the long tail of marketing


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Presentation on long-tail of marketing given to Infor client meeting in Barcelona in March 2012. Of course, you will need some of the talk track, but there is good data in here IMO.

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the long tail of marketing

  1. 1. the long tail of marketing getting marketing right for the 21st century esteban kolsky thinkjar
  2. 2. In 1920s, an Organization would live around 70 years In 1950s, an Organization would live around 45 years In 1980s, an Organization would live round 30 years Today, an Organization lives around 15 yearsIn 2030, an Organization will live around 5 years
  3. 3. industrial revolutioncirca 1800
  4. 4. financial revolution1800-1900 a hundred years in the making
  5. 5. societal-changing migrations1915-1975 sixty years in the making
  6. 6. building prosperity1945-1980 thirty-five years in the making
  7. 7. mega corporations1980-1995 fifteen years in the making
  8. 8. internet revolution1995-2005 ten years in the making
  9. 9. social revolution2005-2011 six years in the making
  10. 10. collaboration revolution2012-2016
  11. 11. we are entering a new era• higher productivity• changing society and generational shifts (baby boomers v gen-x v gen-y)• financial complexities and demands for higher return• shifting customer patterns (empowered, vocal, demanding, created by the shift to the service economy)
  12. 12. seeking a new model to deliver valuethe long tail refers to the statistical property thata larger share of population rests within the tail of a probability distribution than observed under a "normal" or gaussian distribution.a long tail distortion will arise with the inclusion of some unusually high (or low) values which increase (decrease) the mean, skewing the distribution to the right (or left) wikipedia
  13. 13. customizationmainstream long-tail marketadoption number of customers
  14. 14. the sine-qua-non elements are here, nowtools of production. hardware and software putproduct creation into the hands of everyonethe internet aggregators. aggregators pull"products" together, one offer all in one spot filtering software connecting supply anddemand. enables consumers to findthose high-quality, produced(#1)-and-aggregated(#2) niche products.
  15. 15. results are also here, now mass market long tail segments segments segment size 20,000 200 emails sent 18,762 200emails opened 15,449 162emails clicked 817 98 leads 42 52 deals closed 2 12
  16. 16. evolve, adapt, or die
  17. 17. the amazon effect lives on
  18. 18. changes everywhere for the organization baby boomers generation x generation y mega service personal internet socialcorporation economy computers www media 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s generational paradigm generational paradigm generational
  19. 19. turning noise into data, analyzing data function functionbusiness function experience rules rules survey social noise channel channel customer (maybe) customer community
  20. 20. new data is more, better, more accurate social crm crm WHAT WHEN HOW WHO HOW WHY WHERE WHY operational attitudinaldemographics behavioral sentimental who is how is the what, how how do what do the client business are clients clients clients feel running, interacting think we and what are with the are doing express clients organization about our doing operations
  21. 21. really, really more…
  22. 22. customers don’t interact in “cycles” TARGET RETAIN ACQUIRE MANAGE
  23. 23. customers want whatever-whenever
  24. 24. you now know three problems…
  25. 25. taking time to do it right• listen, analyze, and engage, continuously• integrate social into the flow of work• plan for change and the unexpected• turn on the network effect• remove barriers to participate• enable everyone to participate• empower everyone to act• change management – starts with people and processes, ends with technology
  26. 26. build a social business framework R&D PLM KM CRM ERP … social business platform integration engine rules engine reputation engine collaboration engine channels (social or not) communities
  27. 27. let’s see some examples!• eighty four percent of the top thirty five banks have a social media strategy• all g7 governments have embedded social in their government 2.0 initiatives.
  28. 28. more examples• german companies are the leading adopters of social business practices and are the most successful at it – embedded social first internally by folding it into their processes and getting that to work before extending social externally to engage with customers.• leading social “businesses” like Bayer and CEMEX started by adopting social internally – it is not social, it’s collaboration!
  29. 29. and one, very cool one, more• target is a wal-mart competitor• stopped trying to compete and developed their own markets to succeed• pregnant women is one of them – they find them – send them coupons – cash it in – 20% plus growth on targeting them• how did they do it? long-tail data analytics…
  30. 30. then, take it to the next level social collaborative business enterprise SCRM E2.0 CRM Collaboration1990 2010 2015 2020
  31. 31. become a collaborative enterprise collaborate around and with clients, partners, suppliers & E2.0 consumers collaborate to understand jobs-to-be- done social CRM co-create to meet expectations act on insights provide and surpass the expected experience
  32. 32. the final push, to convince you• Redbox fuels hyper growth• InterContinental Hotels Group identifies key performance drivers• Orlando Magic optimizes fan experience• Verizon dials up SMB targeting• Seminole Gaming predicts success of marketing campaigns• American Red Cross understands the voice of its customers• Express Scripts predicts prescription non-adherence
  33. 33. let’s talk about it…