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IT data solutions for building safe and sound towns


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※資料の翻訳は弊社のエグゼクティブアシスタントであるJamie Kearneyが担当しました。

日 程:2月20日(火)
場 所:JICA横浜(中区新港2丁目3−1)
内 容:参加企業によるプレゼン及びアフリカの研修員との交流


Published in: Data & Analytics
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IT data solutions for building safe and sound towns

  1. 1. © 2016 Jetfabrik Multipurpose Theme. All Rights Reserved. 1 IT data solutions for building safe and sound towns 2018/2/20 湾岸⼭山下商事 Wangan Yamashita Co., Ltd
  2. 2. 2 Introduction Wangan Yamashita Trading Company: Director of System Dev CEO (ELSOUL, INC) : Fumitake Kawasaki Google Cloud Partner / Gsuite Partner / AWS Technology Partner Born in August 1985. Graduated from Yokohama City University. Specialty: backend computing, database design and automation Main skills:Golang / Python / Ruby / Node.js / PHP / JavaScript / TypeScript / PostgreSQL / MySQL / BigQuery / Linux / AWS / GCP With years of experience handling hundreds and thousands of pieces of hotel data while working at Rakuten Travel, I know the accomodations industry. I came to realize that, although the accommodation industry was slow to adopt new technologies compared to other industries, it would benefit from the technological progress of servers and web applications, with endless potential for introducing IT to the industry. Since the accommodations industry uses complicated, intertwined systems, it is very difficult for engineers who lack an understanding of the realities of the industry to improve these systems.
  3. 3. © 2016 Jetfabrik Multipurpose Theme. All Rights Reserved. 3 Ex. How we actually sell data Hotel’s data   Sales data, Reservation data, PageViews data, Competitors Price data and so on… Each hotel pays $100 ~ $1000 every month
  4. 4. © 2016 Jetfabrik Multipurpose Theme. All Rights Reserved. 4 10% 30% Build infrastructure and monetize your data Garbage collection involves collecting garbage along the same route, as well as gathering and processing it at the same disposal sites. This perfectly fits the category of routine work. Did you know a treasure trove of data is hidden in this routine? Just changing this routine a little allows important data to be stored in a usable format, changing your town dramatically. Collected and organized data are important for other businesses as well. We create a cycle in which selling data allows the creation of even better infrastructure. Target 2.5% First Year Second Year Third Year
  5. 5. 5 How is data collected and monetized? Important data is all around us. Collecting this data requires nothing special; it can be gathered easily with just a few changes to the routine. Let’s take, for instance, everyday household garbage, or garbage from businesses. This garbage is not mere garbage, but could be crucial data. Collecting this data alone takes effort and can be extremely costly. By incorporating data collection into everyday life, data accumulates automatically, turning into a treasure trove. For example, why not collect data together with the garbage collected every day? Incorporating the collection of important data effortlessly into the everyday routine creates money from nothing.
  6. 6. © 2016 Jetfabrik Multipurpose Theme. All Rights Reserved. 6 ・Verification, analysis, and improvement from limited data ・Much of the data cannot be collected or stored ・Data can be collected and stored, but cannot be managed or verified Can it be verified? Analyzed? Improved? Conventional data management The Life Cycle of Google Cloud Platform Data Data that cannot be collected or stored Data that can be collected or stored, but not managed
  7. 7. © 2016 Jetfabrik Multipurpose Theme. All Rights Reserved. 7 ・Ingest The first step is to ingest raw data, such as streaming data from devices, on-premise batch data, application logs, user events and user analysis for mobile app users, and more. ・Store Data obtained must be stored in an accessible format that support long-term storage. ・Process & Analyze At this stage, raw data is transformed into practical information. ・Explore and Visualize In this final step, analysis results are transformed into a format that makes it easier to gain insight and share with friends and colleagues. The Life Cycle of Google Cloud Platform Data
  8. 8. 8 Improving Our Towns with 3 Kinds of Data Improve the safety of our towns using GPS data01 03 02 Monetize collected data Collect data on garbage to optimize the process Obtain all kinds of data as you make the garbage collection rounds using GPS Collect data on total amount and type of garbage as well as area data to understand and improve the real situation. Let us consider how to monetize the data collected.
  9. 9. 9 What can we do with GPS data? Check the collection route on the map by linking with Google Map API and monitor waste collection vehicles in real time. Doing so allows you to detect changes in real time, such as if garbage collection is slower than usual, the vehicle is taking a different route than usual, or if the vehicle is not moving. Set programs in advance, such as issuing an alert if the vehicle sits idling for more than 5 minutes, letting you respond quickly to damages, such as theft or robbery. Not only can this help avoid trouble, but its ability to collect traffic information lets you know such things as whether the route is crowded on Mondays, making clearer what measures to take, such as changing collection time on Mondays only, or changing the route.
  10. 10. 10 40% Female Users 60% Male Users Burnable Unburnable 2017 2018 2019 2020 Graphing garbage data and comparing it with data accumulated in the past lets you respond instantly to unusual actions. For example, let’s say an area with average monthly waste output of 500 kg suddenly drops to 10 kg. It is clear that something unusual is happening. Visualization of garbage data. Comparison with past data Using Garbage Data, Data Visualization
  11. 11. 11 Monetize collected data Sometimes the data collected is extremely beneficial for other companies. What is the most important thing for a company when newly expanding its business overseas? Data. General market research and detailed research on regional demands are crucial. All of this is data. The weather, temperature, rainfall, and humidity by time according to the season. Areas that tend to produce garbage, and areas that produce certain kinds of garbage.This and more could be vital, beneficial data to a company.
  12. 12. 12 Selling Data and Possible Types of Data ☆ Climate Data Detailed temperature, humidity, and rainfall data by area. Travel Agency: $5000 annually ☆ Data on Amount & Type of Garbage Detailed data on amount and type of garbage by area. Food company: $5000 annually ☆ Population Statistics and Living Standard Data Detailed data on activities and sanitation by area. Governmental agency: $5000 annually *Examples only.
  13. 13. 13 Exactly what kind of data will be collected? It's extremely simple. GPS devices, which can measure all kinds of data, are attached to collection vehicles, which then collect garbage. Just enter the collected garbage data into a web application form, and you’re done.
  14. 14. 14 Make citizens want to put out their trash. The biggest problem is whether citizens will put their trash out properly. Here is where mechanisms that make citizens want to put their garbage out should be incorporated. While your country may receive donations of goods or money from other countries, do not simply hand them out, but put them to good use. Ex: Every Monday, a nurse rides along inside the collection vehicle and will look over people who have taken out their trash. Every Wednesday, garbage can be exchanged for condoms Every Friday, garbage can be exchanged for goods, such as sweets or food *The above are examples only. You’ll want to create mechanisms that make citizens want to put out their trash according to the region.
  15. 15. 15 A Life-Cycle of Monetizing Data and Town Development 30 Obtaining & Reinvesting Operating Costs C o l l e c t i n g G a r b a g e & D a t a P r o d u c i n g G a r b a g e & M a n a g i n g D a t a Selling & Monetizing Data STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Using up resources does not solve the underlying problems. To date, you may have tried solving problems with financial aid or donations, but in the end, it is a matter of money. Everything is fine when you have the resources, but once they’re gone, you’re stuck with the same problem. I believe that building a cycle that creates money, then uses that money to improve infrastructure, will help to solve the underlying problems. Africa is particularly difficult when it comes to finding real information and data. This means that accumulating real information as data will create highly valuable data as an African asset.
  16. 16. 16 Team Structure Aimed at Achievement Developers Knowledge Service and Support Tools and Cars Wangan Yamashita Trading Company ELSOUL, INC Application
  17. 17. 17 Combine garbage collection experience with IT know-how to take advantage of data With Wangan Yamashita Trading Company’s garbage collection experience and expertise combined with El Soul’s IT solutions, we can make this project a reality with all-in-one service, from GPS tools an vehicle arrangements to the creation of web applications. With the high standards of garbage collection in Japan and our ability to build cloud infrastructure as a Google Cloud Partner, we believe that, even in Japan, we are the only company that can do this. I would like to continue learning every day and contribute to the world by making safe and sound cities a reality. Company Strengths Thank you very much !