Three reasons you will do social crm


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Presentation given at Social CRM London 2011 #SCRM11

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Three reasons you will do social crm

  1. 1. three reasons you will do social crm esteban kolsky thinkJar
  2. 2. what is social crmcrm is a philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a system and a technology,designed to improve human interactions in a business environment. the companys programmatic response tothe customers control of the conversation. paul greenberg crm at the speed of light editions 1 through 4 and beyond
  3. 3. communities community management “social” analytics engine social crm actionable layer unit system-of-record integration layer erp crm scm record social crm stacksystems of
  4. 4. reason 1 – your customers are talking
  5. 5. paradigm or generational shift? baby generation generation boomers x y loyalty service personal internet social economy economy computes www evolution 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000sgenerational paradigm generational paradigm generational
  6. 6. shifting interaction modelstraditional 1:1 socially relationship augmented 1:m:1 relationships social biz biz
  7. 7. 7 …listening…
  8. 8. 8 …engaging…
  9. 9. evolution of social deployments social collaborative business enterprise SCRM E2.0 CRM Collaboration1990 2010 2015 2020
  10. 10. reason 2 – big data is coming…
  11. 11. the data supply of social crm… function functionbusiness function rules rules experience survey social noise channel channel customer (maybe) customer community
  12. 12. …call for a better analytics engine
  13. 13. • Customers demand it – Better relationships, across channels – Evolution of the social customer, social business – More experiences• Big data is coming – Volume increases – Analytics are necessary• Value comes from collaboration – Collaborative enterprise – Value in co-creation
  14. 14. reason 3 – it is about collaboration
  15. 15. social CRM (external) social customers, social organizations enterprise 2.0 (internal) client-facing operations internal operations R&D community function channel rules ERP biz SCM social business pivot point
  16. 16. social business frameworkR&D PLM KM CRM ERP … social business platform integration engine rules engine reputation engine collaboration engine channels (social or not) communities
  17. 17. where we are going we don’t need roads customer hybrid internalcommunities communities communities
  18. 18. success in social crm• Success is fleeting – Social crm is not well established – No success stories for proper crm using social yet… but• There are examples of success in different business functions – Including subset of crm functions• Success in social media for business, as it relates to customers can be considered social crm success – For now…
  19. 19. success in social crm• Social Service – Widgetbox – gave users the space to implement a focused community, – Integrated it with their helpdesk ticketing system – Widgetbox agents and SME worked in the community.• Social Sales, Service, Collaboration – Best Buy – Twelpforce – Noticed they often had to recommend additional products – Extended to tap into their catalog, automate searching for specific recommendations, and automatically placing links to those products in the forums. – provided reviews, space for commentaries, and links to related products.• Social marketing – Groupon, HBO
  20. 20. thankshave a question? comment? want to talk? @ekolsky