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Rapid Prototyping : Little Bets for Big Wins


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It’s time to reconsider the traditional methods you have used to convince your boss and clients to spend budget on your big innovation, R&D, or marketing ideas. The days of communicating your ideas via PowerPoint, jpegs, static webpages, wireframes, and sketches are over. Say hello to rapid prototyping.

Today’s marketplace requires constant innovation. The idea of making “little bets” to discover, develop, and test an idea has taken hold. And in this new paradigm, you need to be able to “fail fast”…and “fix fast”. Budgets are tight; there’s no room for costly, time-consuming conceptualizing to determine the viability of an idea. You will learn how to take an idea from concept to a tangible, interactive prototype in 30-90 days, complete with hardware and/or software. This is rapid prototyping. Products and software are dynamic and visual; static images and long text descriptions no longer do the trick. You get the feedback you need to either “fail fast” or secure a larger investment in a tangible and cost-effective manner.

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