how to drive and reward valuable employee behaviors


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how to principles from gamification, and a gamification platform, to drive employee's behaviors and retain their engagement

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how to drive and reward valuable employee behaviors

  1. 1. enterprise gamification how to drive and reward valuable employee behaviorsesteban kolsky - thinkJar
  2. 2. organizations with high engagement rates are 78%more productive & 40% more profitable than thoseorganizations with low levels of engagement
  3. 3. the best organizations have eight fully engaged customers for every actively disengaged customer, theyalso have eight fully engagedemployees for every actively disengaged employee
  4. 4. Best Buy sees a $100,000 annual increase in sales atany location where employee engagement rises 2%
  5. 5. listen (and act on their feedback) work is fun let them be who they want to be (incentivize it)provide the growth path andenvironment they need (managed) change the culture
  6. 6. gamification platform analytics reputation gaming engine engine engine rewards tracking connectors engine engineuse a gamification platform to make it happen
  7. 7. people rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing dale carnegie learn personalities (listen, track, analyze) weave them into work (change) family atmosphere (change) Encourage celebrations (rewards) leverage gamification platform
  8. 8. whosoever desires constant success must change his conductwith the times niccolo machiavelli change management initiatives employees change culture rewards are most critical aspect
  9. 9. but find something that you absolutely love doing. and then get tolove the way you do it. thats the uniqueness of all of us. thats it. al lewis celebrate unique personalities Open new channels of interaction build individual work(play) models Cannot do with gamification platform
  10. 10. EMC RAMP recognition, awards, motivation programentice and incentivize right behaviors align behaviors with corporate strategyintegrated internal and external network twenty percent increase in activity y/y lessons: set expectations, no money, consolidate, simplify
  11. 11. the happiest employees are 180% more energized155% happier with their jobs 150% happier with life 108% more engaged taking 66% less sick leave 50% more motivated
  12. 12. 0ne of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening towhat another has to say. Bryant H. McGill encourage and track feedback leverage social, activity , collaboration streams feedback via games, both ways
  13. 13. Without continual growth and progress, such words asimprovement, achievement, and success have no meaning. Benjamin Franklin tie reputation to growth use rewards to encourage experimentation, not growth personalize growth, tie to group & ompany
  14. 14. Deloitte’sinternal sharing network – powering 182,000sharing grew year/year dramatically turn to network first to seek resourceseasier to find expertise, deliver value built mobile app to increase adoptionrecognition increases high-value behaviors lessons: people want to share and need infrastructure, entice and incentivize
  15. 15. effect on engaged disengaged operating income increase decrease 19.2 % 32.7 %meeting customer needs 70 % 17 % company advocates 67 % 3%recommending products 78 % 13 %bringing out creativity 59 % 3% being happy at work 86 % 11 %
  16. 16. ❶ focus on behaviors, not gaming❷ build a platform, not a game❸ inventory and evaluate❹ fit and leverage existing processes❺ set the goals, be ambitious❻ find the way to reach the goals❼ bridge the gaps❽ change prioritiesgamification for business value requires methodology
  17. 17. benchmark employee sentiment and engagementget suggestions on making work fun and engagingimplement the platform and test few things
  18. 18. 82% of employees are motivated by recognition (not money) 69% of employees would work harder if they were better recognized49% of employees would leave their job for an offer with better recognitionthe most effective way to engage employees is to treat them like valuable people with skills not valuable skills
  19. 19. listen (and act on their feedback) work is fun let them be who they want to be (incentivize it)provide the growth path andenvironment they need (managed) change the culture