Homelessness and those who fight it


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Homelessness and those who fight it

  1. 1. COLUMBIA- On Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, the Rainbow House participated in a public panel on youth homeless at DanielBoone Regional Library. The Rainbow House organization includes a homeless youth shelter, a childrens emergency centerand a child advocacy center. (11/3/2011, Allie Hinga, J2150F News)
  2. 2. COLUMBIA- Columbia residents gathered Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 to see some teenagers from Sol House speak on a youthhomelessness panel. This part of Rainbow House provides a place where teenagers can live up to 18 months rent free, finishtheir education, find employment and learn to be self-sufficient. (11/3/2011, Allie Hinga, J2150F News)
  3. 3. COLUMBIA- Claire Slama, the homeless youth program director, introduced the youth panel on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011.Slama said 100 percent of the teens who entered the emergency shelter have transitioned to safe housing.(11/3/2011, AllieHinga, J2150F News)
  4. 4. COLUMBIA- The Rainbow House youth panel consisted of three homeless teens currently living at Sol House and one at thechildrens emergency shelter waiting to move to Sol House. The Sol House is the home for teenagers that Rainbow Houseopened in 2007. It has housed 65 teens since its opening. (11/3/2011, Allie Hinga, J2150F News)
  5. 5. COLUMBIA- Diamond, who spoke on the panel, is a teenager that currently lives at Sol House. She spoke about how herexperiences there have helped her learn to open her mind to try new things. (11/3/2011, Allie Hinga, J2150F News)
  6. 6. COLUMBIA- A.J. spoke on the homeless youth panel Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011. AJ spoke about how she will graduate highschool in 2012 and wants to be a designer and work with artists. (11/3/2011, Allie Hinga, J2150F News)
  7. 7. COLUMBIA- The Missouri United Methodist Church offers a meal on Wednesdays that provides a place for the churchcongregation to interact with the communitys students and homeless population. The program, called Wednesday NightLive, has been going on for over 10 years. (11/2/2011, Margaret Bedwell, J2150F News)
  8. 8. COLUMBIA- Participants in the Missouri United Methodist Churchs Wednesday Night Live dinner help themselves to thefood provided. The church offers a hot catered meal every Wednesday during the academic year. (11/2/2011, MargaretBedwell, J2150F News)
  9. 9. COLUMBIA- The Missouri United Methodist Church serves the dinner in their new multipurpose room that was an additionto the church last year. The attendance to the event varies with an average of 60 to 70 people that come each week.(11/2/2011, Margaret Bedwell, J2150F News)
  10. 10. COLUMBIA- The Missouri United Methodist Church provided a meal of barbecued ribs, corn, rolls, green beans, bakedbeans and cookies Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2011. The meal content varies each week. (11/2/2011, Margaret Bedwell, J2150FNews)
  11. 11. COLUMBIA- Rylie Miller and her babysitter Hannah McCort attend the dinner every Wednesday before choir practice. Rylieand Hannah are both regular attendees of the Missouri United Methodist Church. (11/2/2011, Margaret Bedwell, J2150FNews)
  12. 12. COLUMBIA- The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri is located on 2101 Vandiver Drive. The food bank is a storageand distribution center for food items in bulk. (11/11/2011, Margaret Bedwell, J2150F News)
  13. 13. COLUMBIA- The Food Bank does not give food to people from this location; rather, it just collects the food. The bank serves32 counties from the Ozarks to the Iowa and Illinois border. (11/11/2011, Margaret Bedwell, J2150F News)
  14. 14. COLUMBIA- Twenty pounds of food can be bought with every $2 donated to The Food Bank. It serves 135 agencies and theaverage turnaround time for food is 10 days. (11/11/2011, Margaret Bedwell, J2150F News)
  15. 15. COLUMBIA- Buddy Packs is a program providing food to hungry elementary-aged students. It started from a story of whenone student wouldnt get on the bus to go home for spring break. When a teacher asked why, the student said there wasntany food at home. Now the program serves 8,500 kids at 137 schools. (11/11/2011, Margaret Bedwell, J2150F News).
  16. 16. COLUMBIA- The Food Bank has a cooler that can store hundreds of pounds of fresh food. The cooler was recently renovatedand is now twice the size it used to be. (11/11/2011, Margaret Bedwell, J2150F News)
  17. 17. COLUMBIA- On Friday Nov. 11, 2011, volunteers separate the bulk food and put it into bags. Last year, volunteerscontributed 66,000 hours of work, which is the equivalent of 33 full-time employees. (11/11/2011, MargaretBedwell, J2150F News).