Menggabungkan audio ke dalam sajian multimedia 4.english


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Menggabungkan audio ke dalam sajian multimedia 4.english

  1. 1. Understanding Midi AudioProcessingDescribe the Midi AudioProcessing
  2. 2. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 2 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio ProcessingMIDI Audio ConnectionsThrough MIDI allows you to expand theMIDI system. Let us assume you have thekeyboard with his own voice connected toa computer via MIDI connections. Forsimplicity lets assume youve connectedMIDI Out from the MIDI keyboard to yourcomputer soundcard and MIDI In of yourkeyboard to MIDI Out on a computersoundcard. This is a basic MIDI setup.Through simply connecting the MIDI fromyour keyboard and connect to the MIDI Inthe voice modul
  3. 3. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 3 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio Processing Here are the disadvantages of the above method:Let us assume you have 2 keyboards and soundmodules are connected together as above. Inyour sequencer (Cubase say), you have a MIDIoutput selector on the left side that displaysoutput from the recorded MIDI data. In otherwords, say youve recorded bass and want tooutput to MIDI channel 1. MIDI channel 1 willnow enable the keyboard and both modulessimultaneously until you either turn the volumedown or off in the second channel your MIDIkeyboard or module - This is a futile and verytime consuming.
  4. 4. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 4 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio ProcessingShould not have the ability to have allactive channels and will be available foruse that will give you a very comfortable48 MIDI channels to play together? 16channels from your MIDI keyboard, 16 x 2channels of both modules! Once again, Iassume that this equipment has astandard 16-channel multi-timbral.
  5. 5. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 5 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio Processing Well, everything is possible andall you have to do is buy a MIDIThrough Box! A MIDI Throughbox will send out the port 16separate channels. Forexample, if you connect theMIDI Through box above setupyou will have the option to send16 MIDI channels to say port 1on the MIDI box that willconnect to your keyboard. Port2 will be connected to thesound module 1 and Port 3 isconnected to the sound module2 and so on.
  6. 6. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 6 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio Processing There are many differentforms but the standardMIDI box that has 2MIDI Ins and 2 or 4 MIDIout. After you install thedrivers for MIDI Throughbox there is somepossibility that you canfollow to make thesystem more userfriendly MIDI. You canallocate a channel in theCubase MIDI geardirectly to the sectionyouve changed his nameto.
  7. 7. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 7 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio Processing MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Astandard protocol for the exchange of musicalinformation between musical instruments,synthesizers and computers. MIDI was developedto enable a single synthesizer keyboard to playnotes produced by others. This defines the codesfor musical notes and keys, dial and pedaladjustments, and MIDI control messages canarrange a series of instruments, each playing thepart of the value of music. MIDI Version 1.0 wasintroduced in 1983.
  8. 8. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 8 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio Processing No Sound, The NotesMIDI not record analog sound waveslike a tape recorder. MIDI keyboard encode functions,which include early records, with the pitch, length, volumeand musical attributes, such as vibrato. As a result, MIDIfiles take less space than digital audio files. Since thearrival of General MIDI standard for musical instruments,MIDI has been used for the background music inmultimedia applications due to space-saving features. This is the MIDI technology, you may hear the latest mobilephone ring tones or the vibration or ride in a parkattractions. However, MIDI is only for the music, notsound. See General MID
  9. 9. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 9 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio Processing Editing Is BerbedaMIDI footageedited in a way completelydifferent from conventionalrecordings, for example, rhythmcan be changed by editing thecode in time MIDI messages. Inaddition, the computer can easilytranspose the main performancefrom B to D major. Like editingwill almost impossible with therecorded sound waves. For moreinformation, visit MIDI sequencers, MIDIpatches, MIDI sound, MPU-401,wavetable synthesis, FMsynthesis and sound cards.
  10. 10. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 10 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio ProcessingAudio Processing PipelinesFor decades experienced Unix users havebeen employing a lot of text processingtools to make tasks easier documentediting. Console utilities like sed, awk, cut,paste, and join, although useful inisolation, only to realize their full potentialwhen combined with using the pipe.
  11. 11. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 11 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio Processing Recently, Linux has been used for more than justASCII text processing. The growing popularity ofvarious multimedia formats, in the form ofimages and audio data, has spurred thedevelopment of tools to deal with the file. Manyof these tools have a graphical user interface andcan not operate in the absence of userinteraction. But there are, the more tools that canbe operated in batch mode with the interfacethey are disabled. Some tools even designed tobe used from the command prompt or in shellscripts.
  12. 12. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 12 Isikan Judul HalamanMIDI Audio Processing This is a tool of this classthat this paper will explore.Media manipulation ofcomplex functions canoften be done by combiningsimple tools together usinga technique usually appliedto text processing filters.Will focus on the processingof the audio stream as thisformat works very well withthe Unix pipeline paradigmfilters.
  13. 13. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 13 Isikan Judul HalamanSMK NEGERI 2 CIKARANG WESTThe and