Web security


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Web security

  1. 1. Presented By:Elvis Kostyuk and Deidter StadnykWEB SECURITYWhat Is It and Why Should You Care?
  2. 2. Web security is simply how secure a person is whileutilizing the internet.As society becomes increasingly connected digitally,being cautious while being online is trickier, and moreimportant than ever before.Basic Definition
  3. 3. Not having proper security measures taken can resultin information you post online get out and potentiallyfall into the wrong hands.Credit card information, personal information, orsimply having something you write reach anunintended audience (your boss).Why Is Security Important?
  4. 4. Many online tools have developed in recent years,completely changing the way we engage andcollaborate with othersYou are the first generation to be brought up withthese tools readily availableExamples include…The Internet and You(More That Liking Statuses…)
  5. 5. Facebook (Arguably the most relevant to teens,young adults)TwitterTumblrInstagramGoogle DriveGoogle +DropboxTools That Bring Us Closer
  6. 6. Quick Tips: Facebook Privacy
  7. 7. "There was a picture taken of me at a party, doing rails off astripper. Now grandma has seen it tagged on my wall,before I had a chance to remove it! #grounded""My news feed is clogged with my old school-matespreaching their communist propaganda. #loveitorleaveit""My boss sent me a friend request, but I dont want him toknow about my involvement in weekend hate crimes.#freeamerica"Some Common Problems…
  8. 8. Manually approving a tagNewsfeed managerFriend vs. Acquaintance statusHow To Avoid Disaster
  9. 9. How To Manually Approve Tags
  10. 10. How To Manage Your News Feed
  11. 11. How To AppointAcquaintance or Restricted Status
  12. 12. Visiting harmful sites can accrue viruses and spywareSpyware IncludesTrojans: Allows unauthorized access to your pc, usefulfor hackers wishing to take control.Key Loggers: Track keystrokes in hope to find info suchas credit card numbers, passwords you use forwebsites.Adware: Displays banners when person is surfing thenet, bombarding the user with advertisements inabsurd amounts.Harmful Threats & Viruses
  13. 13. Install ad blockers, such as the free AdBlock Plusadd-on for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox toget rid of pesky ads that crowd your screen.Utilizing an Anti-Virus is essential to keep threatssuch as trojans out of a user’s computer AVG Freeis a great option.Trying to stick to established websites ratherthan third-party onesWays to Minimize Risk
  14. 14. You Are Never Completely SafeSome viruses are hard for anti-viruses to catch,regular scans are recommendedYou never know where your information from socialmedia sites like Facebook will end up, takeprecautionsIt Should Be Noted…
  15. 15. It is crucial to take great care with what oneuploads online, especially now that it isincreasingly easier for outsiders to see somethingyou may have intended for a more intimateaudience.With proper measures taken by the user, there isfar less risk associated with surfing the internet.In Conclusion
  16. 16. ENDThank you for listening!