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Health Camp Foundation


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Key Note from HealthCampMd

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Health Camp Foundation

  1. 1. Our Role in the Health Care Crisis Health Care Reform and the Consumerization of Health
  2. 2. 1 All Thanks To You! #hcmd09
  3. 3. To change health care we have to put the Patient at the center Mark Scrimshire @ekivemark
  4. 4. Health Illiteracy Can Kill You #hcmd09
  5. 5. Health Literacy The ability to read, understand, and utilize basic health-related information ... like prescription bottle labels and appointment slips #hcmd09
  6. 6. Implications, Interactions and Adherence add new levels of complexity #hcmd09
  7. 7. Your Ignorance is Their Power #hcmd09
  8. 8. Learn or Die Literate 18% Illiterate 40% 25% of the 3500 people monitored had inadequate health literacy The Illiterate group had a greater chance of dying over the next 6 years #hcmd09
  9. 9. Heard in an industry meeting “The Patient Centered Medical Home ... centered around the Physician” Anonymous - ... for obvious reasons #hcmd09
  10. 10. Yes, Health Care is extremely complicated #hcmd09
  11. 11. ... because the patient is usually excluded #hcmd09
  12. 12. Something has to change
  13. 13. Health 2.0 is participatory healthcare. Enabled by information, software, and community that we collect or create, we the patients can be effective partners in our own health care, and we the people can participate in reshaping the health system itself. Dr. Ted Eytan & the community #hcmd09
  14. 14. Health Care is important to us all “I Didn’t know I had so much to say about it ...” Geoff DiMasi Principal P’unk Ave, Health Consumer, Parent #hcmd09
  15. 15. PAA HI #hcmd09
  16. 16. P ortability P ... ? rivacy #hcmd09
  17. 17. Privacy is a personal decision HIpAA and a personal trade-off #hcmd09
  18. 18. Privacy takes a back seat to quality of life #hcmd09
  19. 19. It is my choice ... and I need knowledge to take responsibility #hcmd09
  20. 20. We choose what to believe ... and who We share with
  21. 21. Don’t talk at me Have a conversation with me #hcmd09
  22. 22. HIPAA To stay relevant health care must embrace openness
  23. 23. To change health care we have to put ourselves at the center #hcmd09
  24. 24. HealthCamp is not just a conversation HealthCamp is your call to action Get involved in managing your own health #hcmd09
  25. 25. HealthCamp Foundation #hcmd09
  26. 26. Foundation The mission of the Foundation is to: • Act as a catalyst for change • Engaging all parties impacted by Health Care change in the discussion. is not just a conversation - it is a call to action encouraging grass roots involvement to initiate and sustain positive change that improves health and wellness in our communities. #hcmd09
  27. 27. Support Through • A central HealthCamp resource of templates, literature and guidance • A central web site that can host event sites and blogs • Organizational tools and resources for event organizers • ??? #hcmd09
  28. 28. Go to for more information Upcoming events: TB D HealthCampNYC Mo 10 n /5 Mark Scrimshire @ekivemark #hcmd09