  13. 13. Future» Microsoft Kinect SDK» Spring 2011 (this week)» Multiple body tracking» No initial calibration» Ability to listen
  14. 14. Future» Asus Xtion Pro» Available for developers» „Just“ depth sensor» OpenNI compatible» NI browsers
  15. 15. Links» OpenNI:» OpenKinect:» as3Kinect:» Davids JS wrapper:» Microsoft SDK:» Xtion pro:» NI browsers » Swim: » KinVI: windows-7
  16. 16. Questions?