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E rental pay presentation 2


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E rental pay presentation 2

  1. 1. IntroducingA web based payment engine that gives your lease holdersmultiple options to conveniently make rent paymentswhile also improving your cash flow and reducingdelinquencies.
  2. 2. Secure Online PaymentsStorage Office Buildings Apartments
  3. 3. Convenient for customers and frees you up to find more rentersReady for payments 24 / 7Online payments with renter account managementKiosk and table top options that guarantees Face To Face RateComes with eCheck, ACH, and in person payment optionsPass along a convenience fee!Easy to Operate and learnSend Tenants Email Reminders on due dates and receive an emailconfirmation when a payment is made.
  4. 4. Renter Login Page Customized to match your site Secure Login
  5. 5. View Occupants Submit RequestRenter Profile Page
  6. 6. Renter Payment HistoryView Past PaymentsView Payment Receipts
  7. 7. Pay with Credit Card View Balances Late Payment cannot be made without Late Fee
  8. 8. Pay with eCheck View Balances Late Payment cannot be made without Late Fee
  9. 9. Back Office Main Page View Payments By Date Export File Void View / Print Payment Receipt
  10. 10. Back Office Renter Profile Additional Utilities Document Renter Notes Payment History Occupants Storage
  11. 11. BenefitsDecrease your delinquencies No Risk To YouOffer convenient payment optionsClose new leases fasterDecrease vacanciesIncrease renter satisfactionPass along a convenience feeReady for payments anytime, even when your office is closedSecure payments - No data is stored on your premises
  12. 12. Thank You For Your Time