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Turkey meetinganddevelopments

  1. 1. Turkey Meeting and Developments for COMENIUS ESR project Suggestions by the Greek Team 12/3/2013First of all , we would like to thank our Istanbul partners for their excellent work to prepare themeeting 9-12 April 2013 in Istanbul. In order to make the Istanbul meeting, a wonderfulexperience and a fruitful gathering, here are some suggestions for three main issues whichneed our attention for the Meeting:1). Developments so far2). Agenda for Istanbul meeting3). Further issues such as next meetings.Analysed further below.1). DEVELOPMENTSin 2nd February, we raised the following issues and we had the following developments in eachone: ● LOGO CONTEST: PROGRESS: We need to decide the very final LOGO after the changes that the winners of the contest, the Czech Team has suggested. So far, I have no information of the final result (if any). ● Mid term evaluation (QUESTIONNAIRES): PROGRESS: the questionnaires for students and teachers were distributed to all partner countries. Each country will conduct the survey and summarise the results, both for students and teacher. The results will be presented in Istanbul meeting.Assigned tasks: ● Etiquette for using the Web Radio : assigned to Turkey and Bulgaria in collaboration. PROGRESS: Already finished and submitted to Twinspace. It will be presented at, Istanbul Meeting , 9-12 April 2013 ● WIKIA (wikipedia for Web Radio for European School Radio): suggested by NORWAY and assigned to Belgium and Norway (in collaboration), ready and presented at Germany meeting 2-5 June 2013. PROGRESS: This is already progressed and Quinten (Belgium) along with Ola (Norway) have suggested a specific wiki project , check here... http://european- school-radio-comenius.wikispaces.com/ We may need to further discuss this, how to utilise it and make it practical an usefull to our students. ● Turkey, to organise the Next Meeting -
  2. 2. PROGRESS: Already in progress. Discussed later in “ 2).”● German team to organise again Twinspace and present/teach us a new/better way to use it. PROGRESS: Steffi and the German Team have already done a work on that, and they can discuss further during the meeting.● ‘Lisboa Interviews Audio Show’: PROGRESS: Portugal team (thanks Octavio) finalised the audio file of the interviews conducted by students in Lisboa. This was sent to us and must organise a day to be played. Please suggest a day you can listen to the show.● Mid - Evaluation of the Project (Questionnaires). PROGRESS: No country suggested to help to put the questionnaire online, therefore ALL countries must conduct and analyse/summarise the results and present in 10 minutes presentations.● „RADIO COMENIUS EUROZONE‟ PROGRESS: implemented: Greece on esradio.mysch.gr program/schedule. Daily, 18:00 German time, on http://esradio.mysch.gr● Comenius Radio Shows and other Publications on ESRadio: PROGRESS: Already started and Turkey will show us the results in istanbul Meeting.● COMMUNICATION MEDIUM - ○ I personally faced problems in communicating with many partners since I usually have very little response to the emails. In fact, some said they had problems in the mailing list , but all has been resolved (hopefully). I can only assume this since many had not replied to the “urgent” reply email I have sent to check the list! ○ In addition, most of the partners had made no comments on the 2nd February report, and also no reaction to the suggestions we (greek team) have made there, eg. to take on board the online survey. I hope this lack of reaction to the specifities does not mean reluctance to response. ○ In addition, for the SHOWS/BROADCASTS we did not have the response to the decided 60 minutes per month, for each country. It is explained below.● RADIO COMENIUS EUROZONE SHOW-TIME at European School Radio (http:esradio.mysch.gr/) : Daily at 18:00 German, Italy, Czech, Belgium, Italy (19:00 Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, 20:00 Portugal). Each country presents 60 min monthly (either as one broadcast or 10 min x 6) to be put in the specific zone. Keep in mind that the SP suggested to create shows for individual subjects also (history, local history , languages, etc). DEADLINE for first show 11 February 2013 subject LOVE and Saint Valentine! But, please feel free to send anything else YOU want (eg Belgium for their great world festival). PROGRESS: we had very little response for the VALENTINE day by the partners and of course this is explained partly due to the holidays. Also, we
  3. 3. remind you that in MARCH (and for the rest of the months until June) we all need to prepare shows as described above and decided by all of us in the Portugal meeting. If this project is all about important thing, this is producing Shows!2). Agenda for Istanbul meeting According to the Submitted Proposal, at the Istanbul Meeting we must:Turkey meeting → “ ● “Have Web Radio up and running;” DONE ● Do “SKYPE teleconference;” DO YOU WANT IT? Please Reply ● “Update manuals/brochures;” MUST BE DISCUSSED AND ASSIGNED ● “Discuss improvements on the web radio operation, website and broadcasts on;” MUST BE DISCUSSED AND ASSIGNED Among other, the Istanbul team organised accommodation and host families, sent a draft programme, organised a welcome and farewell dinner, and also visits and transportation to locations and exhibitions/museums. For the two working meetings, the Greek Team suggests (needs to be discussed, {dear Salih, I know that your remark “Nikos will decide what to do this day” on your Draft Programme, comes from trust and good will to us/me but this remarks can be taken wrongly or misunderstood! so by me, “Nikos will only suggest what to do this day”}) the following: ○ Wednesday, 10 April 2013 – School Day After the Welcome activities at school and Opening of the meeting by the Turkish Team -who will chair the meeting- with their own agenda (including presentations of the Countries {dear Salih, let us be more specific what to present} : A comment on country presentations: According to Turkish team draft programme it allows us only 30 minutes for country presentations. We suggest that we start theCountry presentations at least 15 minutes earlier, (10:15). In addition, let us be specific inour presentations, namely not loose time making general presentations of the countries, but concentrate on presenting themselves (studens/teachers) and also their experience they had so far with the project and their expectations. Therefore, 3-5 minutes per country. Only live/verbal presentation. No need for powerpoint presentations. a. 11:00 - 11:15 A. The project coordinator (Greece) presents -in a snapshot-, the progress of the project so far and the obligations for the current meeting and until June 2013: contractual obligations, open issues and challenges, success stories, positive developments in the copyright issue, general organisation and communication issues, contractual obligations until June, next meetings, the broadcasts and shows for partners and the Comenius Euro Zone (18:00 German time) on http://esradio.mysch.gr. ALL present (student and teachers)
  4. 4. b. 11:15-12:50 B. The meeting organisers provides a WORKSHOP on how to work for a show/broadcast in a „full circle‟ : how to organise a show team, choose a „name‟ or theme/subject of the show, how to record (software), choose the right audio compression format (.mp3), how to submit the file on Dropbox, how to make a POST announcement, how to set a LIVE SHOW, etc. This can be organised by all partners , and each partner can take one piece of the above and explain to others. Students are suggested to get involved in this workshop. The Turkish Team can organise this. (GERMAN)We do have an “expert” who would give a workshop for beginners on AUDACITY (basic functions, tools, how to cut and save documents) if there is a need. Material: computers, microphone, headsets (1-2 students could work on one computer), (GR-please read below, how to do this), but countries also can contribute to any of the above. If we have a Laboratory large enough to split in mixed (countries) teams (organised by Istanbul Team) , we may want to make a 10 to 15 minutes show as an example, using ALL the above. The Greek Team is welcome to help in any stage of the above and clarify issues before the meeting and during the meeting. If we choose to do this, please ask for more advice on specific issues. For the above, we suggest that ALL are present and involved. C. --> IMPORTANT: Of course, coordinators/teachers from each country can have a meeting in parallel for the organisation. This implies, that each country will have at least one teacher with the students to help with the shows.“DETAILS ON WORKSHOP” how to organise1. We need one large computer room/laboratory to organise the teams and work.Computer room must have at least 6 computers (ideally laptops) installed ● AUDACITY, LAME MP3 codec ● Headphones (double if possible-for 2 persons) and microphone of course ● Internet Access for Youtube and youtube downloader ● Dropbox Access2. We also need, 2-3 (or more) seperate quiet places so that the teams can record efficiently.These places must have the necessary laptops/PC with the configuration descripted above.3. Each team comprises of 1-2 teachers and 6-7 students in mixed country group4. They need to spend 30 minutes ● to decide the theme/subject of the show and ● write down the text of the show, (mentioning the songs in specific order also). ● to allocate the roles and write them down, namely ○ the presenter , ○ the recorder, the editor, ○ the DJ (responsible of the music), ○ the writer of the post/announcement description of the show
  5. 5. 5. Teams must be able to record in the quiet places and someone must be in charge of the quietrooms to give priority to teams to record. Each team cannot spend more than 15 minutes eamsmust be back the latest at 12:00 in the main laboratory to continue with the editing.6. At this point, the German team will have a timeslot of 15 minutes to make the AUDACITYpresentation for begginers and then help each group to finalise the editing.7. Each team will upload the final show on Dropbox, designated folder(Comenius/Istanbul_Meeting). Each team must have/carry a USB flash stick, in order to copythe files also.8. Shows will be played at 19:00 the same day on esradio.mysch.gr and if the blog is ready (bythe turkish team) they will be uploaded on demand. ● Thursday, 11 April 2013 09:00 - 11:00 TREASURE HUNT GAME, organised by the Belgium team (Isle Snauwaert, Quinten Craen and students) ● 11:00 : Coffee break for teachers and students ● 11:00 - 12:00 Teachers’ meeting to discuss next meeting and other open issues. ● 12:00- 13:00 Live Broadcast from the school ESR Server.... It is very important, that the show must be organised well. We need the following group: ● A responsible to set up the technicalities (The greek team). ● MUSIC ready, prepared and organised (DJs). We need one or two students. ● PRESENTERS we need at least 3-4 presenters overall. ● Schools must be ready to LISTEN to the LIVE show . Please promote to your listener. WE MUST ORGANISE THE TREASURE HUNT GAME AND THE LIVE SHOW BEFOREHAND. THE TURKISH TEAM MAY TAKE THE LEAD PLEASE.PLEASE SUGGEST here or at any point you want to.... 3). Further issues such as next meetings. Discussing next meetings, etc. ● Exhibition and / or conference at school or local community facility; Exchange of views on the project work with school / local community; Evaluation (questionnaire and discussion) of first year of the project (all partners together); ● Germany meeting → Presentation of the results of the project development; Interviews and a questionnaire; To monitor and evaluate the first projects year;→ Common evaluation of the first project year (questionnaire and discussion). Accommodation and hosting families, travelling, activities and other issues. ● 1st Year Project Report by each country submitted in June-July 2013 to the NA of our countries. Please Suggest other issues here.
  6. 6. Topics we (GERMAN team) would like to discuss with everyone in Istanbul:COMMUNICATION- As for us it would be desirable to experience an exchange between students andteachers - not only during the meetings, but also while we are back home. So, we thoughtone way of initiating communication with one another could be creating commonbroadcasts (less frequently). One school would be responsible. (next time another schoolwould be in charge) What do you think?* Excellent idea, but needs more organisation. We can discuss this in Istanbul onThursday after the Treasure Hunt ? (greek team)WORK WITH THE STUDENTS AT HOME- How are your students enjoying the project so far? (Let’s exchange/ talk about tips,tricks, problems: enthusiasm/ motivation; What do you do about public relations for theproject in your area etc.)Madlen, Steffi, Valérie(*we fully support your topics, let us discuss them as we said on Thursday after the game,-GR team)IF YOU WANT A SKYPE MEETING , PLEASE LET US KNOW OTHERWISEPLEASE PASS (no need to trouble if you do not want it).