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How Brands can use eknow to improve their email marketing


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eknow provides a library of email marketing messages from thousands of UK brands. This presentation shows how it can be used to enhance your email marketing.

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How Brands can use eknow to improve their email marketing

  1. 1. How can brands use eknow to improve their email marketing?
  2. 2. What is eknow? ➔ eknow is a searchable archive of UK email marketing campaigns.
  3. 3. What is eknow? ➔ Search the database in many ways including brand, subject line, date, keywords, industry sector, IP and sending ESP
  4. 4. What is eknow? Monitor all of your competitors email marketing messages right from the welcome emails...
  5. 5. What is eknow? ...through to the on-going newsletters
  6. 6. What is eknow? ... re-activation campaigns...
  7. 7. What is eknow? ...and testing and segmentation strategies are highlighted. These insights can then be directly fed back into refining the existing email marketing strategy, allowing constant on-going improvements.
  8. 8. What is eknow? View full details on each message – even Save emails to see which ESP sent it favourites & save searches
  9. 9. What is eknow? Create reports & charts
  10. 10. Key eknow statistics As of July 2010: 600 UK brands – free to request others Over 55,000 emails dating back to August 2009 Over 100 industry sectors
  11. 11. Benefits of using eknow Planning & reviewing your email strategy ➔ How often do your competitors send to their lists? ➔ What segmentation, variable content and split testing do they use? ➔ What days of the week and hour of the day do they send? ➔ What different styles of email do they have? ➔ Which subject line strategies do they use?
  12. 12. Benefits of using eknow Get inspiration & ideas for your email marketing campaigns ➔ Search thousands of email campaigns from August 2009 to today across hundreds of UK brands ➔ View the full creative and subject line ➔ Save your searches ➔ Create a list of your favourite emails and make notes ➔ Include the creatives in reports, specifications and briefing documents for designers
  13. 13. Benefits of using eknow Evaluate potential suppliers & partners within the email industry ➔ Choose an ESP Find their full client list and look at their IP reputation ➔ Buy ad space in an e-newsletter Check the quality of their emails and who are repeat advertisers versus single advertisers before you book media space ➔ Rent a list Identify how often the list is used, the quality of other brands who have rented it and where else they have rented lists from
  14. 14. Benefits of using eknow Identify new affiliate, PR & partnership opportunities Using eknow you can monitor who is sending emails or linking to your competitors. From here you can identify opportunities which can have previously been overlooked such as: ➔ New affiliates ➔ Advertising channels ➔ Press sources & contacts
  15. 15. Benefits of using eknow Monitor existing partners for compliance If you use affiliate marketing then the chances are your promotion will be included in numerous email campaigns as affiliates look to drive traffic to your offer. eknow enables you to search for these promotions enabling you to ensure: ➔ Emails include all the required t&c's & a valid unsubscribe option ➔ The offer is displayed as you intended ➔ Competitors are not displayed directly alongside your offer
  16. 16. Benefits of using eknow Find out who else is sending via your IP address or IP range Check this in eknow to ensure that: ➔ You don't share an IP with high risk senders such as affiliate marketers or list rental offerings ➔ No other sends are delivered from your IP at the same time as your campaigns which can lead to delays and volume filtering at providers such as Yahoo & Hotmail ➔ Compare your deliverability performance against competitors on 3 rd party sites such as by identifying their IP addresses
  17. 17. Get started with eknow Visit to get your account today