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Storebrand Baltic darbuotojų pasitenkinimo tyrimas


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Storebrand Baltic darbuotojų pasitenkinimo tyrimas

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Storebrand Baltic darbuotojų pasitenkinimo tyrimas

  1. 1. Employee satisfaction survey @Storebrand Sharing the good practice
  2. 2. Purpose • The purpose of MTI in Storebrand is to obtain the employees’ assessments of their level of job satisfaction at Storebrand. The results of the survey provide an indication as to how happy employees are and how well-managed Storebrand is. The report helps provide Storebrand with a better basis for identifying the action areas that should be involved in the ongoing work of making changes. 2
  3. 3. How it works • The Satisfaction, Motivation and Loyalty of the employees at Storebrand are measured on the basis of an overall model, known as the European Employee Index. • The model provides an overall description of how employees perceive their work. • This is achieved through the employees’ rating of a total of nine areas: 2 result parameters and 7 action areas. 3
  4. 4. Result and action areas: interconnection 4
  5. 5. Results of the report • To ensure respondent anonymity no individual responses are ever handed out at any time, nor any reports are prepared from which individual responses can be deduced. The report contains the following results, each of which offers different answers: • The overall results for the year. What is the status? • Comparison with the results from last year (if possible). Have we improved? 5
  6. 6. What do we analyze? • Reputation • Senior management • Immediate superior • Cooperation • Daily work • Remuneration • Development • Vision and values • Diversity 6
  7. 7. What do we analyze? – examples of questions Scale 1-10 • Reputation - Storebrand has a good image - I am proud to tell other people where I work - Other people consider Storebrand to be a good place to work - I am familiar with the main elements in Storebrand-group work - I think it is valuable that Storebrand-group wish to be leading in sustainability • Cooperation - The professional cooperation with my colleagues - The general atmosphere/climate among employees - Social relations and interactions with my colleagues - In what degree do you feel that there are room for questions and expressions of opinion in your department? - My department are good at cooperation with other departments in the corporation to solve problems - In my operation (Storebrand-group) we are good at cooperating across departments to reach the operation's goals • Development - My opportunities for professional and personal development - The attention given to my professional and personal development - My competencies are developed continually in my present job - Me development plan shows my need for development - Storebrand acknowledge that the development of employees are important for the future of the company - I use the opportunities for the development that is available in the company 7
  8. 8. Interpretation of the results 8 80- 100 • Very high 70-79 • High 60-69 • Medium 50-59 • Low <50 • Very low
  9. 9. Priority map PRIORITISE your action areas High importance + Low rating Action areas in this field of the priority map should be improved, since their low rating does not correspond to the high importance to which employees attribute these areas. Improving an area will have a great effect on overall Satisfaction & Motivation. You should IMPROVE! MAINTAIN your strengths High importance + High rating You are highly rated for action areas in this field. Since their importance on Satisfaction & Motivation is also high, as a manager you should REMAIN FOCUSED on these areas. At a minimum, the rating for these areas should be maintained, but any improvement will have a great effect on Satisfaction & Motivation because of the area's importance. 9
  10. 10. Priority map ADAPT opportunities Low importance + High rating You are good here, and this can be exploited. Action areas in this field are not thought of as particularly important by employees. As a manager, however, you can use the good ratings to create positive talk about your unit. Positive talk - both within and outside the unit - about the good ratings means that the area in question may find a more important place in employee awareness, thus increasing its impact on employee Satisfaction & Motivation. USE YOUR SUCCESSES actively. OBSERVE weaknesses Low importance + Low rating KEEP AN EYE on action areas in this field. These areas are rated poorly, and even if they are also not thought of as particularly important, their ratings may nevertheless drop TOO low. As a rule of thumb, areas with a rating of below 50 can be considered very low. It may also be a good idea to use the opportunity for a quick victory by working on areas that can be improved very easily. 10
  11. 11. Working with the results: employee workshop 11
  12. 12. The 5 steps in the work process Share results Prioritize focus areas Set a level of ambition Identify and prioritize action measures Develop an action plan
  13. 13. To get the best possible impact of the work with MTI it is recommend: • To invite the department´s employees to a presentation, discussion and workshop to develop the action plan • To create commitment by giving the employees responsibility for developing the action plan. Manager may consider leaving the room while employees are working – and get the action plan presented afterwards • To set SMART goals: a good action plan contains concrete and measurable initiatives, which is important to make the employees feel motivated and satisfied in their job. • To stay focused: one or two focus areas tend to be more than enough. • To share the responsibility for the follow-up of the action plan 50/50 between manager and employees, and agree on the frequency of follow-up. • To inform HR-partner and superior about the content of the action plan to ensure getting the support and counselling needed. • If necessary, involve HR-partner in the work with following up the action plan. 13
  14. 14. In the workshop Employees are the ones taking the lead in developing the action plan for the coming year, aiming for increased motivation and satisfaction. Ground rules: • Talk on your own behalf / Think of your own situation when talking • Participate actively • Focus primarily on what you can influence • Focus on the present and the future • Don´t accuse anyone • Acknowledge that we experience the world differently
  15. 15. A good action plan • contains concrete and measurable initiatives 1 or 2 focus areas - Are there areas where the costs are low, and the benefits high? - What measures can be implemented to achieve the goals? • Sets the level of desired improvement on the focus area for the next measurement - realistic - The goal can also be to maintain a good score • Who can/shall be responsible person for each measurement. - it is recommended that responsibility is taken on not by a manager
  16. 16. 16