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Social Business is a Snap!


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Presentation to IMS SF 2013 on how to do social business in five "easy" steps.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Business is a Snap!

  1. 1. social business is a snap! esteban kolsky – thinkJar @ekolsky
  2. 2. what truly worries me about social virtually no understanding of how social affects the business
  3. 3. what is social business? the term Social Business was defined by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, and is described in his books Creating A World Without Poverty and Building Social Business In Yunus' definition, a Social Business is a business: Created and designed to address a social problem. A non-loss, non-dividend company, i.e. It is financially self-sustainable Profits realized by the business are reinvested in the business itself (or used to start other social businesses), with the aim of increasing social impact. source:wikipedia
  4. 4. is this social business? kum • ba • yah • ti • za • tion
  5. 5. the “science” behind business
  6. 6. simple equations make business decisions collaboration engagement channel collaboration = engagement x channel engagement = collaboration channel channel = collaboration engagement or is this social business?
  7. 7. CRM Collaboration SCRM E2.0 social business collaborative enterprise 20101990 2015 2020 social business in perspective
  8. 8. generational perspective • stage one, content focus – generation, management, tracking, reporting – mostly tied to results, not strategic yet – inbound • stage two, analytics and measurement intensive – we need to see if it makes sense – correlate results to business results (not department) • stage three, collaborative enterprise (next gen) – we are not even started understanding this one
  9. 9. social business is a snap!
  10. 10. people there is no methodology that will change any company’s culture – that takes time and is influenced heavily by external factors
  11. 11. People are already social
  12. 12. process social business is about a business evolution that happens by adopting social media (channels) to — well, do the same you always did – but better
  13. 13. technology only thing technology does really well is show how poorly our processes work – faster! it is not the answer…
  14. 14. channels (social or not) communities R&D PLM KM CRM ERP … collaboration engine rules engine reputation engine integration engine social business platform social business framework
  15. 15. measurement
  16. 16. don’t just count, correlate to KPIs
  17. 17. governance
  18. 18. discuss….