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Rainbow Button Presentation at Baltimore Tech Breakfast


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Presentation made on 11/30/2011 to Baltimore Tech Breakfast about the Rainbow Button Initiative and - a market place for consumer controlled health data donation using blue button files

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Rainbow Button Presentation at Baltimore Tech Breakfast

  1. 1. Donate Your Data! Vive La #RainbowButton! @ekivemark @aviars { } #Health2STAT
  2. 2. @ekivemark Rainbow Button Initiative
  3. 3. @ekivemark“Data Liberación!”
  4. 4. @ekivemark Blue Button Unleashes Personal Data October 2010 400,000
  5. 5. @ekivemarkGreen Button =Anonymous Data Donation
  6. 6. @ekivemarkWhite Button =Share My
  7. 7. @ekivemark Red Button = Don’t Share This!
  8. 8. @ekivemarkEach Button Liberates or Locks a Snapshot or a Stream
  9. 9. @ekivemark Data Liberación Enhances Personal Insight
  10. 10. @ekivemark Health May Be Private
  11. 11. @ekivemark Exercise may be Solitary
  12. 12. @ekivemark but... Effective Wellness is Social and Fun
  13. 13. @ekivemark Unleash Powerful Network Effects
  14. 14. @ekivemark ommunity
  15. 15. Donate Your Health Data at Rainbow u t t o #Health2STAT
  16. 16. Going from Blue to #Health2STAT
  17. 17. Consumer -controlled Data Marketplace Community Academia Research Pharma Alerts #Health2STAT
  18. 18. #Health2STAT
  19. 19. Donate Your Data! #Health2STAT
  20. 20. The Skinny...• Todd Park and Team created Blue Button • Platform uses BlueButton Libraries at VA for Data Liberación in Oct 2010 developed at earlier Code-a-Thon events ✴ 400k downloads in <1 year • GreenButton File benefits from ✴ Now adopted by Private Health Care BlueButton Library developments (AETNA and United Health) • Creating a market place for Research organizations to acquire health data• Patients 2.0 created a simple button ✴ Value Add: Access Novartis Drug API construct for other data uses to provide Feedback loop for Drug• White button is an embodiment of The “Rumor list” Direct Project for secure transmission of • Protecting Patient Anonymity medical records • Putting the Patient in control of their ✴ “Deprecating the Fax machine in data and who they give it to Health Care” • Reformatting provides option to create• Simple Idea: Strip Personal identifiers XML version of BlueButton file from Blue Button File to allow ✴ Stepping stone to CCR or CCD Anonymous Data Donation formats via XSLT and improved data liquidity