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Egiving getting started july


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Egiving getting started july

  1. 1. Getting StartedWith eGIVINGS
  2. 2. The first screen you will see when you bring up the donation program is the “New User / Returning User” Page.When you introduce the eGIVINGS Kiosk to your congregation you will want to mention that on the first donation the donor willhave to register as a New User.Upon registering, the new donor will be emailed a receipt of their initial donation and on this receipt they will find a 4 digit PINthat they can use to login as a “Returning User”.First time registration is a simple process and takes less than 60 seconds.The Benefits of this registration process are:1. As a “Returning User” the system will remember the donors Mailing Address and Email Address. This speeds up the donation process because they will not have to type in this information again.2. The “New User / Returning User” feature allows you to capture the donors mailing address so that you can mail them monthly, quarterly, or yearly donation reports. This really simplifies your record keeping.
  3. 3. Email Donation ReceiptThe shaded box below shows where the User’s PIN can be found on the Email Receipt On next donation, Donor then enters donor can press in PIN and the “Returning User” system will recognize them
  4. 4. The Donation / Purchase Process Step One Step Two Step Three Step FourSelect Returning User Enter User PIN Select Donation, Store or Select Donation Type Registration Step Four Step Five Step Six Step FiveEnter Donation Amount Confirm Donation Swipe Card Confirm Email Address Amount
  5. 5. Ways to Introduce an EGIVINGS Kiosk to your members:On the first day that the kiosk is available you will want to introduce it to your members andpoint out the following:•This new technology benefits members that do not carry cash or checks• Explain the various donations, registrations and products that are available• That it is easy to use and convenient and that it benefits the church• That it is safe and secure and that no credit card information is stored on the kioskIn your Management Consoleyou have access to two 60second videos that weproduced to help you introduceeGIVINGS to your congregation.These are informative and canbe useful tools that you can useagain and again.
  6. 6. Creating & Maintaining Usage Signage - Place Signage in high traffic areas introducing the kiosk to your members. We will provide youwith two posters that you can use to introduce eGIVINGS to your members. Morning Announcements - During announcements mention that the kiosk is available for donations andregistrations and make sure to mention what donations are available, especially if a new donation,registration or product has been added. Sunday Program - In your program you may want to list the various donations, registrations andproducts that are available on the kiosk. eGIVINGS Video – Utilize the eGIVING videos in located in the Tools tab of your Management Console.These are great tools that are free to use in educating your congregation about the benefits of theeGIVINGS kiosk. Staff Support -You may want to encourage your staff and family members to use the kiosk each morningin the presence of your church members. This helps reinforce that this new technology has the full supportof the church administration. Social Networking – Place pictures of the kiosk and announcement on your Facebook page introducingthe kiosk to your members. Use Facebook to let your members know when new donation or registrationhas been added to the kiosk. You can do the same thing if you Tweet. Let your members and followersknow what is available on the kiosk. Talk About It – Let your members know how successful the kiosk has been for the churchChurch Reader Board – Come see our new donation kiosk and make a donation today
  7. 7. We appreciate your business. Feel free to call us if you have anyquestions or feedback. 850-677-1949