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Tribute to steve_jobs:Jobs Quotes


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Tribute to steve_jobs:Jobs Quotes - This article will be analyzing Steve Jobs and his control over the media organization known as Pixar from 1986 to 2006. The two integrated theories used by Steve Jobs were transactional leadership and transformational leadership. By blending these two theories I've noticed that Steve Jobs managed to create his own brand of Charismatic leadership.

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Tribute to steve_jobs:Jobs Quotes

  1. 1. Tribute To Steve Jobs 1955-2011 Steve Jobs Quotes 2004- 1993-"a rich 2005-"you have 2010-"no greater 2010 1996- "innovation person in the a limited time so happiness than "technology can occurs by saying world does not dont waste time to receive email make human life no to 1000 give any with thinking from Apple users easier, to justify things to ensuremeaning to me. about what who said they us in connection we did not doWhat is meant is others thinks. Do had just bought with the crowd the wrong thing when I can say not let the Ipad and it is the who formerly and paythat I have done others opinions most interesting could not be attention tosomething good drown your products that done" what is really today" conscience" they ever have" important"
  2. 2. Famous People Quotes About Steve Jobs 2011-“no greater tribute to Steve from the world learned of his death through his own invention” 2011-“the world is rarely able to see for those who give high impact such as what have done by Steve . The impact will be felt for generations to come” 2011-“Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world.” Steve Jobs And Bill Gates
  3. 3. My Quotes 2011-“The world know Steve through the greatness of his creation tools, from a person who failed in his college to become a world known and admired, he was an inspiration to all and more impressed me was his perseverance through suffering as a known cancer at the peak of his career . The fracture will grow, the disappear will change, but nothing will be the same just like Steve” Steve Jobs and Bill Gates