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Power Of The Poor


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Power Of The Poor

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Power Of The Poor

  1. 1. Power of the Poor For a Positive Economy Ransingh Parmar
  2. 2. In Asia & Africa family farmers account for 80 percent of all land holdings & provide about 80 percent of the developing world's food Source: agribusine-2014412134645827557.html
  3. 3. Yet, between 2000 and 2010 500 million acres have been transferred from communities to large corporations in the name of agro business, bio-fuels, urbanization, dams, mines, infrastructure etc. That is 3 times the size ! of France and 8 times the size of UK Source: agribusine-2014412134645827557.html
  4. 4. How do we create a truly Positive Economy for everyone?
  5. 5. सर्वोदय | Sarvodaya Antyodaya | अंतोदय A 25 year old journey Inspired by the concepts given by Gandhiji
  6. 6. In an agrarian economy like India, land is not just a Working for People's control over land and natural livelihood resources financial asset. It is a source of identity, dignity and security
  7. 7. Jansatayagraha 2012 100,000 landless dalits and adivasis walked on foot for one month covering distance of 350 kms
  8. 8. VIDEO One who is a Vaishnav (Devotee of Vishnu); Knows the pain of others; Does good to others; Without letting pride enter his mind.
  9. 9. Samvad Yatra 350 days 350 districts 26 states of India 80,000 kilometres 30,000 signatures 800 soil samples
  10. 10. Developing Community Leadership Camp leaders 10 group leaders per camp leader 10 section leaders per group leader 5 village leaders per section leader 9 participants per village leader = 20 Camp leaders = 200 group leaders = 2000 section leaders = 10,00 village leaders = 100,000 participants (including the village leader)
  11. 11. Getting ready! Student volunteers in cities Documentations of grievances Case studies Post-card to the Prime Minister 5000 quintals of grain
  12. 12. Just per day needs 1.2 million litres water 300 quintals grain 25 quintals lentils Scale of logistics 125 water tankers 100 trucks for food supplies 3000 mobile toilets 20 ambulances 12 kms of Foot marchers { 100 groups of 500 peace activists each }
  13. 13. A fist full of grain, one rupee per day and the 10 point agreement Entitlements over 35,000 acres of agricultural land in the 5000 villages 7048 acres of land distributed for homestead purposes Entitlement over 5413 acres of community forest land
  14. 14. Jansatayagraha 2012 Facilitated by FOUR pillars of social transformation Power of Non-violence Power of Solidarity Power of Poor Power of Youth
  15. 15. Jai Jagat 2020 To bring back the questions of ethics and justice into the discourse of development
  16. 16. International Campaign to address the driver of land-grab
  17. 17. International Campaigns and Coalitions on land International Land Coalition World Forum on Access to Land Land Watch Asia
  18. 18. Great Land Grab Rush World’s Farmland Threatens Food Security-poor From summit resolutions to farmers’ fields Climate change, food security and smallholder agriculture Our Land, Our Lives Time out on the global land rush Resources Oakland Institute IFAD Oxfam
  19. 19. A true Positive Economy in Global North REQUIRES A positive economy in Global South This presentation was made possible by the kind support from Navin Pangti ( | Follow us on facebook at