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Social CRM - A Primer


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Social CRM - A Primer

  1. 1. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz social crm – a primer presented by esteban kolsky
  2. 2. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz Best in the Business SOCIAL MEDIASOCIAL CRM
  3. 3. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz what is social crm? a) new communication channels, methods b) new way for business to interact with customers c) facebook, twitter, social networks, communities and forums brought into crm d) paradigm shift that has revolutionized the world e) snake oil, snake skin, and snake teeth f) the 21st century equivalent of a “vast wasteland” g) so cool! h) it’s complicated… you wouldn’t understand
  4. 4. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz what is social crm crm is a philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a system and a technology, designed to improve human interactions in a business environment. the company's programmatic response to the customer's control of the conversation. paul greenberg crm at the speed of light editions 1 through 4 and beyond
  5. 5. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz crm erp scm communitymanagement “social”analyticsengine actionablelayerunit system-of-record integrationlayer social crm communities systems of record social crm stack
  6. 6. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz the need for social crm function rules channel function rules channel customer businessfunction survey customer community experience socialnoise (maybe)
  7. 7. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz process client customer satisfaction agent process-centric efficiency effectiveness customer-centric traditional feedback model
  8. 8. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz legacy systems data warehouse erp cloud channels c p em m – community c – customer p – partner e – employee sales marketing customer service feedback social business rules social crm feedback model
  9. 9. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz paradigm or generational shift? loyalty economy internet www personal computes social evolution service economy 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s baby boomers generation x generation y generational generational generationalparadigm paradigm
  10. 10. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz biz social biz traditional 1:1 relationship socially augmented 1:m:1 relationships shifting interaction models
  11. 11. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz evolution of social x CRM collaboration SCRM E2.0 social business collaborative enterprise 20101990 2015 2020
  12. 12. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz today’s collaboration headaches
  13. 13. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz tomorrow’s convergence customer communities hybrid communities internal communities
  14. 14. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz the collaborative enterprise  collaborate around and with clients & consumers  collaborate to  understand jobs-to-be- done  co-create to meet expectations  act on customer insights  provide the expected customer experience  collaborate to include value chain Social CRM E2.0
  15. 15. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz success in social crm • Success is fleeting – Social crm is not well established – No success stories for proper crm using social yet… but • There are examples of success in different business functions – Including subset of crm functions • Success in social media for business, as it relates to customers can be considered social crm success – For now…
  16. 16. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz success in social crm • Social Service – Widgetbox – gave users the space to implement a focused community, – Integrated it with their helpdesk ticketing system – Widgetbox agents and SME worked in the community. • Social Sales, Service, Collaboration – Best Buy – Twelpforce – Noticed they often had to recommend additional products – Extended to tap into their catalog, automate searching for specific recommendations, and automatically placing links to those products in the forums. – provided reviews, space for commentaries, and links to related products. • Social marketing – Groupon, HBO
  17. 17. #e2Conf #SCRM #SocBiz @ekolsky