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To socialcrm and beyond!


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My presentation at SugarCon 2011 on how to move past Social CRM and Social Business and build a collaborative enterprise.

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To socialcrm and beyond!

  1. 1. to social crm and beyond! esteban kolsky thinkjar
  2. 2. implementing social CRM1. first, consider end result (why are you doing this)2. second, compare to your business (gap analysis)3. third, lay out the basic components (core strategy) a. mission b. vision c. goals d. objectives4. fourth, measurement (how do you know if it worked)5. fifth, setup governance (how to manage it)6. sixth, get buy-in (always important)7. seventh, implement and start again (iterative process)
  3. 3. communities community management “social” analytics engine social crm actionable layer unit system-of-record integration layer erp crm scm record social crm stacksystems of
  4. 4. first, we had social media
  5. 5. then, we moved to social CRM
  6. 6. finally, we evolved to social business
  7. 7. the missing word? collaboration
  8. 8. evolution of “social” technologies social collaborative business enterprise SCRM E2.0 CRM Collaboration1990 2010 2015 2020
  9. 9. the collaborative enterprise collaborate around and with clients, partners, suppliers E2.0 & consumers collaborate to understand jobs-to-be- doneSocialCRM co-create to meet expectations act on insights provide and surpass the expected experience
  10. 10. tenets of collaborative enterprise• cannot be social business without being social• cannot be customer-centric without collaboration with customers• two fundamental shifts – knowledge workers are becoming norm, thus knowledge is critical – social customer is becoming norm, demanding social businesses – collaboration is way to work, achieve goals today
  11. 11. let the collaboration inoutside of the inside of the business businesscustomer …but cannothas an idea… implement the ideacustomer …companycreates createsknowledge… same knowledgecustomer …company hasknows fix for problem to beproblem… fixed
  12. 12. collaborating for knowledge knowledge document “island” partner base repository data knowledge ontology taxonomy business rules content rulesinternal users communities CRM inventory shipping ecommerce financing
  13. 13. collaborating for ideas
  14. 14. collaborating for feedback performance loyalty morale satisfaction effectivecustomer process agent end-to-end process
  15. 15. collaborative enterprise ground rules• access – who, where, how, why, and what• roles – inside and outside, interchangeable• compliance – legal team may be friend or foe – your decision• transparency and trust – not stupid transparency, smart transfer of trust• value co-creation is goal, objective, and end
  16. 16. questions?