6 Tips to Mobilizing Brand Super Fans - Ektron and Influtive Webinar


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Fred Bals, Customer Advocacy Manager at Ektron and Jim Williams, VP, Marketing at Influitive discuss how to identify, nurture and mobilize your advocates by designing an interactive community for your fans, evangelists and advocates from among employees, customers, brand newbies and partners.

Six tips you will take away from this webinar:

• Why advocacy is an essential part of marketing in 2013
• How to identify and engage your best advocates
• How to mobilize your advocates with activities they will embrace
• Reward or recognition - What motivates your super fans?
• Identifying ownership for your advocate marketing program
• How to measure results and secure executive buy-in.

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  • Ektron overview
  • Ektron was founded in 1998 with headquarters in Nashua NH. We have more than 200 employees in offices around the world, and more than 130 partners. Ektron has more than 3800 customers powering more than 12000 sites, with a wide range of businesses and organizations in that community. And our approach and vision is supported and validated by the analyst community.
  • Influitive is the advocate marketing company. Our AdvocateHub app makes it easy for marketers to recruit, mobilize and recognize an army of customer advocates that support marketing campaigns, refer new clients and help close deals faster.
  • So what is on the Boss’s Agenda? The top priority is to encourage satisfied customers to advocate. So why is that? It’s very simple. Your advocates are an extraordinarily effective yet unpaid sales force. In fact, I don’t think that a company can be profitable without advocates and the advocate leader in most industries are almost always the category leader.CEOs want you to create advocates. Even better, a predictable process for recruiting and adding value to advocates. Notice that I didn’t say references. This conference used to be about references but nobody is talking about references any more, they are talking about advocates. What is going on with that?
  • In today’s connected world, the last person your buyer is going to talk to is your sales rep. They’re going to talk to your customers – so it seems kinda crazy to leave those conversations to chance! Advocate Marketing is a discipline that puts your best customers at the center of your marketing and sales efforts – where they can sell on your behalf. It involves tools and best practices that are proven to accelerate revenue growth and offer a better buyer experience. What are the benefits of advocate marketing?People trust their peers more than salespeople. Tapping into trust can benefit your business in so many ways:Faster sales cyclesBetter buy experienceBetter brand recognition & reputationMore high quality referral leadsHigher customer lifetime valueBigger deal sizes Lower lead generation & sales costsSimpler management & mobilization of customer referencesHigher customer satisfaction
  • Identify – Use Your Internal Resources to find `emCase studies/PRThe obvious – Sales and referencesServices, SupportEverybody else in the organizationExternal – Use Social to find themTwitter, FB, LinkedIn
  • EngageShow them that you careRespond, thank them, comment on what they’re doingBuild a community with them at the centerEarn their trustServices, SupportEverybody else in the organizationExternal – Use Social to find themTwitter, FB, LinkedIn
  • Animoca – game dev, testing 400 android devices
  • 6 Tips to Mobilizing Brand Super Fans - Ektron and Influtive Webinar

    1. 1. 6 Tips to Mobilizing Brand Super Fans I’m not really I’m Fred definitely Jim Jim Williams Influitive Fred Bals Ektron
    2. 2. HOUSEKEEPING How to participate • For audio choose “Use Mic & Speakers” or “Use Telephone” in your Audio window • Submit your text question using the Questions pane • Note: A recording will be made available Tweet with #superfans to win a Starbucks gift card!
    3. 3. The Big 6 Tips1. Why advocacy is an essential part of marketing in 20132. How to identify and engage your best advocates3. How to mobilize your advocates with activities they will embrace4. Reward or recognition - What motivates super fans?5. Identifying ownership for your advocate marketing program6. How to measure results and secure executive buy-in.
    4. 4. Fred Bals: Customer Advocacy Manager at Enterprise  Digital Content Experience Management Software #superfans
    5. 5. About Ektron• Founded in 1998• Headquarters in Nashua, NH - Worldwide offices in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom• 200+ Employees• Over 3,800 customers and 12,000 sitesMISSION: Empower marketers to connect content to revenuethrough best-in-class solutions for WCM and DXM WEB CONTENT MANAGEMENT Create, deploy, and manage enterprise-scale, global, dynamic websites. DIGITAL EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT Personalize, analyze, and optimize content delivery to digital channels – web, mobile, and social.
    6. 6. LEADING COMPANIES AND ANALYSTS AGREE…12,000 9,000 6,000 3,000 - Sites Companies
    7. 7. • A community for Ektron fans followersEktron Inner Circle • Influence Ektron through Program participation in surveys and questions • Recognition from Ektron through perks and special programs • Join today! • http://www.ektron.com/Community/Nominate/ • Fred.bals@ektron.com #superfans
    8. 8. Advocate Marketing ExpertsInfluitive helps B2Bmarketersrecruit, mobilize andrecognize an army ofadvocates that outselltheir best sales reps.• Founded in 2010• HQ in Toronto, San Francisco• Private, VC backed, >$11M raised
    9. 9. Tip: #1 Start paying attention to advocacy today“…their top priorityis to enhancecustomer loyaltyand encouragesatisfied customersto advocate theirbrands.1”1. IBM Global CMO Study, 2011
    10. 10. You’re Not in Control of the Buying Process of the buying process is complete before75% a B2B prospect contacts a company Reliance on knowledgeable peer 2X references has more than doubled in the past 5 years 4/5 Reference process is considered a “fire drill” in over 80% of companies surveyed.
    11. 11. Buyers don’t trust corporate marketing and salesPe e r s &u s e r s  Ad s , a d s & mo r e a d s 
    12. 12. Tip #2How to identify and engage advocates #superfans
    13. 13. All companies have Champions.The trick is to organize and acknowledge them.
    14. 14. Tip #2 ReduxHow to engage advocates #superfans
    15. 15. The Inner Circle helps Ektronrecruit, manage, and acknowledge its advocates Invite Mobilize them to Recognizecustomers, part complete theirners, employee „challenges‟ achievements s “I could not do my job without the Inner Circle” #superfans
    16. 16. "Our first job in marketing is to help empower our fans to bring others on-board. Thats what makes us grow.“ ~ Ken Gullicksen, Evernote COOOUR GOALS Who are Ektron’s advocates?• Nurture our advocates Customers –• Grow our relationships Developers, Designers, Content with them Authors, Administrators, Marketing and other roles• Learn from them Partners – Developers, Sales, Marketing• Broadcast their and other roles advocacy of Ektron to our markets Employees – Everyone at Ektron
    17. 17. Tip #3How to Mobilize Your Advocates #superfans
    18. 18. THE OBJECTIVE:Ektron‟s annual SYNERGY Customer Conference:We needed to make it more Customer-Centric
    19. 19. CHALLENGE: VIDEOSCrowd-source the “I am Ektron” customer videos tobe shown at the opening keynote. No Recruiting! Videos collected on the spot. 40 “I am Ektron” Videos Collected. #superfans
    20. 20. CHALLENGE: FUNMobilize attendees to build “one great song” forkeynote breaks. “…One of the most popular challenges we‟ve ever done.” #superfans
    21. 21. CHALLENGE: AWARDSGenerate huge increase in customer submissions for“Site of the Year” award.
    22. 22. CHALLENGE: TESTIMONIALSVideo interviews. Hours of footage Dozens of interviews #superfans
    23. 23. EIC in Action• Over 200 reference contacts coordinated through EIC• 50+ nominations for 2012 Site of the Year• 73 sign-ups to participate in Beta Programs• Feedback on Aloha Editor, eSync, Ektron Support• 247 Tweets, 25 LinkedIn recommendations, Dozens of survey responses, testimonials, quotes, etc. #superfans
    24. 24. Tip #4: How to motivate Superfans Hint: It’s not about rewards #superfans
    25. 25. Capital not CashWe See You We’re Listening to You We’re Behind You
    26. 26. 10 ways to love your advocates back1. Guest blogging opps2. Media interviews3. Invitations to executive retreats4. Invitations to industry conferences5. Special status at user conferences6. Participation in product sprints7. Job recommendations8. Social media love9. Introductions & connections10. Linked-in skills & recommendations
    27. 27. Tip #5Start with an owner, but it takes a village
    28. 28. Getting Everyone InvolvedGOALS Product Mgt. Sales &• Create a stronger Engineering Marketing connection between Support internal teams and References external brand Feedback Referrals advocates to help drive Desired Product Features Participation in What’s Working success. Marketing Activities• Create goals for Other departments so they participate, contribute and create challenges. ?• Drive revenue to demonstrate program’s worth to management
    29. 29. Tip #4: measuring your advocate marketing programThree factors ROA:1. Revenue impact2. Cost deflection3. Earned media (eyeballs & traffic) #superfans
    30. 30. R.O.A. Map References Analyst interviews Revenue Referrals Product reviews Blog Customer surveys comments Cost TrafficRetweets, like s, shares Deflection Media interviews Beta programs
    31. 31. Fred Bals Jim Williamsfred.bals@ektron.com jim@influitive.com@fredatektron #superfans