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Ektron Synergy 2014 - Jazzing Up our Intranet with Ektron


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Launched in early 2014 on Ektron 9, the “JazzNet” intranet supports over 5,000 employees, contractors, and regulators for Jazz Aviation; one of the largest regional airlines in the world. Learn how JazzNet intranet has become the key vehicle for company information and the portal to application for every department throughout Jazz. Presented by Krista MacDonald, PMP, Manager of Business Services Portfolio, Jazz Aviation LP.

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Ektron Synergy 2014 - Jazzing Up our Intranet with Ektron

  1. 1. Jazz Aviation LP Presents “Jazzing Up our Intranet with Ektron”
  2. 2.  One of the world’s largest regional airlines  74 destinations across Canada and the U.S.  4,730 employees  127 aircraft  800 flights each weekday  30,000 passengers carried daily  9.7M passengers carried annually (2013)  $1.7B Operating Revenue (2012)
  3. 3. Our goal: To transform JazzNet into an invaluable and user-friendly internal, central communications resource. Supportive of the Jazz brand, JazzNet will be positioned for long term success by being adaptive to increasing business needs and emerging communication trends. JazzNet becomes the ‘thing’ that brings all employees together.
  4. 4. Project Highlights: • Enterprise Search • Responsive Design – device agnostic • Active Directory integration • My favorites /profile page – heavy use of personalization • Message Centre - enhanced development and reporting • Two levels of critical alert functionality • Company Directory Search • Document Libraries – improved document control • Outlook Web Access integration • RSS feeds • Multilingual (FR/EN)
  5. 5. Project Highlights Continued: • Brightcove Video Cloud integration • Forums and content commenting – enabling two-way blogging • Smart Forms for consistent look and feel • Photo Gallery • Google Analytics Our Team: • Ektron Admins – 2 • Ektron Developers – 2 • Content Moderators: - 68 representing every department throughout Jazz – able to publish content simultaneously • Project/Portfolio Manager/Business Analyst - 1
  6. 6. Where we were
  7. 7. M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S O N D J F M A M J J A S 2011 2012 2013 2014 Code review & usability assessment On hold Discovery Design and Enterprise Architecture Development and Implementation Quick wins How did we get here? Content Migration Launch Celebrate and Engage Re-survey Employees
  8. 8. Contributors Core redesign team (Corp Comm +ICS) Survey respondents (2,081 employees) Focus group / Discovery / Moderators All departments represented Senior Management A product of the organization’s input
  9. 9. Key Success Factor!!! We established strategic alliances with Ektron partners WSOL and Brightcove to ensure Ektron best practices followed, and best in class knowledge leveraged. Project Phase 1A: Quick Wins Short term fixes to address current challenges. Implemented content commenting, message centre enhancements. Project Phase 1B: Discovery Information gathering from a variety of sources including: an employee survey, code review assessment, focus groups, employee interviews, discussions with business units on their specific requests (fixes and enhancements), Ektron best practice recommendations. Development of site user personas based on this information gathering project, allowed us to better understand our targeted audiences and provide better tools based on those personas. Putting our Goals into Action
  10. 10. Wireframe Evolution
  11. 11. Goals into Action, continued Project Phase 2: Design Website design including annotated wireframes, visual design concepts and technical wireframes. Project Phase 3: Development, Upgrade, and Deployment Responsive Design Framework implementation Targeted Content - Custom Message Centre – to allow us to show our compliance with regulatory requirements. Engaged in full branding exercise for JazzNet (new logo, colours, graphic standards, etc.). Personal focus – Ability to “Favorite “pages, documents and other tools. Social focus – User profile page with “About Me” section and ability to upload profile photo. Development and integration of tools and features. Project Phase 4: Enterprise Architecture Server specifications (including load balancing), eSync and Ektron configuration plan, Windows patching schedule, environmental testing plan, SQL server maintenance planning, network security schema, build and deployment of infrastructure and security.
  12. 12. Enterprise Architecture • Complete overhaul of infrastructure and networking. • Virtual and physical servers including F5 Load Balancing and APM (access policy manager) Modules. • In tandem with the Development & Implementation phases.
  13. 13. Goals into Action, continued Project Phase 5: Content Building, Training and Deployment • Identify and cultivate team of “Super” Moderators who received first training and acted as mentors for their appropriate departments: The JazzNet Super Mod Squad. • Full in-house classroom training plan for remainder of moderators executed. • Active Directory integration and single sign on engaged. • Message Centre memo migration complete prior to cut from old JazzNet. • Each department responsible to build their respective areas with the oversight of chief Ektron moderator and admin to ensure governance and consistency. • Launch plan developed including communications, and Super Mods and core team to be on-site across country at key bases to help guide and assist users in first days after launch.
  14. 14. Sample elements
  15. 15. Technical Details: - Ektron Version 9.0 SP 2 - HTML 5 (Aloha) Editor - eSync – scheduled and ad hoc - Ektron Calendars - Google Analytics - Ektron Forms - Persona Management through positions, security, taxonomies - Ektron Workflow – allow for content approval chains and content permissions in the Ektron Workarea
  16. 16. “Social Media”
  17. 17. Launch Plan (the fun stuff)
  18. 18. Lessons Learned • It’s never too early to ensure that you get your technical ducks in a row. • Moderator Resourcing – Only 1 full time role, various levels of savvy. • Challenge for users to trust that search works. • Don’t underestimate how much it takes to sell your organization on change. • Teaching moderators they don’t need to use every tool just for the sake of using it!
  19. 19. Our Successes • Fully engaged and supportive Business Sponsor. • Sandra Elliott – Chief JazzNet Moderator/Admin/Evangelist. • Strategic Technology Partners – Ektron, WSOL, Brightcove. • Cultivation of the JazzNet Super Mod Squad. • Creation of branding and standards before we built. • Project strategy – phased approach. • Departmental sneak peeks prior to launch. • On-the-ground branded team for launch. • Communicate, communicate, communicate!!!
  20. 20. About Me Krista MacDonald Manager, Business Services Portfolio – Employee Services Jazz Aviation LP 3 Spectacle Lake Drive, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1W8 (P) 902.873.4985 (C) 902.219.1241 Krista MacDonald Manager, Business Services Portfolio – Employee Services Jazz Aviation LP Krista MacDonald, PMP, is Manager, Business Services Portfolio, Employee Services, for Jazz Aviation LP. As the largest regional carrier in Canada, Jazz operates more flights and flies to more Canadian destinations than any other airline and has a workforce of approximately 4,760 highly experienced professionals. Jazz's Intranet, JazzNet, is built using Version 9.0 SP 2, and fully engages Ektron functionality, securing it as an invaluable and user-friendly internal, central communications resource.