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HealthCampDc - Scene Setting


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The introductory slides used to set the scene at HealthCampDc held on Friday September 12th

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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HealthCampDc - Scene Setting

  1. 1. Welcome to
  2. 2. Thanks to For making HealthCampDc possible
  3. 3. An aspirational theme for HealthCamp... Health 2.0 is participatory healthcare. Enabled by information, software, and community that we collect or create, we the patients can be effective partners in our own healthcare, and we the people can participate in reshaping the health system itself. - Ted Eytan the Community
  4. 4. Health 2.0 is participatory healthcare. The combination of content and community enables the patient to be an active partner in their own health care and the citizen to be an equal partner in improving the health system. - Ted Eytan the Community
  5. 5. An ultra compact Web 2.0 definition....