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Bruno Zago: HP environmental strategy


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Bruno Zago: HP environmental strategy

Presentation from HP event in Prague on 22 March 2012

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Bruno Zago: HP environmental strategy

  1. 1. HP is leading the shift towards more sustainableprintingMedia Tour20 – 26 March 2012 8.30 – 9.10 HP Environmental Strategy Bruno Zago, environmental manager, HP UK & Ireland 9.10 – 9.50 Leading the Shift to More Environmentally Sustainable Printing Jeff Walter, director, environmental sustainability and social innovation, Imaging and Printing Group 9.50 – 10.30Milan: Tuesday, 20 March Sustainability Trends and Issues Stuart Neumann, analyst, VerdantixPrague: Thursday, 22 March 10.30 – 10.45 Coffee break 10.45 – 11.25 Environmental Insights: Consumer and Small-Medium BusinessMarrakech: Monday, 26 March Shelley Zimmer, environmental manager, Imaging and Printing Group 11.25 – 12.05 Environmental Insights: Enterprise Dave Lobato, environmental manager, Imaging and Printing Group Customer showcase: Artur Khodzhaev, IT Manager, VimpelCom 12.05 – 13.00 Close and lunch2 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. 2
  2. 2. A legacy of raising the bar 2011 2009 1991 2008 HP takes top spot in HP retains the #2 spot on Newsweek’s 2007 HP discloses Newsweek’s green rankings of largest U.S. Green Rankings 500 HP launches HP meets goal emissions list Planet Partners early to recycle 1 associated with its companies program billion pounds of largest suppliers, an electronics by industry first HP ranked #1 in HP ranked first HP publishes its 2007—and sets Climate Counts 2010 among technology first environmental 1992 new goal of HP Labs launches Company Scorecard HP wins companies and fifth 1957 report HP formalizes recycling 2 billion Sustainable IT in Electronics sector Green overall on Global efforts for its by the end of Ecosystems Lab Enterprise IT Interbrand’s Best Design for the 2010 HP ranked #3 in Award from Global Brands Citizenship Information Technology becomes a Environment HP introduces Uptime program Eco Highlights label category of Carbon Institute HP named in the top core company objective 2006 Disclosure Index 20 green companies HP and WWF-US in Brazil by Época join forces 1987 HP tops Corporate Empresa Verde cognizable programs HP establishes Responsibility to make a difference. hardware awareness and Magazine’s recycling program recognizable 100 Best Corporate programs to make a Citizen list difference1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2011
  3. 3. Changing the business landscape Demand for energy is rising… 8.5 billion 49% 43% Projected global population in 2035, Forecasted rise in energy Estimated increase in CO2 emissions up 1.8 billion from 20071 consumption by 20351 from energy use by 20351 … creating opportunities to use IT to increase energy efficiency and deliver low-carbon solutions. 7 in 10 $3.7 billion 1M cars off the road Worldwide, 69% of IT leaders cite reducing Annual cost of wasted energy by idle The comparable impact on reducing emissions if energy costs as the top motivation for and underused servers worldwide3 large US and UK companies use telepresence pursuing green IT2 meeting solutions by 202041: International Energy Outlook 2010, U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), June 2010.2: ―Market Overview: The Recession Dents Green IT’s Global Momentum,‖ Forrester, July 16, 2009.3: ―US Green Data Center Market To Hit $13.81 Billion By 2015,‖ Environmental Leader, August 17, 2010.4: Carbon Disclosure Project Study 2010: The Telepresence Revolution, 2010.
  4. 4. Highlights in 2010 Amount of electricity customers saved through 2010 using our BILLION1.4 kWh TONNES high-volume HP desktop and notebook PC families, since 2008 The volume of electronic products and supplies recovered for121,000 recycling, including 70 million print cartridges MILLION TONNES OF Amount of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from our1.87 CO2e operations, 9% less than 2009 Volume of electronic products and supplies recovered and2.36 BILLION POUNDS either reused or recycled by HP since 1987
  5. 5. Looking beyond technology’s footprint 55%* PCs, monitors, printers and Energy 2% telephones 26% ICT industry 45% Data centers Waste 3% 98% Buildings 8% Industry 19% All other Transport 13% Forestry 17% Smart 2020 Report Agriculture * Forrester Research, ―Green IT Plans and 14% HP Confidential Activities Persist in 2010 Despite Lack of Formal Budgets and Priorities,‖ July 27, 2010.
  6. 6. Thrive in the low-carbon economyTechnology creates efficiencies, increases productivity and drives transformationPortfolio Operations Supply chain PartnershipsMore than 1 billion people 300,000+ employees, Largest in the IT Advance industry standardsrely on HP every day 170 countries industry and educate the public BUILD INTELLIGENTOPTIMIZE BUILD INTELLIGENT DRIVE SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURERESOURCES INFRASTRUCTURE TRANSFORMATIONChoosing IT Applying IT Shifting ITthat increases to maximize performance and to more productive andefficiency and make better decisions faster sustainable technologyreduces waste solutions.
  7. 7. Every day HP ships… 110,000 • 75,000 • 30,000 3,500 printers personal systems online photo orders servers
  8. 8. Global productionHP’s suppliers of product materials, components and services Americas – 20% of spend Middle East/Africa – 5% of spend Asia Pacific - 75% of spend
  9. 9. Full lifecycle approach DFEAll phases evaluated in design Innovation & Design End Of Life Management Manufacturing Asset Recovery & Recycling Design The For Manufacturing & Supply Chain Environment Return . Use Proven Expertise & Resource Management Hardware, Software & Solutions
  10. 10. HP Compaq 8200 Elite ultra-slim desktop PCSetting the standards for safer materials use• BFR- and PVC-free from the wall to the mouse1• Uses less energy than a 60W light bulb• ENERGY STAR® qualified and EPEAT® Gold registered• Small size means fewer materials to manufacture—and fewer materials to dispose of later• Protective packaging uses paper-based 100% recycled molded pulp instead of oil- based polyethylene cushions
  11. 11. HP Power AssistantTaking control of PC energy use• Provides real-time measurement and management of HP desktop and notebook power use• Makes it easy to set and manage power settings• Monitors and converts energy consumption into equivalent CO2 emissions and cost estimates¹• Helps identify and manage energy costs
  12. 12. WynyardSetting a new standard for data centers• HP designed and built one of the largest, most energy-efficient data centers in Europe• Takes advantage of local geography and climate for cooling• Reduces energy consumption by 40%• Produces about half the emissions of a typical data center• Saves up to $4 million annually
  13. 13. Energy and sustainability managementOptimize resources. Power business results.• Comprehensive portfolio of services to increase business value from energy and resource efficiency Real Estate• End-to-end enterprise focus: IT • From strategic services to align the enterprise to transformational technical Workforce Supply services Chain • From real estate to supply chain• Optimization of energy CAPEX and OPEX spend, reduce regulatory risk, and lower emissions Energy is everywhere, but hidden from view. Do you know where it affects your
  14. 14. Reuse and recycling – end of lifeRecycling is at the heart of HP’s environmental goals• HP Financial Services – leasing, trade-in program and asset recovery services• Remarketing/Refurbishment• Donation• Recycling
  15. 15. Raising the bar by reducing our impactHP is applying our own solutions and best practices to limit our footprintSupply chain Portfolio Operations PartnershipsIn 2008 HP became the first HP has cut its products’ We’re committed to reducing We’re working with NGOsin the IT industry to report its energy use and emissions to our greenhouse gas such as the Climate Group,supply chain emissions 40% below 2005 levels - nine emissions 20% below 2005 Forum for the Future, months before schedule levels by 2013 WWF and NationalWe’ve conducted nearly 600 Resources Defenseaudits to ensure our suppliers The HP Energy and We’ve consolidated 85 data Council to addressmeet HP’s stringent Sustainability Management centers to six energy-efficient environmental issues withenvironmental standards solution for customers helps facilities, helping reduce HP technologies, manage energy and natural costs by 60% education programs and resource consumption public policy efforts
  16. 16. Learn more and get tools to reduce your impact• Visit• HP white paper on green procurement• Green IT Action Plan for printing• HP Carbon Footprint Calculator• Citizenship in a Changing World