Menerapkan teknik pengambilan gambar produksi kd 4 english


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Menerapkan teknik pengambilan gambar produksi kd 4 english

  1. 1. Applying The Technique PictureProductionOperating the camera
  2. 2. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 2 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the cameraSampleFestival FILMStudentPRODUCTIONSMKN2CIKARANGWEST“Local Culture”
  3. 3. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 3 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the cameraDetermine the angle shot position .Normal AngleHeight Camera AngleLow Camera AngleBird Eye ViewSubjective Camera AngleObjective Camera Angle
  4. 4. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 4 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the cameraTHE ALTERED IMAGESField of view or framing a picture of the stepsthat must determine the broad field of viewfor a main object and other objects in relationto the background.
  5. 5. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 5 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the cameraTypes of Landscape Picture:ELS (Extreme Long Shot)LS (Long Shot)MLS (Medium Long Shot)MS (Medium Shot)MCU (Medium Close Up)CU (Close up)BCU (Big Close Up)ECU (Extreme Close Up)
  6. 6. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 6 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the camera-ELS (Extreme LongShot)Shot very far, the fieldpresents a verybroad view, takingthe overall view ofthe camera. Mainobject and otherobjects appear verysmall in relation tothe background.
  7. 7. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 7 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the camera-LS (Long Shot)Shot very far,presents the field ofview that a closercomparison with theELS, the object isstill dominated bythe background ofmore broadly.
  8. 8. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 8 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the camera- MLS (Medium LongShot)1.Shot of field of viewprovides a moreclose than the longshot,2. the object of man isusually displayed atthe top of the kneeto the head
  9. 9. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 9 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the camera- MS (Medium Shot)Here, the objectbecomes larger anddominant, thehuman object visiblefrom the waist up atthe top of the head.Background is stillvisible with acomparable primaryobject
  10. 10. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 10 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the cameraMCU (Medium CloseUp)Shot very close, is theobject of the chestto the head. MCU isthe most frequentlyused in television.
  11. 11. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 11 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the cameraCU (Close up)1. Shot near, the objectbecomes the mainfocus point in thisshot,2. a little background isvisible.3. Object to the humanface is usually shownfrom the shoulders upin the head.
  12. 12. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 12 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the cameraBCU (Big Close Up)Shot of display partsof the human body.Object fills theentire screen andclearly details
  13. 13. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 13 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the cameraECU (Extreme CloseUp)Shot of display partsof the human body.Object fills theentire screen andclearly detailed.
  14. 14. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 14 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the cameraCamera Movement In The Picture is often used:1.Pan, Panning2.Tilt, Tilting3.Dolly, Track4.Pedestal5.Crab6.Crane7.Arc8.Zoom
  15. 15. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 15 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the camera1. Pan, panningPan the camera movement is a horizontal (flat)from left to right or vice versa.1. Pan right (rotate the camera moves to the right)2. Pan left (rotate the camera moves to the left)2. Tilt, TiltingTilting the camera move is vertical, push up frombottom to top, or vice versa.1. Tilt up: push up to top2. Tilt down: bow down
  16. 16. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 16 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the camera3. Dolly, TrackDolly or track the movement is on the dolly or tripodapproach or avoid the subject.1. Dolly in: approaching the subject2. Dolly out: avoid the subject4. PedestalPedestal is on the movement of the camera pedestalwhich can be increased down.Now this much-used Porte jeep Traveler.1. Pedestal up: the camera was2. Pedestal down: the camera is sent down
  17. 17. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 17 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the camera5. CrabThe lateral movement of the camera or sideways,running parallel with the subject that isrunning.1. Crab left (move left)2. Crab right (move right)6. CraneCrane is the movement of the camera abovethe pulley up and down.
  18. 18. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 18 Isikan Judul HalamanOperating the camera7. ArcArc is move the camera rotate around an objectfrom left to right or vice versa.8. ZoomZooming is a movement to a zoom lens or theoptic avoid the object, change the lens focallength from the point of view narrow to wideangles, or vice versa.1. Zoom in: juxtapose objects from long shot to close up2. Zoom out: dissociate the object from close up to long shot
  19. 19. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 19 Isikan Judul HalamanSMK NEGERI 2 CIKARANG BARATThe End