HydroSafe ISO VG 46


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HydroSafe ISO VG 46

  1. 1. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETPRODUCT NAME : LIQTRO HYDRO SAFE OIL ISO VG 46 REV. 01ST DECEMBER 2005Page 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:LIQTRO HYDROSAFE is a water glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid, which formulated with ahigh quality polyalkylene glycol thickener, diethylene glycol, water and selected additives.The lubricant has been designed to provide excellent lubricity, reliable wear and corrosionprotection, oxidative stability, foam resistance and elastomer compabilityCOMPANY IDENTIFICATION:Smessindo Sakti Mandraguna BLENDING PLAN and LABORATORY DIVISION Jln. Diponegoro KM 40 No. 62 Tambun-Bekasi 17510 Phone. 62-21 8808620 Fax. 62-21- 88354786 OFFICE Manara Era Building # 10-03 Jl. Raya Senen Kav. 135-137 Jakarta 10410 Phone. 62-21-3862426, Fax: 62-21-3863448-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Harmful effect due to exposition to product. • For Inhalation : Mists may cause respiratory irritation • For Ingestion : Not point out • For Contact With Skin : May cause mild irritation • For Contact Wit Eyes : May cause eye irritationDelayed or prompt effect due to long or short exposition • Sensitize : No sensitizing effect know • Carcinogenic : No carcinogenic effect know • Mutagenic : No mutagenic effect know • Toxic for The Reproduction : No toxic reproduction know • Teratogen : No teratogen effect know • Narcotized : No narcotized effect know
  2. 2. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETPRODUCT NAME : LIQTRO HYDRO SAFE OIL ISO VG 46 REV. 01ST DECEMBER 2005Page 2-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. FIRST AID MEASURES-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INHALATION : • Supply fresh air, if effect persist seek medical advice.SKIN CONTACT: • Change clothes and shoes contaminated or soaked by the product. Wash with fresh water. Seek medical advice.EYE CONTACT : • Rinse opened eye for several minutes under running water.INGESTION : • If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting, instantly call for medical help.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. FIRE-FIGHTING MEASURES-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURES : • Use water spray to cool fire exposed surfaces and to protect personnel. • Use foam, dry chemical, or water spray to extinguish fire source. SPECIAL FIRE PRECAUTIONS: • Respiratory and eye protection required for fire fighting personnel. • Avoid spraying water directly into storage containers due to danger of boil over. • Prevent runoff from fire or dilution from entering streams, sewers, or drinking water supply.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. HANDLING AND STORAGE------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Handling : Avoid direct contant all through decanting • Storage 0 : Store at maximum temperature of 30 C in vertical position and in covered and air room. If storing at outdoor, should be keep in horizontal position. Compatible with most common metals, may soften certain rubbers.
  3. 3. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETPRODUCT NAME : LIQTRO HYDRO SAFE OIL ISO VG 46 REV. 01ST DECEMBER 2005Page 3-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------These are indicative values only. Please refer also to the product specification sheet. Property LIQTRO HYDRO SAFE OIL ISO VG 46 Physical State Viscous Liquid Color Bright and clear Odor Mild Pleasant Density (15 Deg C, ASTM D4052) 1.0817 g/cm3 0 Viscosity at 40 C (ASTM D 445) 44 cSt Viscosity Index (ASTM D 2270) 180 0 Pour Point (ASTM D 97) - 40 C Water Content (ASTM D 95) 38.5 % wt PH concentrate (25 Deg C) 9.4 Foaming Tendency/stability (ASTM D 892) Seq. I 20/0 ml Seq. II 80/0 ml Seq. III 20/0 ml------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ • Dangerous Material : Avoid strong oxidizing agents • Dangerous Product of Decomposition : Not point out • Stabilizers : Not request • Dangerous Reaction : Not point out • Mutation Aspect of the Product : Light variation of the color not impair the characteristic and the functionality of the product • Unstable Product After Degradation : Not point out-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8. TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INHALATION : • Local exhaust ventilation is recommended when excessive product misting occurs.HANDS : • The use of gloves or suitable barrier creams is recommended where prolonged and repeated contact with the product is inevitable. Use only PVC, nitrile, and neoprene gloves.SKIN CONTACT : • Protective work clothingEYE CONTACT : • Safety goggles or face shield recommended where operation may cause splash in to eyes.
  4. 4. MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEETPRODUCT NAME : LIQTRO HYDRO SAFE OIL ISO VG 46 REV. 01ST DECEMBER 2005Page 4-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Dispose of product and container carefully and responsibly. • DO NOT allow to contaminate the ground watercourses and drains.Additional information is available on special request, please contact SMESSINDO---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------