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everything you wanted to know about using social channels in customer service (but did not know who to ask)


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presentation given at the #SSBS12 event in London on using social customer service

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everything you wanted to know about using social channels in customer service (but did not know who to ask)

  1. 1. everything you wanted to know about customer service using social but had no one to ask… until now
  2. 2. 90% percentof transactions forcustomer service happen offline
  3. 3. 86% of organizationsuse twitter, facebook (or both) for customer service
  4. 4. 66% have no defined processesfor customer service over social channels
  5. 5. 68% were not able to calculateROI before deploying
  6. 6. 8% foundthe expected ROI
  7. 7. none of them are sure ifthey are doingthe right thing
  8. 8. what is customer service using social?• customer service over social channels – social media = channels – service = service – customers = customers• in reality, it is a knee-jerk, tactical reaction to customers enjoying the power of social channels to complain, done badly (for the most part…)
  9. 9. why do you have to worry?• social customer has power, a voice, and demands• potential savings that talk to your real need – save money in servicing the customer• new channels must be served, the experience continued• it’s the future, there is no turning back
  10. 10. how to do it? cross-channel silo semi-integrated integrated single channel multi-channel cross-channel E E R K D D D D D D K K K K K K W D W P R R R R R R K UC P M S W E C P M M R C C S D S 1980 1995 2010S – SMS, W – Web, E – Email, C – Chat, P – Phone, M- Social Media, D – Data, K- Knowledge
  11. 11. how to do it? change the metricseffectiveness (right answer, time) efficiency (cheap, fast operations) performance loyalty training satisfaction readiness customer process agent end-to-end efficiency and effectiveness index
  12. 12. how to do it? process-driven design validate implement measure collaborationexisting involve create new correlateprocesses stakeholders experiences metricsinvolve customer deploy analyzecustomers segmentation pilots insightspaper virtual process summarizeexperiences designs prioritization changes
  13. 13. how to do it? experience-centric target retain acquire manage
  14. 14. how to do it? experience-centric
  15. 15. how to do it? channel stats twitter facebook communities Phone email chat number of 4 6 2 (*) 2 6 12 interactions total work 1.5 6 0 (*) 6 12 8 time (AHT) percent 95 98 34 (*) 12 6 6 escalated number 8 4 0 (*) 1 6 2-3 concurrent FCR percent 1 1 62 (*) 75 89 78(*) depending on staff participation, model varies wildly
  16. 16. what does it look like? customer products operations legacy customersales billing shipping HR service Centralized Process Execution Framework (Customer Interaction Hub) customer partner employee
  17. 17. social top issues• communities – tribal knowledge – reduced costs – branded• facebook – integration – API• twitter – limits – tools
  18. 18. discuss….