Kaizen events - jump start your continuous improvement culture


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Kaizen means continuous daily improvement, small changes that make things better. Kaizen events are a way to accelerate your company's continuous improvement culture. In this presentation, learn how to leverage the power of your employees and partners to make a culture of improvement at your company.

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Kaizen events - jump start your continuous improvement culture

  1. 1. Kaizen Events:Jump-start your Continual Improvement Culture Created by Ed Kraay, ThoughtWorks By Ed Kraay B
  2. 2. What is your problem solving philosop
  3. 3. Problems?
  4. 4. Get r‟ done!
  5. 5. Saves the dayhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/dunechaser/3538429942/sizes/o/
  6. 6. roblems are a chance to mentor and coac “Chaos Monkey” “The best way to avoid failure is to fail constantly.” – John Ciancutti, Netflix.
  7. 7. Kaizen is about continual daily improve
  8. 8. Kaizen Events are high leverage Small Investment Large Impact
  9. 9. Jump start your continual improvemen Kaizen Events: 1. Make rapid – step change improvements 2. Get results through collaboration with partners 3. Lay the foundation for a continuous improvement culture
  10. 10. The life cycle of a typical Kaizen Even Phase 2 – Phase 3 – Phase 4 – Phase 1 - Pre-event Event Event follow- Strategy planning Execution through • -180 to -30 days • -20 to 0 days • 0 to 5 business • 5 – 20 before the event before the event days business • Tie changes to • Involve the • Design, Test days after your vision – right people to and Implement event right solve the right Improvements. • Sustain the ladder, right problem at the gains. wall. right time. Source: Kaizen Event Fieldbook
  11. 11. „1. Making Rapid Improvements
  12. 12. Focus on the Quick Wins Improvements at Kaizen Events focus on implementing quick wins
  13. 13. 2. Get Results through Collaboration with Partners
  14. 14. Core Kaizen TenetKaizen must be done with people, not to people
  15. 15. Typical challenge with change approa 1. Changes thrown over the wall 2. Resistance by partner / vendor 3. Threats to partner / vendor 4. Change effort does not get results
  16. 16. Kaizen change approachInvolvement Gets Commitment and Results
  17. 17. 3. Build the foundation for a continual improvement culture
  18. 18. Kaizen events teach problem solving tKaizen teams learn problem solving tools like the 5 whys, seeing wasteand metrics based process mapping, applicable to other problems in theorganization.
  19. 19. The Hockey Stick Road to Continual Improvement 120 1: Tool Driven: 2: System 3. Principle Daily Management Driven: Driven: Kaizen 100 events not Management Everyone coordinated and worker participates inPerformance across planned events continual 80 groups/vendors tied to strategic improvement or linked to objectives through strategic Kaizen events, just do 60 Events its and projects. Backsliding Kaizen Events 40 20 0 Time Source: Kaizen Event Fieldbook
  20. 20. Two improvement wheels Plan StandardizeAct Do Act Do Check Check Plan Do Check Act Standardize to prevent backsliding Source: Kaizen Event Fieldbook
  21. 21. No Kaizen without standard work! Performance A P C D SDCA Time Standard work helps avoid local optima and backsliding. Source: Kaizen Event Fieldbook
  22. 22. How do we build a continual improvemen culture?Top Management Innovation A P C DMiddle Management Kaizen A S C DSupervisors MaintenanceFront Line Associates 1. Kaizen is everyone‟s job 2. Appropriate involvement at the right level makes implementation effective Source: Kaizen Event Fieldbook
  23. 23. Daily KaizenLean Management System Daily Kaizen Hockey Stick A S A P C D C D Lean Management Daily Kaizen System •Employee Suggestion • Leader Standard Systems Work •Mini-Kaizens • Daily Tiered Startup •“Just-do-its” Meetings •A3 Problem Solving • Visual Controls Reports • Standard •Value Stream Projects Accountability Practices • Process Discipline Source: Creating a Lean Culture
  24. 24. Daily Startup Meetings Enable Daily Kaizen Like a standup, discuss with yesterday‟s results, abnormal conditions and countermeasures Assign “just do it” improvements to accountability board Ideas for improvement posted on Improvement Idea Boards Leader Standard Work Source: Creating a Lean Culture Daily Startup Meetings
  25. 25. ConclusionKaizen Events: 1. Make rapid step change improvements 2. Get results through collaboration with business partners 3. Lay the foundation for a continuous improvement culture
  26. 26. Call to action
  27. 27. I want you… 1. To try a Kaizen event for one of your more significant cross project organizational problems 2. Make problems visible 3. Ask why! Show respect! See with your feet.
  28. 28. ReferencesKaizen Event Fieldbook: Foundation, Framework, andStandard Work for Effective Events – Mark HamelCreating a Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain LeanConversions, Second EditionThe Netflix Tech Blog – 5 Lessons we‟ve learned by usingAWS. http://bit.ly/hrjm6J