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Senior Project work log.
Topic: Saltwater aquariums

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Product work log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName : Emilie Kundycki Date : 04/19/12Product : Guide to Saltwater AquariumsDate/Time Activity/Commentary Comments/Suggestions24/09/2011 Work I should take shorter shifts,9:30-8:30 My first day of work at for one. Creation Reef Aquatics. Need to get faster at water Learned about sumps, using tests, particularly calcium the refractometer, and some and magnesium. basics about saltwater, Learn fish names. among other things01/10/2011 Work Maybe check out a book for9:30- 8:30 First day without a trainer! outside research. I’m asking a lot of Ask more questions when questions, especially where the store isn’t packed with saltwater is concerned. people. Learned about clownfish today during lunch.08/10/2011 Work Be sure to listen to other9:30-5:30 Had a smaller shift today. employees’ suggestions for Spent more time working customers after seeing their with freshwater than water results. saltwater, but I did learn about buffers, which are important in both types of systems.29/10/2011 Work Earn more confidence in9:30-5:30 Back after two weeks- I what I’m learning. missed the store! I was put in charge of the phone for a while- daunting, but a sign that I’m learning more and more.05/11/2011 Work Learn the behaviors of fish.9:30-5:30 Nothing interesting, but I’m starting to have memorized all of the saltwater fish names. Also got bitten by a maroon clownfish, which is known to be aggressive.12/11/2011 Work9:30-5:30 Learned about filter types.
  2. 2. 19/11/2011 Work Ask more questions about9:30-5:30 Spent lunch reading on corals and plants. plant care.26/11/2011 Work Get more sleep.9:30-5:30 I was sick today, so I don’t Do a water change on remember much of what I personal aquariums. learned.01/12/2011 Water Change5:30-6:30 Helped Mike do a 50% water change after finding a sick fish. Managed to know what was wrong.3/12/2011 Work Learn about the Pinnate9:30-5:30 Took care of fish for most Batfish. of the day; not many customers in.10/12/2011 Work9:30-5:30 Lots of customers today; I got overwhelmed. Met my new coworker, who is a marine biology major. He was willing to answer some questions about fish diseases.17/12/2011 Work Mainly worked in the back today- had to do a 50% water change on the feeder tanks due to mass death. It was rather disgusting.24/12/2011 Work Learn to differentiate9:30-5:00 Empty store today. Mainly between soft corals and hard helped clean tanks and had corals. Justin point out different types of corals.31/12/2011 Work Get more confident in my9:30-5:30 We were supposed to leave knowledge of fish. early, but people kept coming in. Ended up helping quite a few people.7/01/2012 Work9:30-6:00 Longer shift for some reason. Got a lot done; learned how to replace filter socks.14/01/2012 Work Study aquarium lighting.
  3. 3. 9:30-6:30 Had the phone the entire day. Had to ask Justin a lot.29/01/2012 Work Avoid anemones.9:30-5:30 Starting looking up fish Take a notebook to work in during my lunch break. order to take notes. Also got stung by an anemone and had an allergic reaction.11/02/2012 Work Get better at lifting jugs of9:30-6:00 Long day, mainly filled water. with scrubbing algae. Also got to do many water tests. Getting faster at it.18/02/2012 Work Research value of brine9:30-5:30 Got to help make the food shrimp- start a hatchery, mix for the saltwater fish. maybe?28/02/2012 Brainstorming Obviously, my new topic12:30-1:00 Learned that my past senior ended up involving fish project had crumbled due to care. disinterest from the public. Had to come up with a new topic.03/03/2012 Work Get my pictures for this9:30-5:30 Asked Amanda (my boss) work log done. to be my facilitator. She said yes. Also got some pictures of me working.10/03/2012 Work9:30-5:30 Definitely have the hang of things around here, although I was bitten by a fish again.17/03/2012 Work Learn more about the9:30-5:30 Mainly did water tests; different water minerals. learned how to do a test for copper.24/03/2012 Work Learn how reverse osmosis9:30AM-5:30PM Ran out of water to sell occurs. today. Things were hectic as we tried to mix more.31/03/2012 Work Check out more books.9:30AM-5:30PM My last day. Finally got a picture with Amanda and got her to sign the facilitator form. I wish I didn’t have to quit, but I have no time!
  4. 4. 02/04/2012 Research Read these this week!12:30-1:00PM Checked out some books on saltwater aquariums.02/04/2012 Writing Draw the fish – maybe2:00-5:00PM Created my spreadsheet on watercolor? fish with the aid of my books. Ended up with a list of 104 species. Geez!03/04/2012 Drawing Use pictures online for the3:00-6:00PM Tried drawing the fish I list of fish in order to save listed. Got quite a few done, time. but after coloring them realized that I had used the wrong type of pencil.04/04/2012 Reading/Research Get back to work on11:00AM-1:00PM Not sure if the time is right Sunday! due to time zones. Spent some time on the plane reading my books some more.08/04/2012 Writing Work on this whenever3:00-7:00PM Wrote the section on water possible. parameters; outlined the part on equipment and maintenance.10/04/2012 Writing Find inspiration to finish2:00-3:00PM Home sick; barely had the this somehow. energy to write part of the equipment section.14/04/2012 Writing Finish this tomorrow!1:00-2:00PM Finished the sections on3:00-5:00PM equipment and the initial10:00-10:30PM tank setup. Just have to do a short part on keeping everything alive now!15/04/2012 Writing Maybe make it look better,5:00PM-10:10 PM Made the section on tank although it is already maintenance and inserted formatted. all the images. Honestly, most of the time was spent adding pictures. It was tedious.