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VoiceCon Slidecast Making the Business Case


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Published in: Business, Technology
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VoiceCon Slidecast Making the Business Case

  1. 1. PREVIEW: IPT/UC Business  Cases
  2. 2. What you’ll learn at VoiceCon Orlando Part 3:  Building the Business Case for IPT/UC
  4. 4. Disaster Recovery Global insurance company With natural disaster, an entire building could be down for weeks. Employees needed to change offices Total downtime: 3 weeks With VOIP: Employees retrieve back-up IP phones from hardened location. Plug in to a disaster or temporary location Total downtime: 2 days “Temporary Office.” Includes pre-established DR plan that uses centralized server to route calls to mobile device, or any assigned device, with integrated UM and contact-center applications. 36 © Nemertes Research 2009 1-888-241-2685
  5. 5. Virtual Contact Center Agents Large healthcare company runs contact centers for “Ask a Nurse” programs. Exhausted talent field in given geography; constantly opening new call centers. Half of all call-center reps work from home using IP softphone and VPN link into nearest center. Decreasing costs and employee turnover. Avoided opening $3 million facility by hiring enough nurses in telecommuting program. “We were able to completely overhaul how we viewed our Ask a Nurse program by adopting the virtual agent program. This is saving the company significant dollars, while reducing turnover so nurses gain more and more experience.” --Telecom director, healthcare company 37 © Nemertes Research 2009 1-888-241-2685 © Copyright 2008 Nemertes Research
  6. 6. Inventory Look-up Women’s clothing store with 600 locations IP phones installed to cross- check inventory at nearby stores Benefits: IP phones about 50% the cost of a computer; lower support and maintenance. Improved customer service, faster response time. 38 © Nemertes Research 2009 1-888-241-2685
  7. 7. Case Study: Unified Messaging Financial Services Unified messaging on PCs and PDAs saves traders 25 to 30 minutes/day retrieving voice mails and responding to peers and clients. Benefits At $125/hour, return is $10,000 to $18,000 in 1 year. Hurdle: Complexity of FS companies: Growth by M&A leads to complexity in phone central switching, desk sets, desktop computing, and back-end email systems. “Trader-in-a-box.” Includes choice of mobile devices, integrated UM, real-time feeds from Reuters, Bloomberg, etc., mobile & desktop video, presence status, IM, ability to switch from WiFi to cellular (evaluate Divitas application) 77 © Nemertes Research 2009 1-888-241-2685
  8. 8. Case Study: Video Conferencing Manufacturing Firm Extensive travel, regional, national and international Need to cut travel budgets due to recession Implemented telepresence and room-based video system using HD end-points Benefits Results: 30% reduction in travel with 7 sites, another 18% reduction in travel with 6 more sites. “Our executives are fairly demanding and they love telepresence, our product teams are finding value in HD conferencing to speed product development and improve collaboration” – Sr. Telecom Architect 78 © Nemertes Research 2009 1-888-241-2685
  9. 9. “Building Business Cases for IP Telephony and Unified Communications” Instructors: Robin Gareiss & Irwin Lazar, Nemertes Research Tuesday, March 23, 2:00 – 5:00 PM Check out the entire program at