Social Media Marketing for the Lean Startup


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Need to market yourself or your company, product, or event without a big budget? Learn how! We'll give an overview of how to: set up, search engine optimize (SEO), write, and promote a blog or web site with twitter, RSS, Facebook, and sharing icons; make a video at low cost and publish it to YouTube and elsewhere; video SEO; SEO basics.

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Social Media Marketing for the Lean Startup

  1. 1. Eric  Krock   Co-­‐Founder,  Voximate   @voximate  
  2. 2. What  We’ll  Cover    Trademarking    Blogging:  Tools,  Tips,  SEO    Basic  Search  Engine  Optimization  (SEO)    twitter:  Tools,  Tips    Filming  Low  Cost  Video    YouTube  Video  Search  Engine  Optimization  (VSEO)    Facebook  Pages    Site  and  Blog  Promotion  Tips  
  3. 3. Why  Would  You  Listen  to  Me?  What   Where   Notes  Co-­‐Founder,   Solution  for  Agile  project  Voximate   management  &  collaboration   in  private  beta  –  ask  for  invite!  Blogger  Tweep   @voximate   1600  followers  /  7  mo.  (twitter  user)   @WeAreSaidMusa   580  followers  /  2  mo.   @WeAreShoaib   872  followers  /  1  mo.   @AIDSvideos   390  followers  /  1  mo.  Not-­‐for-­‐profit   2.4M  views  for  106  videos.  Vlogger Cost:  $33k  all-­‐in  including   AIDSvideos   video  HW,  SW,  creation,   travel,  translation  Facebook WeAreAllSaidMusa WeAreAllShoaib  
  4. 4. Trademarking  Your  Company  Name    Nolo  Trademark  PDF  eBook  for  $23.99:­‐TRD.html    Do  your  own  initial  searches:    Have  trademark  attorney  finalize  your  best   candidates:     Price  for  formal  search:  $750  /  mark  searched     Additional  price  for  handling  official  USPTO   application:  $1250     International  trademark  filings  cost  extra  per  region  &   country  
  5. 5. Why  Blog?    Raise  awareness  of  company  and  offering    Establish  credibility  in  target  audience    Draw  traffic  via  organic  search  engine  results    Raise  relevance  ranking  of  your  domain  on  Google    Attract  prospects  who  may  convert  and  become   customers  
  6. 6. General  Blogging  Tips    Write  well!     Read  book:  “Elements  of  Style”  by  Strunk  &  White    Share  useful  knowledge     Gain  audience  by  teaching    Use  a  catchy  title;  it  must  be  a  “hook!”     Humor  and  irony  work  well    Publish  new  articles  frequently  
  7. 7. Use  Wordpress  to  Blog    Why  Wordpress?     Leading  blog  software     Free  and  open  source     Supports  Search  Engine  Optimization  well     Extensible  via  large  plug-­‐in  library    Your  choices:     Hosted:     Self-­‐Hosted:  own  site,  plus  software    Read  book:  “Wordpress  in  Depth”  
  8. 8. Customizing  Look  of  Wordpress    Use  a  theme     I  use:  ThemeHybrid  from     Outstanding  web  support  membership  only  $25/year!    Customize  your  theme  with  a  “child  theme”     Lets  you  update  parent  theme  later     See:  
  9. 9. Recommended  Plug-­‐ins  Plug-­‐in   Purpose  Akismet   Spam  filter:  $5/mo.  single  site,  All-­‐In-­‐One  SEO  Pack   Optimize  Search  Engine  Optimization  of  blog  cbnet  Ping  Optimizer   Prevent  duplicate  pinging  of  blog  syndication  feeds  Google  XML  Sitemaps   Automatically  generate  map  of  site  for  Google  Widget  Logic   Enable  conditional  content  in  sidebar  Enable  Media  Replace   Enable  easy  inline  updating  of  images  •   Get  plug-­‐ins  from  •   Back  up  your  Wordpress  installation  (HTML  files)  and  database  instance  before  installing  or  upgrading  any  plug-­‐in!  
  10. 10. URL  Best  PracFces    All-­‐lowercase  file  names    Separate  words  with  hyphens  (-­‐),  not  underscores  (_)    End  URL  with  a  /  (not  .php,  .asx,  etc.)  so  can  switch   CMSes  later  if  wish  to    Keep  page  name  short  enough  that  Google  won’t  split   page  name  when  it  compresses  the  URL  for  display    Ideally,  keep  total  URL  68-­‐74  characters  (less   important  now  due  to  Google  URL  compression)  
  11. 11. Other  Wordpress  ConfiguraFons  Have  static  company  home  page,  put  at  YourDomain/blog/   Creating_a_Static_Front_Page  Pretty  permalinks Using_Permalinks  Show  only  excerpt  from  post  on  blog  page  to  avoid  duplicating   topic/show-­‐only-­‐excerpt-­‐in-­‐homepage  content structure  Put  link  to  post  at  end  of  excerpt topic/how-­‐to-­‐change-­‐at-­‐end-­‐of-­‐post-­‐ and-­‐make-­‐it-­‐an-­‐active-­‐link  Hardening  security.  (Update  both  &  plug-­‐ins  promptly!!!)   Hardening_WordPress  
  12. 12. Blog  Social  Media  IntegraFon       Wraps  your  RSS  feed  in  easy-­‐to-­‐use  URL     Have  your  blog’s  RSS  icon  point  at  FeedBurner  URL    Use  royalty-­‐free  icons  for  RSS  Subscribe  and  twitter   Follow  links    to  provide  social  media  Share  link  
  13. 13. Search  Engine  OpFmizaFon    You  are  writing  blog  posts  &  web  pages  for  TWO   readers:     Human  beings     Googlebot    Goal:  Enable  Googlebot  to  understand  page’s  content   and  focus  without  annoying  human  readers  
  14. 14. Target  Keywords  &  Key  Phrases    Create  list  of  keywords  /  phrases  you  want  to  rank   well  for  in  search  results.  Tools:     Google  AdWords  (free)     Google  Analytics  (free)  –  where’s  traffic  from?     Keyword  Tools  ($70/month  membership)    Targeting  niche  keywords  with  less  competition  may   be  more  successful.  
  15. 15. Where  to  Use  Keywords?    Domain  name    Account  names  on  twitter,  YouTube,  Facebook    Blog  title,  category  names,  tag  names    Page  URL  (68-­‐74  characters)    Page  TITLE  (60  characters),  Description  (160   characters),  Excerpt    H1  –  H6    Image  file  name  &  ALT  text    First  sentence  of  paragraph    Bullet  items    Strong  /  emphasized  text  
  16. 16. Avoid  “Duplicate  Content”    There  is  no  “Google  penalty,”  but  if  same  content  is   on  two  pages,  they  divide  links,  clicks,  and  “page   equity.”  Single  page  will  rank  higher  in  Search  Engine   Result  Pages  (SERPs)  than  two  separate  pages.    Ideal:  one  piece  of  content  =  one  page  =  one  URL     Blog  post  lives  at  pretty  permalink  URL     Blog  home  page,  category  page,  tag  pages  show  excerpt   only  and  link  to  full  blog  post  at  permalink  URL     If  syndicate  articles,  ensure  each  syndicated  copy   includes  link  back  to  original  
  17. 17. Put  Images  in  Blog  Posts    Posts  with  images  rank  higher  than  posts  without   them    Use  stock.xchng  (  for  royalty-­‐free  images    Use  image  editor  (e.g.  Mac  Paintbrush)  to  compress   image  to  small  JPEG  so  don’t  increase  page  load  time    Give  image  SEOed  file  name,  SEOed  ALT  text  
  18. 18. Inbound  Link  Campaign    Get  other  relevant  sites  to  link  to  your  web  site    Have  them  use  targeted  keywords  in  their  link  text     GOOD:  project  management  solution     BAD:  click  here  to  see  a  project  management  solution  
  19. 19. twiTer  Tips    Great  tool  for:     Listening  and  learning  from  others     Finding  your  audience     Engaging  with  customers,  prospects,  others     Promoting  blog  posts     Posting  shorter  comments  
  20. 20. twiTer  Basics    Use  to  shorten  URLs    Use  to  identify  hash  tags  used  by   your  audience:  #agile,  #pmot,  #prodmgmt  …    Keep  tweets  less  than  120  characters  so  others  can  re-­‐ tweet  easily    Embed  relevant  hash  tags  within  your  tweets    Use  HootSuite  to  schedule  tweets  in  advance  and   follow  relevant  hashtags    Follow  people  with  similar  interests  &  see  if  they   follow  you  back;  give  them  time  to  decide    Tweet  Tue  –  Thu  between  9  a.m.  –  3  p.m.  Pacific  Time  
  21. 21. Key  twiTer  Rules    No  “aggressive  following”    No  “mass  unfollows”    Don’t  follow  the  same  person  repeatedly    Can  follow  maximum  of  2000  people;  after  that,  can   only  follow  10%  more  people  than  follow  you  back    No  inappropriate  (spammy)  use  of  hash  tags    No  excessive  @username  tweeting    Avoid  extremely  high  ratio  of  follows  to  followers  
  22. 22. Unofficial  twiTer  Good  PracFces    Not  official  rules,  but:     Only  follow  people  likely  to  be  interested  in  your  feed!     Don’t  follow  more  than  125  people  per  day     Give  people  7  days  to  follow  you  back  before   unfollowing     Should  get  at  least  1  new  follower  for  every  4  follows  if   you  are  targeting  correctly     Don’t  “autofollow”  followers!     Don’t  send  an  automated  thank  you  message  to  new   followers  unless  it’s  a  substantive  call  to  action.  
  23. 23. Unofficial  twiTer  Good  PracFces    Not  official  rules,  but:     Not  all  tweets  should  be  blog  posts     Retweet  more  than  you  tweet     Thank  people  for  retweets     Create  useful  lists  to  categorize  users  on  twitter  
  24. 24. How  to  Find  PotenFal  Followers?    Follow  opinion  leaders,  who  they  follow,  their   followers,  and  users  on  their  relevant  lists      who’s  posting  using  your  target   hash  tags?        
  25. 25. Blog  Post  +  tweet  Sequence    Pick  blog  post  page  name    Create  draft  blog  post  in  Wordpress    Use  to  shorten  URL    Draft  120  character  tweet,  including  hash  tags  &   shortened  URL    Write  post    Find  relevant  image,  retitle  it,  upload  it,  make  it   featured  image  for  the  post    Use  Wordpress  to  schedule  post  for  next  day  @  9  a.m.    Use  HootSuite  to  schedule  tweet  for  next  day  @  9:15  
  26. 26. Filming  Low-­‐Cost  Video:  Equipment    $350:  Consumer  HD  camcorder  with  Flash  memory   and  audio  input  port    $19.95  Radio  Shack  lavaliere  microphone,  or  $1000   Sennheiser  wireless  microphone  /  receiver  set    $837  Lowel  Rifa  eX  44  Pro,  TO-­‐83  Hard  Case  lighting   kit  (two  lights,  plus  hard  carrying  case)    $1099  Flex  Series  Teleprompter    $162  Libec  T68  75mm  2-­‐Stage  Aluminum  Tripod    Macintosh  computer    Final  Cut  Studio  (or  even  Express)  for  video  editing  
  27. 27. Notes  on  Filming  Video    Good  lighting  is  critical  for  making  people  look  good.    Good  audio  is  MUCH  harder  than  good  video!    Film  in  room  with  closed  door.    Use  lavaliere  microphone!      Make  sure  microphone  is  turned  on  &  battery  is   charged!    Won’t  look  like  Francis  Ford  Coppola  filmed  it.     Doesn’t  have  to;  costs  much  less!!    Be  Agile.  Film  and  publish  many  videos  cheaply,  see   what  draws  interest,  and  iterate!  
  28. 28. Video  Search  Engine  OpFmizaFon    What  to  SEO?     YouTube  account  name     Video  title  (50  characters  to  display  without  break)     Video  description  (make  long  and  detailed,  and  include   links  to  your  site!)     Video  tag  list  (up  to  500  characters  total)     Script  for  video  (upload  as  a  caption  file;  YouTube  will   automatically  synchronize  English  caption  file  to  video)     Playlist  titles  
  29. 29. More  Video  Tips    Promotion     Make  your  videos  replies  to  other  popular  related   videos     Create  playlists  including  your  videos  and  other  popular   related  videos     Use  YouTube  animations  to  cross-­‐link  videos    Syndication     Use  to  syndicate  videos  to  multiple   sites  
  30. 30. Facebook  Pages    Many  corporate  sites  have  few  “Likes”  and  are  fairly   useless    Reserve  Facebook  Page  with  your  trademark  name   early    Consider  making  it  live  later  on  when  you  have   enough  interest    Have  a  strategy  for  your  Facebook  Page,  not  just  a   page  for  the  sake  of  having  a  page  
  31. 31. Site  &  Blog  PromoFon  Tips    Register  your  blog  in  technorati    Link  LinkedIn  profile  to  twitter  feed  so  your  tweets   are  automatically  copied  to  your  LinkedIn  feed    Remember  to  cross-­‐post  your  blog  posts  to  Facebook    Comment  on  relevant  blogs  &  include  a  link  back  to   your  own  site  (won’t  affect  PageRank  because  of   NoFollows,  but  humans  will  see  and  click  links)