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Towards KM Nirvana (Moxie Software Webinar)


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Slides from the Webinar with Moxie Software on improving the KM setup at the company, building a Nirvana of KM for the organization.

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Towards KM Nirvana (Moxie Software Webinar)

  1. 1. six steps to km nirvana esteban kolsky thinkjar
  2. 2. partnersproduct servicescorporate suppliers what you think your km system looks like
  3. 3. what your users think you have for km
  4. 4. takes too longi can never didn’t knowremember we had onewhere it is can never find what i needhard to use does not work can never like i do find anything what your users feel about the km system…
  5. 5. …what your users do for km
  6. 6. knowledge document “island” partner base repository data knowledge ontology taxonomy business rules content rulesinternal users communities crm inventory shipping ecommerce financing a quick look at km nirvana
  7. 7. no, not this federation…
  8. 8. k – knowledge repository k m – km system m k partner k k k k m k m partner k supplier k m k k k 1. federate knowledgeadapted from original - source: finntrack
  9. 9. silo semi-integrated integrated single channel multi-channel cross-channel E E R K D D D D D D K K K K K K W D W P R R R R R R K UC P M S W E C P M M R C C S D S 1980 1995 2010S – SMS, W – Web, E – Email, C – Chat, P – Phone, M- Social Media, D – Data, K- Knowledge 2. build cross-channel support
  10. 10. outside of the inside of the business business customer …but cannot has an idea… implement the idea customer …company creates creates knowledge… same knowledge customer …company has knows fix for problem to be problem… fixed3. remove barriers to innovation and contribution
  11. 11. 4. find and use subject matter experts, communities
  12. 12.  understand the customer job-to-be- E2.0 done  collect insights  collaborate to co-create with the customer; Social CRM meet desired outcomes  understand and provide the customer experience they expectthe collaborative enterprise  enhance transparency 5. build a dynamic infrastructure
  13. 13. client products operations knowledge customersales billing kms erp service customer interaction hub clients partners employees a centralized, multi-purpose, dynamic system
  14. 14. 6. repeat when successful, retry when not
  15. 15. Starting a new Knowledge Management initiative 5% Evaluating the changes we will need to make to our Knowledge Management Initiative 37% Implementing Changes to 29% our Knowledge Management Initiative Using the implementation of Knowledge Management we have as is, works just right 29%through 2011, which of the following best describes your knowledge management initiative?
  16. 16. implementing considering othercommunity recognition and rewards knowledge in the cloud community managed knowledge transparent km processesratings, rankings, voting, reputation new Sources of knowledge community generated knowledge 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 which of the following are you considering / implementing for knowledge management in 2011?
  17. 17. Yes, less than 5% 3.60% Yes, between 5% and 10.70% 10% Yes, between 10% and 20% 10.70% Yes, more than 20% 1.80% No, and it probably 7.10% wont No, and it probably66.10% will go down has your budget for KM in 2011 (software and services) increased? by how much?
  18. 18. marketing 1.70% 5.20% sales 15.50% customer service 25.90% committee or group from the15.50% above functions management team member not from the above functions 5.20% committee, group, or manager not from those functions we don’t have an owner, it 31.00% deployed a kms, we use it as needed who owns the knowledge management initiative in your company?
  19. 19. Yes, but only for the strategy 5.21% Yes, but only for deployment 10.31% 3.40% Yes, but only for Support Yes, for two or more of the above No 15.52%65.57% have you used a consultant to help with your knowledge management initiative?
  20. 20. Entirely by agents in our contact center, customers cannot access it28.60% Entirely by customers 33.90% in a web self-service solution, our agents use a different one or none Mostly by our agents, but we provide limited access to our customers About equally between our customers and our 32.10% 5.40% agents via different interfaces how is your knowledge management initiative being used today?
  21. 21. Yes, but only specific people can access it and 1.70% create knowledge 6.91% Yes, anyone within the company can access and 8.61% create knowledge Yes, anyone with authorization, internal or external to the company,17.22% can access it and create knowledge We let anyone create 65.57% knowledge for our company We hire a contractor or consultant to manage our knowledge bases do you have a process for knowledge creation in place today?
  22. 22. questions?